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By the end of January – chaos for some people, while others are on top of the wave

16 January 2011 / 14:01:19  GRReporter
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    In the period January 18th to 28th people who have a planet in the zone:
24 °Aquarian  - 0 ° Pieces  
it is very emotional period. You may experience great tension not knowing what and where it came from. To be surprised that you are experiencing some deeper emotions that are driving you into changing something. Or should you encounter such through another person. This isnot only about love and romance. These may also be emotions associated with very prosaic things in life – like suddenly having a desire to finally tell his colleague that you can not tolerate his chatter while you work. Or someone saying it to you. This period stimulates the recognition of the roots of certain emotional experiences.

    In the period January 22nd to 28th people who have a planet in the zone:
13 ° - 19 ° Leo
it is time when you can get some public recognition. It is not inconceivable for others to perceive you as someone able to get out of the most difficult situation because of your ability to assess the current situation as clear as possible. People may ask you for advice, for guidance. To encounter some human despair. This of course requires a huge dose of responsibility. But if deep inside yourself, you are not ready to help, do not do it. You may get involved in improper relationships for you or in situations wrong for you where all your efforts will prove to be futile and unsatisfactory. And then it may all come back to you as a boomerang.

    In the period January 15 to 31 people who have a planet in the zone:
14 ° - 20 ° Aries  
it is time during which you may feel driven to some new areas in your life – it may be new people, new activities or anything else. You may deeply want to be first in something. This is the moment that seems you most accurately know where to go because it brings a pure intimate desire and it gives you the ability to cross some border any to jump into the unknown to face the destiny. You may have the feeling that everyone around is asleep, but only you are awake. To experience the desire to shake them, to show them a new opportunity. Of course there is the possibility that you yourself to be shaken by something to you wake up. Ultimately, this is a period awaking you for something – whether you will suddenly wake up or something from the outside will wake you up - this is not so important.
    If the personal planet is affected - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars - the awakening may be caused by another person.

    In the period January 25th to 31st people who have a planet in the zone:
18 ° - 24 ° Aquarius
it is a period of highly intensified sensitivity. Most probably you will feel any emotion passing by you very strongly, which will make you look to meet various emotions and needs. You may be surprised, but people will be strongly drawn to your sensitivity even if you don’t realize it, because they will feel some comfort near you. You will radiate some kind of special "invitation" for the people to touch you. You may also feel a strong attraction to someone around yourself and the desire to touch and be touched. This is a time of strong passions and emotions. You may feel extremely attractive because you will not lack attention from the opposite sex and all kinds of offers are possible.

    In the period January 20th to 25th people who have a planet in the zone:
2 ° - 8 ° Scorpio
Maybe you will finally find the strength within yourselves to fight for something to take a risk. To defend your position that you consider to be correct. Do not be afraid, it is enough to be convinced that the people or your stand are worth risking and fighting for them.

    In the period January 20th to 25th people who have a planet in the zone:
20 ° - 26 ° Libra
It is time for your ambitions. You may feel unusually ambitious in some direction. You may start looking for people who can help you with something. The time has come to take advantage of your "connections". Follow your instinct and you will find the right person who will give you the support you need. It is possible, however, that someone else needs you  and that the time has come when you need to pay back. To face the challenge of someone else’s requirements. The fear that it may fail will follow you like a shadow. But it will also encourage you to even do the impossible.

    In the period January 15th to 31st people who have a planet in the zone:
0 ° - 6 ° Gemini  
0 ° - 6 °
28 °
Sagittarius - 4 ° Capricorn,
Something about you is clearing up and everything seems to become crystal clear. You will feel (alone or with someone else's help) that something is clarifying. As if you have had a sudden vision and enlightenment, which ends all doubt. Your intuition will work at very high speed. Listen to it.

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