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Can we choose a country based on our personal horoscope

09 July 2011 / 15:07:55  GRReporter
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Traveling on business, on holiday or simply out of curiosity - these are all wonderful things and there is hardly anyone who does not think or at least dream about them. We live in a time when we can go almost anywhere on Earth. And thus we find ourselves at different latitudes. At one place we feel great and not so well elsewhere. In this article I will explore issues of travel and how different latitudes reflect on us. Why are there people who literally bloom at one place, while others - the same place - feel as if they are in a nightmare. 

In astrology there is a special method by which individual horoscope can be investigated at the different latitudes. In brief, the horoscope is calculated with other geographical coordinates, as if you were born in another city. This is called reallocating of horoscope. The idea of ​​this methodology is based on the notion that when one travels to different places he or she is highly sensitive to the demographic change and to the various places around the world, which are visited or to which he or she has moved to. And the way a person reacts is reflected in the individual horoscope. During birth planets are located in a unique combination. Other times I have mentioned that the same combination of the ten planets in our solar system may be repeated only after 26 thousand years. In practice, when reallocating the individual horoscope, the planets remain in their exact same zodiacal positions, changing only their place in the homes of the horoscope. 

Usually astrologers build the so called astrological individual map. I will not bore you with explanations of how to construct this map, but I will emphasize on its meaning for astrologers. According to this map astrologers mark the places on Earth, on which the planets of the individual horoscope will be bright and will have powerful position and somehow become dominant. 

For example, if in your individual horoscope for birthplace the Sun is positioned in the third house, then when reallocating your horoscope in China, the position of the Sun moves in conjunction with the Ascendant. In case of this shift it is believed that if you go to a location in China, people will perceive you as a confident person with leadership skills, strong desire for recognition and personal success. You can achieve personal success at this location. 

Or let’s take an example with Venus, which symbolizes beauty, harmony, love, aesthetics, what you really want in life. When reallocating your horoscope in any state in America, it appears in conjunction with Descendant. The interpretation of this is that if you go there, you will be incredibly attractive to people. People will like you and love and romance will flourish. You will feel amazing. In practice, when we go somewhere on vacation, we instinctively search for places that Venus would be in a powerful and dominant position. Because we expect the place to be peaceful according to our taste and to find nice places and people to have fun with, to enjoy good food and drinks. And yet in this line of thought - a nice, beautiful, romantic place. 

Jupiter has a similar function. The difference with Jupiter though is that we talk about more optimism, inner satisfaction and discovery of many new inspiring things. Also for the good restoration of our physical health, not so for entertainment such as with Venus. 

So far sounds great, right? You just visit an astrologer, travel or move to somewhere and everything in your life flourishes. Unfortunately, too good to be true! The individual birthday horoscope, built on the place of birth cannot be dimmed or "thrown out" so easily. 

It is true that if you go to a place that proves that a planet in our horoscope becomes dominant, some developments will follow, ruled by this planet. If this is Venus, you will probably find beautiful scenery, comfortable place to stay, great company, crazy nights, you can discover how attractive your acquaintance or friend is, even with your own partner things can transform and romance can enter your life again. And surely this place will become a favorite one for rest and recreation. 

However, this happens in the ideal case, when Venus in the horoscope generally occupies a favorable position. Because if it is "hurt", even if we go to these latitudes, things will not be so wonderful. As already mentioned the individual horoscope cannot be ignored so easily. In fact, it never loses its dominant position, no matter where you travel or move to live. There are astrologers who ignore the birthday horoscope and stress on the horoscope built for other geographical coordinates especially when people have emigrated. My personal opinion is that this second reallocating horoscope can be analyzed, but only in addition to the birthday one. 

Usually the areas within the astrological map ranging from a planet are big enough. So I do not speak just about one particular place with specific latitudes. If you're lucky this area to be mostly land, not the ocean, then you have quite a selection of possible locations for a nice vacation and travel. 

Regarding immigration the issue is a bit more complicated. First, emigration is not always possible. It should be indicated by certain parameters. Furthermore, we do not live a static life and individual horoscope unfolds over time. In dynamics the planets always interact with it via transits, directions, progressions. So at some point in time even if you are willing and able to emigrate, it may be blocked. 

And second: if Venus comes to be in dominant position and you find a wonderful partner and you feel great, the same is not necessarily true for the rest of your life - finances, career, home, family. Due to the interconnection of the planets at the time of your birth, which persists regardless of where in the world you are, if Venus is near to the Ascendant, then Neptune can find itself close to the meridian in the horoscope. This can put you in a questionable position in the eyes of society or you can begin doubting yourself. 

However, the question arises - what if I do not have the opportunity to travel abroad, then what? As long known in psychology people have embedded in themselves to "design" their own qualities in others as they attribute them. In the same way we either go around the world or the world comes to us in some form. This way, for example, you may never go to New Zealand, where is the area in which Uranus acquires a dominant position in your horoscope. But you can meet a man who was born there, who was living there or someone who can tell you something about New Zealand, which can be extremely exciting and can transform your life in some way. Surely, however, your birthday horoscope in that moment of dynamics will show the possibility of something happening suddenly in your life. 

Each planet has a fundamental importance in astrology, essence, which becomes dominant in its geographical areas through our personal feelings and circumstances that we face. The picture in the gallery shows such a card. It shows only the areas of Venus. 

Now I will describe briefly the essence of the planets: 

The Sun highlights positive areas for our confidence. The places, in which we are filled with a desire to be respected, where we are visible, where we need recognition. And they come more easily to us. Men want to be fathers in direct and figurative sense. Male energy dominates in both men and women. 

The Moon highlights areas in which we connect with our instinctive and emotional side, the female part in us (applies to men as well). Women bring to life their maternal side and the desire to be mothers in direct and figurative sense. We seek security and stability and we feel at home. 

Mercury highlights the areas in which we easily find valuable information about us. Training, work and business opportunities are high. Our mental abilities are sharpened, we become more flexible, and we project a youthful freshness. 

Venus, as mentioned above, highlights the areas in which we find pleasure, beauty, love, romance. 

Mars highlights areas in which we become most active. We become more aggressive, impatient and we have the desire to compete, to "fight". These are areas of attention, because we are prone to accidents because of the explosive energy we feel. From careful drivers we can become racers, seeking experiences with high adrenaline. 

Jupiter highlights the areas of success, luck and prosperity. Optimism becomes our faithful companion. Physically, we improve. These are areas in which we expand our horizons most easily through education and contacts, we gain valuable life wisdom. 

Saturn marks our most undesired locations around the world. Or they become such after we find ourselves there. Sense of limitations, responsibilities and difficulties comes to the surface. Our vitality reduces. In some way, we learn discipline and control. If you come across such a location with the intention of ​​vacation, your plans will be defeated. 

Uranus highlights the areas where there are no rules. Anything can happen - unforeseen, shocking, exciting. If you are bored, find such a place. 

Neptune highlights the areas in which we are highly susceptible to illusions, delusions, fraud and losses. These are places where we are most psychologically vulnerable. These are the places to which we always have some doubts. 

Pluto marks the areas in which the most important events in our lives can happen. If we find ourselves in such a place, then nothing is the same again. Our life goes through deeper transformation even from things that seem insignificant. 

Astrology map relocating is a relatively new methodology, developed over the last century, when the opportunity to tour the world has become a reality. It gives us information on how we humans are associated with the world and different areas of the earth, how we feel at different latitudes, what is dominant in our lives when we are in a place different from the one we were born at. But that does not mean that if we never go to a specific place, the importance of the planet will not manifest in our lives. In a "strange" way, when precognitive techniques show that something special can happen in our lives, whether we go somewhere in the world where the planet is dominant or the world "comes to us."

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