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The astrological "climate" for the period between December 1st to 15th, 2010

28 November 2010 / 11:11:51  GRReporter
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    In this article I will inform you what the "weather" features for the period December 1 to 15 are and to which people this will have some meaning. This climate has a very different impact on people. You know - when it rains, one person is out in the rain without an umbrella, wet to the bones and shivering. Another one is dancing in the rain and singing. Another person is at home, eating cake with his afternoon cup of coffee and enjoying the rain through the window. Another person is sleeping blissfully in the quiet murmur of raindrops on the windowsill. Another one does not even realize that it's raining outside.
    Note if in your personal horoscope there are planets in the zones that I am about to mention. At the end of the article will include a table with keywords, because the planets are related to different areas of life.

    In the period from December 1st-15th people who have a planet in the zone
3.5 ° - 9 ° Libra
will feel a deep urge and tension in themselves to "fix" everything around because of the desire to live life in all its completeness. This momentum for improving goes along with increased criticism aimed at a better life in future. The beginning is associated with awareness of some personal limitations that prevent you from living your life as you want - they most often come from outside. But only at first glance. And then emerges the desire to remove them. For the love of life and a strong impetus to the "sweetness" of life – this is the deep meaning.

    This impulse can be provoked by a variety of circumstances and depends on the planet that is in the above mentioned zone. So if in this zone you have the Moon in your horoscope, then for some reason it is possible to undertake a "revision" of your emotional state or body. It is possible to finally decide to get rid of things that you stumble in, things you don’t feel comfortable with. You will be somehow induced to do so. You will be extremely critical to what you think is "impaired." Certainly you will also receive a lot of criticism that can lead you to serious outbreaks of them type - "Who are you to be telling me what is wrong with me?".

    For the period between December 1st to 15th people who have a planet in the zone:
2 ° - 7.5 Aquarius
will react emotionally in their relationships with the others, they will come into emotional experiences with them. It will not necessarily be initiated by the person himself. More likely it will be inspired by other people or situations. In the course of these emotional experiences might occur extreme aggression against something that limits them and put in the maelstrom of feelings. The key is pragmatism and balance between extremes.
    Their emotional state will resemble an elevator - first comes an ascent to the summit of joy and happiness, then a drop down to despair and tears, and then up again. They will feel strong pressure to indulge in their emotions. But not alone, together with others. The way to provoke this state depends on the affected planet. If this is the Moon, it can be very personal and as a result of internal tensions. If this is Jupiter, a financial situation or the desire for expansion may be the reason for this emotional outburst.

    In the period from December 1st – 15th people who have a planet in the zone:
11 ° - 16.5 ° twins
will be involved in various types of experiences depending on the planet, which is located in that area. If this is the Sun, the experiences will be related to the ego, the will and vitality. Of course they don’t need to seek experiences themselves, although this can also happen. In a strange way they may get involved in different situations with the people around them who are the reason for various events, to rush into different activities in the name of progress - from funny and fun to sad, crisis and depressive ones. The key in this situation is gaining experience with different things in life. It is a different question what is worth it. The important thing is the experience and the lessons drawn.
    This topic is likely to have been present in their lives before, however it is starting now in December. But in this period they will need to be given a hand in order to be able to cope with something.

    From December 7th to 15th people with planets in the following zones:
0 ° - 5.5 ° Twins
0 ° - 5.5 ° Sagittarius
28 ° Sagittarius - 3.5 ° Capricorn,
will fall into some confusion and embarrassment. Your intuition tells you one thing, you think otherwise. The subject of this impact is related to the future, at a deeper level it is related with the fear of the future. The main driving motive is how to be safe so that you are not befallen by those fears. And everything is very, very personal. It has nothing to do with the others. Where and what is related with this, depends on the planet, which is located in one of these areas. Follow your instincts. It is much stronger than anything else at this time.
     - For people with planets in the zone 0 ° - 5.5 ° Twins - the subject is related to the confusion about what is right for the future, what kind of strategy in the present would be the most proper for their wellbeing.
    - For people with planets in the area 0 ° - 5.5 ° Sagittarius - the subject is related to personal change in the name of your own sense of power and authority. The belief in the fact that you're best at something. Confusion and indecisiveness on whether to declare it out loud and through actions. But be careful with the arrogance. In this period it will be quite strong.
    - For people with planets in the area 28 ° Sagittarius - 3.5 ° Capricorn - the subject is related to anxiety and confusion regarding the personal behavior, whether it is appropriate and consistent with the different types of environment. It's all in the name of personal survival. And I do not mean behavior consistent with social norms. It may be against any rules, chaotic at times, but consistent with your inner instinct.

    From November 29th to December 4th, people with planets in the zone:
3.5 ° - 9 ° Cancer
may experience disappointment that they do not focus on the right things for them. Maybe they will feel ready to start something which they have so far postponed. They will be able to see the whole picture about a given subject.
    If the affected planet is Mars for example this will relate to your activeness in the world, your ability for self improvement. This period is very good to find some a specific capability or yours that somehow (not even you know how) you were able to master. Even if this is the ability to cook well chicken in Brussels (whatever it is). If someone tells you you're good at something, listen to him.
    If the planet is Mercury pay some attention to your ideas. They have a grain of brilliance.

    In the period  between December 5th to 15th:
    People with planets in the zone 9 ° - 14.5 ° Capricorn may show extreme perseverance and stubbornness. They will be subjected to serious tension and stress, but at the same time convinced to follow their path. They will tend to take serious risks much more than usual. The exchange of highly critical remarks and personal conflicts are also possible.

    In the period between December 9th to 15th:
    For people with planets in the zone 7.5 ° - 13 ° Scorpio – time has come for transactions, for replacing an old model with a new one to free you from the fear of the past pursuing you. Here things are related only to your closest circle of people - mainly family – for the sake of the best for it. This is the time to convince someone that what you offer will be beneficial not only for you but for him as well.

    In the period between December 9th to 15th:
    For people with planets in the zone 9 ° - 14.5 ° Aries – it is time for "money". It is quite possible that you need to have a lot of conversations on this topic. Pay attention to what you are offered. It has advantages and benefits. If the affected planet is the Moon for example, then what you are offered may require some adaptation on your part in order for you to be able to benefit from it.

    On 11th December the planet Mercury turns its course and enters into its next retrograde period. Mercury is the planet responsible for communication, information, mental connections, skilful hands, details, motion in all its forms. In the event of a Retrograde Mercury we begin to doubt whether we are talking what must we often change the direction of our thoughts and decisions, we may make a mistake with something important that would slow us down, etc.
The first 10 days of the retrograde period of Mercury may be full of criticism and personal conflicts in all directions. Tensions will come from everywhere, like electricity. Listen to what people are telling you and why they criticize you. Pay attention to what you yourself criticize, where you make mistakes and what you did wrong. It is time to "wake up" for what is bothering you in your life.
    If you have planets in several of the zodiacal divisions combine their information. It is not possible to give specific characteristics through a common sight. You can only be informed of the general astrological "climate" which may affect you, or maybe not. It depends on your personal horoscope.

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