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2015 - financial breakthroughs, movement, new families and many children

31 December 2014 / 10:12:58  GRReporter
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We have left another year behind and as always, it is time for an "annual analysis". It is naturally a combination of looking back and looking forward. So let us start with a brief summary on what I wrote exactly a year ago.
Comet ISON passing at a very close distance to Earth last December was a sign that in 2014 we would witness events that would leave traces in history. It would affect Earth throughout the year, bringing unusual temperature variations, soil infertility, political conflicts and changes in state territories. Moreover, comets are carriers of germs and viruses and give birth to unknown diseases. I expected a more serious outbreak in the spring, after the months of March and May.

I called the first half of 2014 "Let's go back." All the five visible planets that regulate and form the material life on Earth successively passed through their retrograde phases, one after another, and some of them simultaneously. So, the first half of 2014 was a "re-" time: a time for re-thinking, re-setting, re-working, re-structuring, re-evaluation, re-orientation. One way or another, everyone was affected by a return to something that he or she had to fix. In public, social and political aspects, I expected that many problems would occur at the same time in the first half of the year, especially between March and the end of July, as well as that issues, which had been resolved but with some compromise, would come to the surface.

On 16 July Jupiter passed in Leo and its stay there brought to the fore the intelligence and creativity of people in particular. Actually, this is the best time for intellectual and social advances. The "Lion" year of Jupiter is for expansion in the chosen direction, for the implementation and delivery of specific things. The second half of 2014 contained many indicators of changes as well as a lot of individualism, decisions on the principle that the end justifies the means. The life and behaviour of people becomes egocentric, there is a strong impetus to success at any cost. Regarding people in power and statesmen, I expected them to adopt a slightly dictatorial approach to the solving of various issues, and some power struggle to unleash, not only between people, but also between countries, as well as vigorous pursuing of personal goals and interests.

What will 2015 be like?

2015 will be characterized by the fact that it will mark the beginning of a variety of public and social processes, but mainly of agreements and contracts at the international level. The transition of Saturn in Sagittarius in December 2014 sets before the world the following main tasks: to revise and stabilise the areas of education, justice, morality, religion and faith. International relations, trips around the world, publishing areas and all free professions in the field of culture and arts will be affected as well.

The signal sent by Saturn is "minimum structure with maximum efficiency." Everything that is unnecessarily inflated, ineffective, impractical, will be subject to restrictions and reforms. Since Saturn will pass through Sagittarius within about 3 years, 2015 is notable for the fact that the difficult part of the task when serious problems will come to the fore and you will be cornered will occur precisely in that year.

2015 will be the year of the "sounds" of metal as well. This means that belligerent and aggressive processes will continue to develop in the world. However, the ambition will be to create rules, bring order and, accordingly, all that to leads to the conclusion of important international peace pacts and alliances, primarily in military terms, in the field of defence and security.
The pursuit of intensified movement, including to foreign countries, travelling, will intensify in 2015 but regulations will be introduced as well. It could be said that the pleasure of movement around the world will decline in one way or another, due to constraints, requirements or simply because there will be more frustration and unfulfilled expectations, the exceptions being only working trips and visits abroad that have a specific task. However, the second half of the year shows conditions for an increased movement of people, but mostly to places where they feel at home. It may become harder to reside where you feel like guests and strangers. Travel problems may also increase, whether in terms of vehicles or of permits to cross borders.

Economically, the second half of the year will be more favourable. Then there will be conditions for financial breakthroughs that will allow the making of fast and good profits. Market niches will open that will begin to develop at a faster pace, especially in education, agriculture, publishing and light industry. More problems will emerge in the field of trips and tourism for entertainment and in everything related to restaurants and entertainment.

2015 will affect culture and art much more seriously. There will be conditions that will allow the emergence of some new art form, of a different standard in show business, which will remove obsolete cultural backgrounds and forms of art, sending them to the archive. For people working in these areas, 2015 may be harder and unfavourable.

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