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29th of February 2012 brings luck in everything except for love

18 February 2012 / 15:02:04  GRReporter
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    It is a well known fact that every four years we experience the so-called leap year. Such facts, because they are somewhat unusual, have always been perceived by us people as special, bringing some signs about our life. In this article I will discuss the issue from an astrological perspective. Is there anything special about the leap years and especially about this extra date – 29th of February. I will analyze for the readers what is typical for the astrological picture of that day in 2012.
    In folklore, there are all sorts of beliefs, superstitions, customs, which are spread and discussed precisely in those years. In Greece, for example, there is a belief that people should not get married during a leap year because it brings bad luck to the family. In Bulgaria there is a tradition for young children to adorn their cloths with silver coins against diseases and catching the evil eye. In America and England people believe that in such a year women and men can switch their roles and a marriage proposal, along with presenting the engagement ring, can be made by women. In England people even say that men should not reject the woman’s marriage proposal if it is made on 29th of February. Ibid centuries ago people believed that a crime committed on 29th of February should not be regarded as such at all.
    It is also believed that in a leap year there are more natural disasters and calamities. It is recommended that nothing new is undertaken, houses should not be built, people should not buy a new home and generally we should make absolutely no changes in our lives. Of course there are advocates and those upholding the opposite argument - that these years bring luck.
    The calendar we use is closely connected with the solar year - the time for which the planet earth makes one complete circuit around the Sun. Since this takes 365.24 days, this residue of 0.24 days is accumulated over 4 years to one day that is added to the calendar. From an astronomical and also from an astrological perspective, this day 29th of February, is in no way different from the other days. There is nothing unusual and unconventional in nature and in the movement of planets in the solar system. The sole difference is that this date is present in our calendar only every four years. Over the past 100 years on this day the sun passes through the 10th degree of the sign Pisces. In years that are not leap years this happens on the 1st of March. So for astrologers this date – 29th of February – is just as unusual as any other date in the calendar. The extraordinariness of each day lies in the fact that an absolute complete repetition of the planetary positions can happen only after 26 thousand years.

    What is the astrological picture for the 29th of February, 2012?
    People are often active in the days that are distinguished by their rare occurrence in the calendar, because they believe that this will bring them some luck. I guess that you all remember the euphoria about the days with repeated figures - 08/08/2008, 09/09/2009, 10/10/2010, 11/11/2011. The date 29th of February also attracts the attention because it comes into our lives only once in every four years. Despite all the superstitions that are spread there are also people who believe that this particular day brings good luck.
    If you want to undertake something - to propose marriage, to get married, to start a new project, to make a change in your life, to travel, to buy or rent a new home, to apply for a new job, to submit your resignation from work or anything else - read what is typical for this day.
    What is typical for this day in 2012 is that the planets are located in six zodiac signs (I only take into account the visible planets up to Saturn). The constellation in six star signs is a symbolic garland, wreath. The wreath is a symbol of the well-deserved prize. People born in such a constellation have a tendency to make good deeds in their lives, and they also realize that doing good is the best thing you can do for yourself. They have an innate ability to improve everything they undertake and to derive maximum benefit from it.
    On the other side they have a nature, which is not always capable of realistic judgments. Sometimes people may say about them that they are "crazy" because they will tend to make decisions on the basis of their feelings and emotions. The practical thought, pragmatism are not always respected. But on the other hand their ability to feel happy even in the "madness" is great. They will understand that inner happiness is the reflection of external happiness. And if they do something with the sensation that they are happy, even if it is the silliest thing in the world, it ultimately turns out to be a great opportunity for them and a success.
    The planet Venus and its position is extremely important for those born on this day. It is a leading factor in their lives. In the astrological picture Venus is located in the sign Aries, where it is not in the most favorable conditions to come into its own. Moreover, it is under the watchful eye of Saturn and is part of a combination that is not so common. Happiness and success in love, harmony in life, attractiveness and popularity will be much sought after in life. This is the most important issue in the general picture. Strong sexuality, "mad with love", artistry and originality in our love life. But they will also bring cares, trouble, a sudden end and broken hopes. Over time, some over-sentimentality is accumulated followed by becoming emotionally coarse. A heart, which gradually forgets what it is to feel love. Nevertheless, those born on this day will be surrounded by people willing to give them love. But they will face difficulty in responding to this love.
    From this perspective, the day 29th of February 2012 does not favor a new beginning, on an intimate level. People are very dreamy, many may enter the traps of the ivory towers and agape in beautiful but unrealistic words. Nevertheless, alliances created on this day, even if they have a tendency to cool down and become "coarse", to lack tenderness and warmth, they have the potential for a lot of loyalty, faithfulness, support and stability. It depends on what you are looking for.
    The figure formed by the planets resembles a rectangle. As I mentioned above, this figure suggests the prevalence of the mental over the physical. Those born on this day will be very inclined to break the connection and contact with everyday reality. But on the other hand their intellect is unique and able to influence people. They have excellent logic, creativity, insight and abstract thinking. It will be typical for them to also have a talent associated with psychology and philosophy. A mind, able to "see" beyond the normal, as if they have some special eye lenses using which they can penetrate like a laser beam.
    In this line of thought any initiative on this day, related to the "work of the mind" and its practical application can be extremely successful over time. The intellectual endeavours are favoured more than those that are purely material, related to some manual or physical activity. All activities related to psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, psychology treatment will be successful.
    The combination in which the two "energy" planets - the Sun and Mars - are connected suggests some exceptional gift and ability for leadership and publicity, for organizing and instilling enthusiasm and optimism. So if you want to get the upper hand in some dispute, discussion, financial transactions or negotiations, this day is particularly favorable. Changes at your work also tend to be favorable in the long-term, especially if related to intellectual pursuits.

    If you want to travel or move, to decide some matters related to real estate, be careful. On this day, any such action could bring instability over time. Legal problems, perishability, depreciation or need to do things again are also possible.
    And finally I will also discuss the issue that probably many women are interested in - physical beauty, and all procedures associated with it. This is a very good day to take care of your appearance. Any change in the vision, physical appearance, the hair, the dress will bring a lot of admiration, charm and charisma. You will bring delight not only to your loved ones, but also to yourself. Moreover, the effect will be lasting.
    Contrary to all the widespread superstitions, the day 29th of February 2012 will favour luck, the pursuit of happiness and good fortune, the acquisition of material wealth and satisfaction of all. The only shadow is associated with the subject of "love" - ​​to be much loved, and you yourself to find it difficult to love, not to manage to find love in its full depth. But still do not forget that no matter how favorable, or otherwise, a day is for new initiatives and changes, it always "plays out" according to your individual horoscope.
    The next article by Galy from the Astro school series will be coming on 3rd of March.

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