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How can we achieve individual success by following our own personal destiny

05 March 2011 / 21:03:31  GRReporter
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Human life is a journey through time and space. Sometimes we remain very surprised when something happens around us and it does not leave us a choice, whatever we are trying to do. An invisible hand is giving us a stop sign and is showing us a way different from the one which we want to take.

There is no one on this Earth, in whose language the word "destiny" does not exist. Each of us said at least 5-6 times in his life - "So it was written in the stars. This is destiny". And these are the moments when something happens that we never anticipated and planned and that changes the course of our lives. In this article I will talk about the accepted unacceptable human destiny. Why did I use this absurd combination - accepted unacceptable. For all of us deep down we know that it exists, but some people (especially in the western world) refuse to accept it. The concept of fate is highly distorted because in it is incorporated the idea of fatalism and predestination, in which it is absolutely impossible to have individual development and progress. And this is not true. Individual progress we can achieve only by following our personal destiny.

Everyone should be aware that the Earth on which we live is part of the solar system, which in turn is part of the Milky Way Galaxy and ultimately part of a vast and immense for the human mind universe. In the solar system there is a perfect order and rigid laws - physical, natural, universal, call them whatever you want. Ask any astronomer if it is possible for the planets to move chaotically, each one as it pleases. The answer surely is not.

Well, how is it possible that everything in the solar system is subject to a specific sequence and laws, but for the people who live on Earth this order is not valid? The opponents of "destiny" do just that – they deny that man is part of that order and that his life is in line with certain natural laws. Imagine what would happen if the sun "decided" to rise from the west instead of from the east or to take a day off and just not to shine. Or the bees to stop pollinating the flowers because they decided to do something else.

Have you noticed that when someone famous gives an autobiographical interview and he is asked how he started doing what he later became known for, he always answered - "Hmm. It was by chance". This is one of my favorite things in life - chance. What would we do without it? We wouldn’t have neither Newton, nor Einstein, Picasso or Pavarotti. If something accidentally hadn’t brought them where they should have been according to the natural order. Accidental events in life are regularities in it or what we call fate. These are the rules to which the human life is a subject. They are the best "jokes" of the nature that happen so as to take us where we belong. It is another issue whether we like them or not. This is the game of our minds.

Man is a specific piece of the Whole and is born as a response to some need of humanity at a specific time and at the required place. And the vital task and nature of the given person aim that this need is satisfied. It is therefore necessary that a person to have a particular type of character and relevant destiny of life. In the same day there might be born a genius and a crazy man. That is actually the nature's capacity to maintain its balance and harmony - to create both extremes simultaneously. The genius is always a little crazy, and the crazy man has some genius. And only under the light of madness can a genius be shown. Or only at the background of the genius can some madness be shown. Whichever one you prefer.

The individual horoscope is actually a "snapshot" of what the Whole needs at a specific moment - in time and space - or a particular person with certain character and destiny. In today's world we often talk about human free will, that man can achieve anything. It is enough for him to want it hard and to harness all their will. I agree that human will is a huge energy reservoir, in which are lying unimagined possibilities. But this energy is only activated at certain times, and it is activated precisely those moments in which we have no choice. Let me first clarify what is human will and what is free human will. Actually is there "non-free" human will?! Even here appears some unclear misconception.

In astrology we usually talk about underlying potential in a given horoscope. The development of this potential, however, has only one possible natural way of being accomplished in life. I stress on - physical, material related to physical expression of life in the form of events and circumstances. In other words what a person will go through on the outside - work, study, travel, children, intimate relationships, parents, residence, etc. - there is only one manner and way in which this can happen. Below I will explain why I think so.

At the time of the birth the horoscope shows a specific unique constellation. Which will never be repeated within 26,000 years. The main estimation methods in astrology are based on the motion of the planets after birth. And it is carried out following strict laws. And this exactly shows that there is only one possible model of development of the person, whose horoscope is being considered. What I actually mean is that there is no way this model to be changed physically. Jupiter makes a complete lap around the Sun for 12 years and it is absolutely impossible to change this – by nobody on Earth. Now right here I will repeat once again that, since Earth is part of the solar system and is subject to certain physical and natural laws, then there is no way that man also is not part of that order if he lives on Earth. The conclusion is that the person is unable to alter the main physical events in his life, neither by avoiding them nor by "taking" something extra. Just as no one can change their genetic code.

Man, however, has the complete freedom to perceive life around him in all possible and most diverse ways. Let us pay attention to the word "will". We people hear those words and understand them in our own way - as we want, accorging to what we desire and what we want to hear at a certain moment. In this "will" we are completely free. We can not change the orbit of Jupiter around the Sun, as much as we want to. But we can change our desire to change it. Here this is our human will, our human freedom - to change the way we look at and perceive life around us to change your outlook, change your attitude. Because life is physically unchangeable - the sun always rises in the east and when it goes down the moon rises, rivers always flow from high to low, not vice versa - only our own perception of life changes.

Similarly, every human life, from a purely physical point of view and considering the events that take place follows a strictly fixed model. However, a person has all the freedom in the world to change his attitude to life, to what he has or has not, to what he wants or does not want. And here precisely lies the minute detail of our ability to "change" our lives. Physically we can not change it, but if we change our attitude to what we experience, in fact we also change it. If we go hiking in the woods we have a variety of opportunities to experience this moment. To be angry because it's raining and it’s cold. Or we can enjoy the fresh air and smell of rain. Or roll in the mud like children and to organize a fight with mud. Note that the event is the one and the same and is unalterable physically - hiking in the woods. But the way we experience it can be different and this exactly makes the event different, it makes it "changed".

Here's a little explanation of some of the astrological forecasting techniques, which demonstrate that our lives - physically - always take place in a specific sequence.

Secondary progressions (1 day after birth corresponds to 1 year of life) are based on the actual movement of the planets. And this only is enough to make it clear that if at the birth horoscope the Sun enters sextile aspect (60 °) with Mars, the probability to reach the opposition aspect (180 °) is almost zero. For the Sun to pass these 120 °, the person must live at least 120 years. Just like if the planet Venus in the birth horoscope was located in the sign Aries, it is impossible to reach the sign Virgo during the person’s life, because the distance between these signs is 150 °, corresponding to about 150 years of life, sometimes more – depending on speed and movement of Venus in the days after birth. This leads to interesting conclusions even about the inner nature of the changes experienced by a person. That they grow only within certain limits.

Solar revolutions that are another predictive technique are compiled each year for the specific revolution of the Sun in the birth degree. They also follow a particular pattern of expansion over the years. For those familiar with them – make for example 20 solar revolutions. And follow the regulated-passing of the sun through the homes. If you start from the Sun in the 1st home, next year it will be in the 10th, then in the seventh home, and finally in the fourth, ie only the cardinal homes. After approximately 11 years the Sun begins to pass respectively through 2nd, 11th, eighth and fifth – the succedent homes. As the transition may begin somewhere between 10th and 11th home and to continue as follows through the 8th, 5th, 2nd and 11th again. And after another 11 years – through the cadent homes 3rd, 12th, 9th and 6th.

Lunar phase - the ratio between the sun and moon in the solar revolution - also follows a strict model that is repeated every 19 years. The years during which a transition of the Sun is carried out from angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) to the next (2, 5, 8 and 11) have great importance for human life. The same applies to the transition from following to cadent (3, 6, 9 and 12), as well as for the transition from decreasing to the cardinal homes. There are of course exceptions to this pattern, but they are rare. And when they meet, this is a sign of something unusual.

Today too many people deny the fact that human life is part of the order of nature, which can be "read" through the movement of planets in the solar system. That’s why the people feel some emptiness, a sense of unfutility of the life they live. And especially after passing a certain age they are captured in an existential vacuum. Then, and also in the moments when we face some challenge, we begin to ask ourselves what is the meaning of our lives at all. But this is not the right question. Indeed, through its challenges and "coincidences" life is asking its questions to us, the answers of which we must find ourselves. And by looking for them, we have the chance to discover our mission on this Earth. It is precisely in those things that happen "accidentally, and are unforeseen" and there is no way we can change them.


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