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2012 will be a year of severe austerity and living on the edge

31 December 2011 / 12:12:52  GRReporter
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A year has slipped through our fingers like a handful of sand. Now, we have come to the crucial, according to many, people 2012. A year ago, I shared my expectations for 2011. I will begin with a brief overview - what I expected 2011 to bring, what events we witnessed throughout the world. Then, I will tell what “the stars are whispering" for 2012.

In 2011, my expectations were related to the fact that the global crisis would continue, although apparently we had emerged from it. In astrological terms, a new cycle between the planets Jupiter and Uranus had begun in 2011, which happens every 14 years. This is associated with the beginning of a new direction and transformation in social, cultural and scientific life. The challenge of this new cycle usually affects all forms of social organization. Changes in the world become necessary and all are involved in them in some way or another.
The beginning of this cycle is full of "bombs." It is explosive. I clearly expected that a rebellion against progress and evolution would happen in the world. Any progress is preceded by some kind of explosion - figuratively and literally. In 2011, there were prerequisites for "explosive" situations, a trend towards risk-taking and extremism in the behaviour of all. Such extreme situations often lead to massive disobedience. Uranus always symbolizes something destructive. In 2011, the way I expected this symbolism to express itself was to destroy the crisis. For all to rush right into it in some way.
The global economic crisis unleashed in 2008 and the first critical turn was in 2011. I expected the financial sector to be strongly affected - markets, stock exchanges, and the banking system. There was a trend for 2011 to be dramatically characterized by financial twists and upheavals in terms also of regeneration and renewal of some business areas and collapse of others. 2011 promised to be a turning point in the whole crisis since its outburst. I also expected major financial reforms, devaluation and collapse of one of the major currencies in the world.
What are the facts at the end of 2011?
Reporters called it a year of turmoil.
In March there was the terrible earthquake in Japan, horrifying the world over the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima. There was no explosion, but the damage from radiation has yet to bear its "fruit." The future development of nuclear energy has turned into an issue under question.

The revolution in the Arab world was the second major and unique event of 2011. Extremism, bomb blasts, explosions. A new social and political order, which will hereinafter be established in the Arab world. A new era had begun for it in 2011. Riots started in Russia in late 2011 too and for the first time in 12 years, Putin’s positions have been seriously undermined. This has led to plans for changing the political system. Russia is a country of a great global importance and the events there have the power to resonate across the world.

The third most serious event that has unfolded in the middle of 2011 is the looming financial collapse faced by Europe – the threat to the existence of the eurozone and the euro as its currency. This financial turmoil has posed serious difficulties and solutions to Europe.

Now, I will continue with 2012. What lies ahead?
There has been much talk in recent years about 2012 and the "end" that awaits us. I think the "end" in 2012 will be for all speculations that appeared in the media. Indeed, an astronomical phenomenon will occur in 2012 and its frequency is about once every 130 years. I call it the "eclipse of Venus." This phenomenon is completely identical with the solar and lunar eclipses. But this time, Venus eclipses the Sun. Since Venus is a planet of much smaller size than the Sun, while observing this phenomenon only a small black dot is seen.

The first eclipse of the Sun by Venus was in 2004 and the second one will be in June 2012. This pair of eclipses happens in a time span of 130 years, as I have already mentioned. Each eclipse of the Sun is particularly significant in astrology. It means "a crisis, a turning point." In the case of Venus, it concerns a rarer phenomenon. Venus is an interesting planet in terms of astrological symbolism. It is associated with human desire in all its forms. Because the deep sense of desire is to stir people to want different things and therefore, they take a different activity, make mistakes, gain experience. Only in this way, are human evolution and development possible.
In this sense, 2012 contains an evolutionary jump in the world and the last one was in 1882. Then, in the 20th century, the world registered the greatest industrial and technological growth, the means of communication and connection of people changed completely, the position and function of the woman as an individual changed. One of the manifestations of these eclipses is always associated with changes in the way of functioning of human relationships and values, how people arrange the world around themselves.

2012 will be under the sign of material struggles –struggles for resources, struggles for survival. Such a struggle is often very inspiring and refreshing, because it leads to a rush, to innovation, to focus on creation not on destruction.
A lot of dynamics and activity throughout the world. A year of trials and errors. For good or evil, the temptation to jump over the ditch without having enough strength leads to falling into it for sure. In other words, in political and economic terms, there is one more step to the bottom that we will make at the beginning of 2012. The good news is that there is no further down to fall. And this will be the beginning of recovery and rise. The feeling of helplessness will make people frantically engage in different activities in search of new ways to survive.
Poverty, the need for resources - materials, energy and food - will be in the fore in winter months. And this may be one of the worst winters for people in the last 10 years. The shortage of resources will be significant and people will have to understand that if major changes cannot happen suddenly, it is best to turn to smaller ones. To concentrate and use what we have. The situation without this perception is called a necessary contraction and restriction. For many people, 2012 will be a year of strong restrictions and living on the edge.

I do not think that the financial sector will be characterized by dramatic upheavals like in 2011. A critical turn and deep instability were set last year. In 2012, there is no evidence of further deepening than the usual consequences of such crises. The road after the bend is a straight line.

I expect changes in the direction of restriction and contraction in the eurozone. In my opinion, the allusion for the formation of a new fiscal union with fewer members will be finalized after the middle of February and March.

April seems to be the month of tumult and strife, of serious opposition between people, between the political and economic players in the world. The stage decor will change dramatically. We will be likely to witness serious reforms, many tensions and conflicts during this month. Protective behaviour or invasion of the space of the other in order to achieve a dominant position - this will be the cause for the conflicts. Many barriers will be lowered in the world also between people. Diplomacy, communication and cooperation may be almost completely lacking. Retreat in such situation makes miracles, but often we, the humans, perceive it as a sign of personal weakness. And to throw money in a game, in which you have weak cards and play against an apparently stronger hand is not a manifestation of strength and courage, but of stupidity.
This issue refers to personal life too.

There will be two solar eclipses in 2012. The first one will take place at the end of May. And in public terms, I associate it with enormous obstacles to people who hold power, withdrawal of authoritative figures and appearance of new figures. Unemployment, reduction in production, companies, bankruptcy of firms around that time (and in the coming months) may exceed the expected rates.

I expect the whole summer period of 2012 from April to September to be filled with all sorts of initiatives and from all parts of the world. It is possible to have the feeling that everyone is going to do something without being really aware of why he or she is doing it and what the expected results are.
I assume that we will see dynamics, a world in which there is no guiding principle. A guide of actions will be lacking. We will see demonstration of strength, power and energy that will not necessarily be aimed at the common welfare. The willingness of people to act, to initiate just cannot be stopped in any way. And the problem will not be the actions themselves, but the intention of people to realize their plans, sometimes using force. Therefore, I do not exclude the unleashing of serious and deep conflicts to unleash anywhere in the world. Some of them may even be physical, such as war.
"Deafness" will be the number one problem in the summer of 2012. An individual deafness, which is interested only in its own motives and intentions - "I heard you are sick and dying, but wait until I finish my commitments."

Amid all these dynamics in 2012, love is in the air, as the song oges. Harmony in small public units, love, traditions will come to the fore. And also, the willingness to support, loyalty, dedication. Values ​​of life will take a different meaning. This is a more personal topic, which I expect to be relevant in the new year. But against the background of individual deafness in the summer, do not expect just fanfares and red carpets.
The last quarter of 2012 - after September - I expect to bring the long awaited light in the darkness and frustration. The second eclipse will be in November. And it will focus on the leading personalities in the world. I think people will appear - known and strangers - who will have the ability to gather public support and keep the power taken with the intention to contribute to society. Communication between people will come to the fore. The desire for cooperation, assistance and personal contribution to the common will be the focus in these last months.

Happy New Year 2012!
Abundance and wealth in our lives are simply a matter of mood

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