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Elements of the Horoscope. What is Ascendant and What Meaning it Carries.

05 July 2010 / 14:07:17  GRReporter
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In my articles so far I mentioned some of the key elements in a horoscope - zodiac, Sun, Moon and lunar nodes. This article will clarify what is Ascendant, Medium Coeli (Medium to heaven, the highest point) and homes in the horoscope.

The annual cycle of the sun, as I said in the previous article, is divided into four - two equinoxes and two solstices. These four points in the annual cycle are “the backbone” of the zodiac – these are the zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They are called cardinal signs precisely because their main importance for the solar cycle.  

Shifted in the daily cycle of the Sun we have again four fundamental points:

• Sunrise / Sunset

• The highest point of the sun when it shines with its maximum force (lunch) / the lowest point (midnight)

There is a correlation between these two cycles:

Vernal Equinox - sunrise

Summer Solstice - the highest point of the Sun

Autumn Equinox - sunset

Winter Solstice - the lowest point

In the construction of the horoscope the ecliptic is divided into 12 even parts, called homes. We have 12 zodiac signs which rise east approximately every two hours. So for one day, all signs move around the earth, as for us the earth is fixed.

If you stand with your face to the south (stepping on the ground) and hold your hands aside, then your left hand will point east. If we could do this in the day and time of our birth, then our left hand will point to the ascending zodiac sign, the sign that falls on the eastern horizon. In astrology this sign is called the Ascendant. Accordingly, our right hand will point the opposite sign, which is the sunset and is called Descendant.

The highest point (over our heads) is the point called medium of heaven or Medium Coeli. This is the point where the Sun stands at noon and at which it shines most strongly. The opposite point, which is under our feet, is the point at which the Sun stands at midnight. It's called the bottom of the sky or Imum Coeli. All this is calculated for the respective geographical location and time of birth. And these basic positions are very convenient when you want to check in seconds whether a horoscope is correctly calculated.

For example, for temperate latitudes, where birth is in the morning around sunrise, the Ascendant would be in the same sign in which is the Sun - Cancer [1].

If birth is at noon, the Ascendant will fall to approximately 4 characters distance from the Sun counter clockwise - Libra [2]

If birth is at sunset, the Ascendant will be in the sign opposite the Sun - Capricorn [3]

And accordingly, if the birth is at midnight the Ascendant will be in the sign, standing approximately about 4 signs from the Sun clockwise - Aries [4]

The four areas are marked with symbols - Asc / Dsc, MC / IC – and are called principal axes in the horoscope, corners in the horoscope. This is the cross of the horoscope, which lays the foundations of life. The wisdom that everyone bears his cross is not by accident.

Ascendant defines “Who am I when I am in contact with others? What is the first impression I leave in people? What is the appearance of my behavior in society? How do I respond and react, what do I present myself for?”. All the people around see us through the filter of the Ascendant in our first contact with them.

Accordingly the Descendant defines stereotypes and expectations related to all the people with whom it communicates. It is often mentioned in the western astrology that the Ascendant is the real ego of a person. But is this true? The axis Asc / Dsc obviously is the axis of our contacts with the others, it defines how we relate to what others do, speak and react to us.

When a person does not attempt to comply with the views and actions of others, but thinks of the things he wants in life, why he was born, he remains entirely on his own, then that axis of contact Asc / Dsc does not play a role.

Here intervenes the other axis in the horoscope - MC / IC. IC is the point that symbolizes our roots in every sense. Even if we continue the symbolic of the astronomical fact that it is beneath our feet, we reach our “root”. IC shows our internal support, the foundation on which we build our lives. It shows the hidden purposes and motives, subconscious motivation. Accordingly, the opposite point - MC defines where we aspire to in life, this is the highest point in the horoscope.

On the other hand, MC is a function of the hour and minute of birth. MC will be identical in all areas that are located in the same geographical meridian. While the Ascendant, which is a function of latitude will be different for different latitudes.

Therefore Asc / Dsc is more the physical axis in the horoscope. It analyzes the human environment, physical datum, external circumstances, partners, and other people.  

The MC / IC axis is the psychological axis in the horoscope. The sign of MC (together with the Moon sign) gives a precise definition with regard to what is the man alone, his subjective sense of things. Everyone has said about someone:

”He left me in a completely different impression when we met. We talked, he said this and that, he behaved so and so.

And then I realized that he is doing something quite different, thinks quite different things. He looks completely different.”

What we have seen and heard in the communication is the Ascendant. MC (plus the Moon) describes the second part - what is man when he is alone and meditates alone without being under the influence of the environment.

The ascendant defines not only how a person reacts to his environment, but also what type of environment he forms around him, what kind of people he admits to himself.  

Key words for how people react in different Ascendant and what type of environment they have:

Open and relaxed approach to people, usually takes the initiative for acquaintance, energetic and enthusiastic. The environment consists of more restless and dynamic people, confident, enterprising and prone to conflicts.

Nice and responsive, but is awaiting the response of others, and still looks clumsy; tenacity and perseverance. Thirst for entertainment and indulgence. The environment is usually from people who create a quiet, cozy and warm atmosphere, full of pomp and comfort.

Sociable and curious; fluttering from person to person, adaptability and volubility; superficiality, vainglorious. Environment of busy people, volatile, variable. The environment itself is changing rapidly, with many social contacts.

Slightly shy but shows a good sense of humor and always cares for the convenience of others; tendency to sentiment, strong sensitivity and sensibility, inability to stand alone in the world of their own feet. Environment of reliable people, caring and dedicated.

Warmhearted to all, aims to demonstrate style and taste; confidence in manners that are filled with dignity and pride; generosity, honesty in relationships; tend to gloss and extravagance. The environment is usually luxury, its people must be characterized by something unusual.

Reserved and serious; accurate, demonstrates intelligence and practicality; reserved and pedantic; fuss and prejudice. The environment is stable, without unnecessary things, governed and structured.

Punch with a smile, courteous in manners and refinement; flexibility and malleability; happy and playful, vain, indecision and inconsistency; need to rely on and trust someone. The environment is usually far from any "dirt", it is easy to give and seek approval, admiration, applause.

First observe and study people carefully; excessive reticence, stealth, able to act quickly and purposefully; ability for instant solutions. The environment is usually aggressive and disharmonious.
Immediately trying to laugh people, playful, but also prudent; congenital attitude to nature, sports and outdoor activities. Strong desire for recognition; tend to relations with philosophical orientation; adventurism and exaggeration. The environment is associated with many social activities and contacts, with large and important goals in the long term, non-binding.

Reservations and inhibitions while understanding the details of others, usually involving social and financial status; then exhibits candor dedication, shows capabilities. The environment usually consists of helpful people with self-control, diplomatic and responsible attitude to everything. The basic principle is “Actions speak more than words.”

He is fascinated (and shows it) of every new person around him, every new and unknown thing; eccentric and interesting, interested in everything unusual; self-willed, escapes from too emotional and binding relationships. The environment is usually multilayered and consists of all kinds of people. Frequent change in the objectives and directions of interest.

Immediately adapts to the behavior of others and is a reflection of the people among which he stands; single and special people, passive and inactive nature - wherever they bring along. The environment consists of people who are highly sensitive and impressionable, idealists; unstable, uncertain environment, with questionable elements in it.

Since the Ascendant characterizes the personality in society - how the man was adopted in society and how he accepts himself in the environment around him, the first presence and the external impression that one does - it is the most pronounced factor. But the presence of a planet in the sign of the Ascendant modifies accordingly the presentation and the impression created by a man.

For example, Ascendant in Aries and Moon standing in the 1st home (Ascendant defines the so-called first home in the horoscope), then that person will be less energetic, proactive and confident at first glance. He will be more sensitive, cautious and intuitive, softer. He will exhibit a constant volatility, but not because it carries innate instability. Due to his strong susceptibility such a man collects a huge amount of instant impressions of others and this leads to continuous ups and downs in his own emotion. This man is a strong reflector, and if he is among confused people, he also seems confused. But his instinctive need to be the first in everything, to act and be independent, will always lurk somewhere here.

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