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2014 will leave traces in world history

30 December 2013 / 20:12:44  GRReporter
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Therefore, the first half of 2014 will be a time to “re-do” things – a time for re-consideration, re-setting, re-working, re-structuring, re-evaluation, re-orientation, etc. In one way or another, everyone will be affected by a return to something which needs to be fixed. On the one hand, feeling that you have stumbled while going forward is not particularly pleasant. But from another point of view, the first six months will be a great opportunity to mend our ways, see our mistakes and go smoothly on the right track.

On 16 July Jupiter will fall in Leo and its stay there will highlight people’s intelligence and creativity. In practice, this is the best time for intellectual and social leaps. With the shift in the sign of Cancer, Jupiter is characterized by the key words "a crisis in action". This means a consolidation of a new direction, a rise of the living and creative energy with which to choose what is actually created. Jupiter’s stay in Leo means expansion in the chosen direction, implementation and delivery of specific things.

In terms of public, social and political aspects, in the first half of the year I expect many problems, especially after March and up to the end of July. Issues that have been resolved, but with a compromise or a temporary solution, may occur.

The second half of 2014 will contain a lot of changes - the surest thing is change. I expect some kind of encapsulation - both personally and socially. I also expect a lot of individualism and decisions on the principle that the end justifies the means. Life and human behaviour will tend to be more self-centred and aimed at success at any cost. Also, statesmen will tend to adopt a dictatorial approach in terms of solving various issues.

August 2014 will be a more stressful month. In August, I expect an increased tendency to conquer and defeat rivals and competitors. A power struggle may be unleashed - not only among people, but also among countries; a vigorous pursuit of personal goals and interests is also possible.

However, regardless of this trend - of nopt being very concerned about the rights of others - the time in the second half of 2014 will bring an exceptional power and plenty of achievements with lasting effects. It will be a time for triumphs.

In 2014 there will be four eclipses in total - two solar and two lunar ones. The solar eclipses will be on 29 April and 24 October. People born in the period ± 2-3 days around 20 April, 29 April, 24 October and 1 November are individually affected. They can expect a new phase in their life, an important event related to their physical health, career and realization.

The lunar eclipses will be on 15 April and 8 October. People born in the period ± 2-3 days around 5 April, 15 April, 8 October and 18 October are individually affected. They can expect an outcome of a long-term project; important relationships in their life will enter another phase and important life issues will be finally solved.

The solar eclipse on 29 April and the lunar eclipse on 8 October may be associated with slightly tense world events. They will occur in the zodiac section the symbol of which is "to oscillate between extremes". There will be a feeling that you are not doing the right thing and you will tend to go to completely the opposite extreme.

The other two eclipses – the lunar eclipse on 15 April and the solar eclipse on 24 October – will bring positive energy because they are associated with a lot of creativity, impulse, passion and inspiration. Communication between people will be full of life and a great desire to unite on a personal level and in the form of larger social groups.

Now I will give a brief description of how the coming 2014 will affect the various sectors of the zodiac - the topics it will provoke and the type of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

The most important areas for you in 2014 are related to partner relationships - personal and business ones. For some, it may be a year of marriage or signing of important agreements and contracts. Another focus area is related to education, travel and movement in terms of professional development. The area of material possessions, finances and prosperity will be tense and stressful.

10 January – 22 January

The most important areas for you in 2014 are related to dealing with a variety of everyday, domestic and personal problems and successfully combating some obstacles and "enemies." Another focus area is related to finances, inheritance, loans and with a sudden success. The area of your professional development will be tense and stressful. You can expect new initiatives, new tasks and responsibilities in this area.

23 January – 4 February

The most important areas for you in 2014 are related to the family, home or residence. Children may be born to some of you or you may acquire a prestigious position. Another focus area is related to partnerships - both personal and business ones, as well as to the successful realization of some personal ambitions. The area associated with the support of friends and your social circle will be tense and stressful.

5 February – 17 February

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