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The end of the world is postponed, December puts an end only to the year

01 December 2012 / 17:12:15  GRReporter
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This article will inform you about the astrological picture for the period from 1 – 31 December and for which people it will be of importance. In their movement in the celestial sphere the planets activate different parts of the astrological zodiac and therefore the climate they create affects everyone in a different way, since it is in  irect relation to their individual horoscopes.

In the previous article I informed you that November astrologically seemed pretty interesting, firstly with the two eclipses - the solar eclipse on 13 November, and the lunar - on 28 November. Such months always attract the attention with some very interesting events worldwide. People who are personally affected by these eclipses experience major life events. The solar eclipse took place in the sign Scorpio and its symbol is associated with a process of transformation in a very revolutionary way. The lunar eclipse was on 28 November. It is a climactic phase, a time for final decisions, for putting some kind of an end to various things. The motto was "Now or never, so that we won't be troubled any more by the fear that we will repeat the past." Mercury's third and final retrograde phase for 2012 was from 6 to 26 November. This was particularly important for the people who were born between 25 to 27 November. Furthermore, the parallel manifestation of two "forces" was experienced throughout November. On the one hand, this was the desire for progress, the desire not to let the occasion slip by, to get everything life offers. On the other hand, this was the gripping fear of taking risks. I expected very strong reactions even for minor things. The courage to take risks in such situations comes somehow spontaneously. But the thought "Does fighting make any sense?" also comes spontaneously. Such a combination can make you either risk or give up everything. What is the astrological situation in December? Everyone's senses have already been sharpened in anticipation of the "end of the world". However, December will be just the end of yet another calendar year. Most of you should already have realised that the end is postponed for now. If it were to happen now at all.

The tests the world will face in December are associated with enthusiasm and optimism, growth and increase. A lot of things starting with a great enthusiasm and energy may encounter some kind of restrictions and limitations and may be quickly extinguished. Large businesses may report lower results than expected and a sudden, unexpected outflow of funds is also expected during this Holiday Season. As if everybody will have the feeling of being poor, even if they are rolling in money.

The first 10 days of December are expected to be extremely resilient, with a lot of resistance from all sides and on all issues. These are days in which the urge to resist everything and everyone can become very serious and this may provoke all sorts of individualistic and social acts, and even those without a clear-cut cause. Some chaotic situations in different parts of the world are possible, caused by intense and more dramatic events, but leading to confusion and waste, with no effective result.

The days between 20 and 25 December will have a different rhythm. Lives of many people will move differently than usual. It will seem as if the clocks have stopped working, as if everyone is willing to follow their personal sense of time and synchronisation. It is not excluded that schedules and plans may go wrong. Communications in general (transport, telephones, internet, communication between people) may break down.

I will now point out the areas in the zodiac affected by the planetary movements in December. And I will also indicate the dates when the Sun is approximately in these areas and therefore, will have an influence on the people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets, you need to check your personal horoscope. Look at the table, find the relevant planet and connect the keywords for it with what I have written.

Period 20-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

26° Aries - 2° Taurus (people born between 15 and 21 April)

This is a very changing time for you. You should expect that something will change almost dramatically - suddenly, unexpectedly, like thunder. As they say, expect the unexpected - you won't know where it came from and how. Literally in a moment, something related to the affected planet will change. This often leads to a very serious depression afterwards, but try not to succumb, nor to resist the change - things happen when they have to happen and then, they are never the same as before.

Period 15-25 December for people with a planet in the area:

8° - 13°Taurus (people born between 27 April and 2 May)

For you, these may be very mentally tiring days. Your mind will be stuck on some events and circumstances. Something you have not noticed so far, will make you think about it, trying to understand it, to find an explanation for it. It will be impossible to get rid of some unwanted thoughts. You'd better try not to look for a rational and logical explanation, but to accept the truth which is somehow irrational, illogical, and at the same time correct. In an attempt to explain things, you may also involve other people in exhausting and unnecessary conversations, and this is not in your favour.

Period 1-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

13° - 19° Taurus (people born between 3 and 8 May)

December brings the final touches to the issues of where you are going and what you are willing to take on. Finish laying the foundations of new things that will be of significant importance in the years ahead. People are coming into your life, thanks to whom you will end up wherever you wanted to be. Material side of life is very active - finance, real estate, holdings, etc. Try to cooperate with people around you, don’t do everything by yourself; let them give you some of their own resources, but give them access to your own ones too.

Period 1-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Cancer (people born between 1 and 6 July)

This is a period in which you will explore where all the cracks are on some problems of yours are. Emotionally, it's a pretty quiet period - you have reached a bottom and you will now find a way up. It is time that you checked the strength of the base in order to be able to create and build on it. December may be accompanied by a strong creative upsurge in some field. You may come across a real treasure - the most valuable diamonds, as you know, are found deep in the earth.

Period 1-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

21° - 26° Cancer (people born between 13 and 18 July)

This is a time when you will be absorbed in the investigation of events, circumstances and people you have encountered in recent months. They are still incomprehensible to you, but you will now probably seclude yourself with them in your mind, in order to understand them and to find their place in your life. You've probably realised that you cannot change them and that rebelling against things, just because you do not understand them, is pointless. And besides, you have almost accepted them. Now you need to arrange them in order and number in your personal logic system.

Period 1-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

4° - 9° Libra (people born between 26 September and 1 October)

This will be the end of one of the most dramatic "repairing" periods in your life. December is a month in which you will pull back a little from everything in order to look from afar at how you have coped with your tasks. The moment is very critical, since there is an option that you will not like everything in the picture. You tend to blame and judge those around you. But stop and think - the order and all the "repairs" are made by you.

Period 1-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Libra (people born between 2 and 7 October)

This is a time when you will have new powers and a deep enthusiasm for finding a way to solve an issue of your life. This may even be a new walk of life for realisation. You have plenty of hidden talents to find ways of realisation, ways to improve your life. In December, you will discover an ability of yours you never imagined you possessed. You may find yourself in doubt about whether you are adequate, whether others will approve the path you intend to follow. Rely only on your own "taste" to find a solution, whether it is pleasing to others or not.

Period 5-20 December for people with a planet in the area:

21° - 26° Libra (people born between 13 and 18 October)

This is a time when you will encounter circumstances charging you with a zeal to succeed at any cost. You will dig almost entirely into something in order to succeed. It is possible that you will meet people who will remind you of some ambition of yours and because of them you will rush to it again. The feeling that you need to accomplish some purpose of yours will not leave you at all. Give the best of yourself, immerse yourself completely, work at full capacity and the results will not be late in coming.

Period 1-10 December for people with a planet in the area:

2° - 8° Scorpio (people born between 25 and 31 October)

During these days, be prepared for an explosion. A situation will provoke you and nothing in the world will be able to stop you from confrontation, showing your strength and, above all, winning. And even if everybody told you that this makes no sense, this will only motivate you even more. All you need to listen to is your inner conviction that the battle is worth it. The risk you will be willing to take may be huge. However, the way to success is to avoid following someone else's ways.

Period 1-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

13° - 19° Scorpio (people born between 5 and 11 November)

This is a time when you will stand out in some way, whether you want it or not. You need to be noticed, your decisions and actions to be appreciated. You are swept along on a volunteering wave and you may be unable to do anything else except offer your help whether wanted or not. Do not do this, if you want to be satisfied and appreciated properly. You'd better wait for the right time, place and people to come to you, so that you can do your bit for the cause, project, job or relationships. You will have this opportunity.

Period 10-31 December for people with a planet in the area:

17° - 23° Sagittarius (people born between 8 and 14 December)

This is a time when a situation or event from the past may come back. Your first reaction may be intense fear. And no matter how quickly you run, this fear will not remain behind you. The time has come for you to deal with it, to change it into a form which would be of use to you. You will probably need someone else's support, but remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The benefit should be mutual. Try to be useful to those who support you as well, in order to deal with something from the past.

Period 1-15 December for people with a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Capricorn (people born between 30 December and 5 January)

This is a time when you will finish a battle of yours. You are facing serious limitations and it's about time that you gave up or that you risked to the very end. Consider carefully whether there is any point in staying. If you continue, contrary to your internal attitudes, it may appear that you are fighting someone else's battles, the results of which will be to someone else's advantage. And you will be left with the negative effects only.

Merry Christmas to all!

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