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How to find out why someone is trying to seduce us

16 March 2013 / 18:03:23  GRReporter
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Smiles, glances, teasing, flirting - how many times have you wondered if there is a hidden sexual desire behind all this? And how many times have you mistaken the signs! Every one of us has their own distinct sexual style through which we state our intentions. We signal that we are ready and try to seduce the other in order to satisfy our desire.

In this article I will write about what our sexual style is and how we act in order to show our desire, as well as what topics we choose to talk about in order to attract sexual attention. Venus in the horoscope defines how we attract others in general. But when we are trying to appeal to someone, we do not always do so because of a sex drive. We may want to attract others and make them like us for various reasons. It is hardly necessary to tell you that many people use their sexual "techniques" for very prosaic purposes.

How to differentiate when someone is trying to "seduce" us is an interesting question, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. The fact that someone is fixing their hair and tie and is definitely trying to impress you does not necessarily mean that he or she wants to play a game for adults. They may just need some help, without any thought about sex.

In one of my previous articles I explained that the eighth house in the horoscope is associated with sex. And if we focus the horoscope on it, we can decipher the plot of sexuality. The eighth house itself and its state define our sexual temperament. The third house in the horoscope, in general, is associated with initiative, primary impetus and the first step in the realisation of personal intentions.

If we count the third house, beginning from the eighth one, we will reach the tenth original house in the horoscope. Thus, in order to understand how we act when we want to seduce someone precisely because of a sexual desire we need to see the state of the tenth house – the sign it falls in, the planet that rules it; what other planets are present in it.

I have saved you this secondary counting of houses in order to avoid mistakes. You just need to know the sign of your Ascendant and find it below. In the descriptions, I have indicated where the tenth house falls and what information it gives us. I have also specified what the ruling planet is and if you know in which sign it falls, read the information about the sign as well. For example, the tenth house of a person with Ascendant in Aries falls in Capricorn. This sign is ruled by Saturn. If Saturn in the personal horoscope falls, for example, in Virgo, it is useful to keep in mind that information, too. For this purpose, you will have to read the text where I have stated that "the tenth house falls in Virgo".

Ascendant in Aries

The tenth house falls in Capricorn. It is ruled by Saturn. When you want to show your sexual interest, you become very wary and very careful in your approach to the individual. No luxuries and activities that can expose you and question your self-esteem. Capricorn is associated with professional life and career; therefore your sexual relationships often begin in such situations - work, job, public success. You talk about your achievements, ambitions and responsibilities. It is not easy for you to flatter and pay compliments. You prefer being practical and therefore you often take various responsibilities for the other, thus signalling that you are looking for intimacy. Your sexual style involves patience, restraint, demonstration of professional success and social status, as well as taking responsibility for the other.

Ascendant in Taurus

The tenth house falls in Aquarius. It is ruled by Saturn (and Uranus). When you want to show your sexual interest, you can literally stun the other. You are among the most straightforward people and, in general, sexual manoeuvres are not typical for you. If you want to have sex, you can just say it like that, directly, without any equivocation. Aquarius is associated with social groups and friendship; therefore, your sexual relationships often begin in such situations - mutual aid between friends, at a party or in a place where many people with a mutual social interest have gathered. Since you are straightforward, there is no need to look for any special implied meaning in your case. If you have sexual intentions, you need only a few words in order to show them.

Ascendant in Gemini

The tenth house falls in Pisces. It is ruled by Jupiter (and Neptune). When you want to show your sexual interest, you become very silent in the presence of the desired person. You are just being there, next to him or her. And this person may start to think that there is something wrong with you, since your usual chatter has disappeared. This often creates problems, since the other person wonders if you are sick, but he or she does not have the slightest idea what your "disease" is. You communicate almost exclusively via glances. Pisces is the sign associated with isolated places and things that heal people (both literally and figuratively), foreign and distant cultures, as well as other countries and emigration. Therefore, your sexual relationships often begin in such places and in such situations. And since you almost literally lose your gift of speech, you expect that the other person will understand on his or her own and "save" you by taking the initiative.

Ascendant in Cancer

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