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Individualists or team players

20 February 2015 / 11:02:45  GRReporter
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Professional realisation in life is always an important issue for each person. Today there is much talk about people’s skills to work in a team. Seemingly simple at first glance, teamwork really requires certain skills, since it is important not just to do your job, but to do it in a way that enables others to do theirs as well.

Today's article is on how we work with people, on whether we can be team players, what working environment we prefer to be able to perform in the best possible way. There are people who simply cannot work with others. They are complete individualists. Others cannot do anything if they do not collaborate with someone else of if they are not part of a team. It would be frivolous and superficial to say that one type of people is better than the other is. All have a place under the sun and it is important to find it than to condemn individualists and praise those who always seek to be part of a group. Or vice versa.

In personal horoscope, the sixth house indicates your working habits, the kind of relationships you build with your colleagues and the type of daily routine you prefer. This house also shows your strong and weak points when you work in a team, the functions you prefer. It also determines the environment into which you fit into the best possible way, in terms of conditions and responsibilities, and which you prefer.

The information that I will give in connection with the sixth house in the horoscope also indicates the planet that rules it. The position of this planet is the basis of many important conclusions - if you could be faced with problems at work and with colleagues, whether you are able to have stable positions at work, if you make frequent changes to your workplace. However, I cannot include this in the present article, because it requires consideration of more astrological factors such as the power of the planet and its relation with the other planets in the horoscope (aspects).

Ascendant in Aries
The sixth house falls in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury. You can easily be defined as hardworking people. It is absolutely unacceptable for you to do nothing. You prefer to work in an environment where there is constantly something to do, without too long breaks and days when nothing significant is done. Your strong points in terms of teamwork are that you are very hard working, you are not lazy, and working for you means just that – to work. You manage well when the activities require following some instructions, rules, good concentration, maintaining some order and organisation. Your weak points are that you are too critical to the people in the team, especially to those who are slower, inert or just lazy. Furthermore, you do not like to be disturbed or someone to interfere with you. This may cause very serious confrontations and conflicts.
Ascendant in Taurus
The sixth house falls in Libra and is ruled by Venus. You very well know how to work well in a team, as you are more oriented towards working in harmony with others and keeping up with your colleagues. That is why you are people who depend on the performance of the team. If you come across a team of hardworking and active people, you are also active. But if you find yourself in a team of slower and sluggish people, you adjust to their rhythm. Your strong points are that you are polite, courteous, willing to compromise in order for the joint work to go smoothly. You like working with other people. You are able to accommodate conflicts and therefore you often occupy managerial positions, not because you are the best in the department but because of your good social and communication skills. Your weak points are that you tend to bet more on the relations in the team than on how the team works.
Ascendant in Gemini
The sixth house falls in Scorpio and is ruled by Mars (and Pluto). You are very responsible and reliable people who can always be relied upon. You put a lot of energy into your work and never deal perfunctorily, even with details. You are not particularly suitable for teamwork as you do not allow anyone to interfere and generally, you are not particularly interested in the people with whom you work. You apply the principle that if someone is at work, he or she is expected to work and therefore you approach your colleagues just as the people with whom you work, without any personal relations. Your strong points are that you know how to deal with everything, especially when working under pressure. You are ambitious and you know how to take advantage of the weaknesses of your colleagues. Your weak points are that you keep distance and neutrality, you are a lone person, who does not take part in anything that goes beyond your job responsibilities.
Ascendant in Cancer
The sixth house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. You are of those people for whom the big teams and numerous colleagues are the best. You prefer a working environment in which you feel at ease, which is full of changes. You know how to adapt to all kinds of people, because you do not like monotony and if you are connected to specific people for a long time, you will rather change your workplace. Your strong points are that you have a wide range of capabilities and skills with which to fit into every type of job. The only thing you avoid is to fuss over trifles, as this requires serious concentration. It would be better if your responsibilities included constant visits to different places and communication with different people. Your weak points are that you are not able to be precise, specific, to deal a long time with the same thing. Furthermore, you easily provoke envy among your colleagues, as you manage to benefit even from blunders.
Ascendant in Leo
The sixth house falls in Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn. You have a very deep sense of responsibility and you prefer working in an environment where everything is on track, where there is order and rules. You usually become the most reliable and responsible member of the team you work in. You are even ready to do someone else’s job just to not be criticised on his or her account. You are not particularly a team player, excluding the cases when you manage a team. You do not easily endure being in a subordinate position. You are very ambitious, you do everything possible to be noticed and promoted accordingly. Your strong points are that you are very hard working, you can always be relied upon and you never leave your work unfinished, even if it requires working overtime. Your weak points are that you do not associate with your colleagues, personal matters have no place at work and you are too harsh to mistakes and weaknesses.
Ascendant in Virgo
The sixth house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn (Uranus). You prefer to be independent as well as the lack of any framework and rules with which to comply. You are highly responsible at work, but only when you arrange the tasks and plans. You look for space to test your ideas and therefore you feel better when not just a team of colleagues but of friends and associates surrounds you. You work with people very well, but only if they do not require you to comply. Your strong points are that you are always ready to try something new, different, unusual, you are not conservative in your working habits. You do not watch the clock and you are ready to work even overnight if you are interested in what you are doing. Your weak points are that you have your own rhythm and you cannot work where there are fixed working hours and some hard working rules.
Ascendant in Libra
The sixth house falls in Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter (Neptune). You prefer to work without being pressured by time and too big responsibilities. You look for a calm working environment, which does not require rigorous discipline, where you are not pressed by time, nor is it necessary to work with things that require concentration and attention. You are adaptable to all kinds of people and therefore work well in a team if there is someone to cover your weak points. Your strong points are that you avoid conflicts, make many compromises, know how to find common language with everyone and are ready to help. You are able to turn into someone with whom all share their concerns, joys, into a confessor of the team. The more creative the working environment is, the more options for social activity it offers, the better. Your weak points are that you are not particularly disciplined and it is slightly difficult to be relied upon to comply with deadlines or not make mistakes. You are not able to work under pressure.
Ascendant in Scorpio
The sixth house falls in Aries and is ruled by Mars. You are almost completed individualists when it comes to work and working conditions. It is almost impossible for you to work in a team, as you feel best when you do everything alone, from beginning to end. Accordingly, you assume responsibility alone, you manage things alone and you cannot stand to depend on the work of someone else. However, you do not want to manage either. Your principle is that you can be responsible not for others but for yourself. Even if a team of people is subordinated to you, you prefer them to assume personal responsibility for their job. Your strong points are that you are very decisive, fast acting and know how to be competitive and proactive. Your weak points are that you do not want to comply with anyone or anything, even with the people who work under your leadership. You are good leaders, people follow you but you do not do well as leaders.
Ascendant in Sagittarius
The sixth house falls in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. You prefer the steady pace of work, free from tension and stress. You do not like working conditions that change, require risk taking and are too demanding to you. You look for a working environment where there is a lot of comfort, convenience, ease. You want to be surrounded by luxury furniture and objects, to communicate with people who are distinguished by some prestige. Your strong points in teamwork are that you do not strive to stand out at all costs, you do not like conflicts, and you are able to communicate with your colleagues in a calm and balanced manner. You may be a little slow in terms of style of work, but in contrast, you are good performers. Your weak points are that you are not willing to be proactive, you find it difficult to adapt to the changes that are introduced, and you are not able to handle critical situations.
Ascendant in Capricorn
The sixth house falls in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. You can easily be compared to hundred-armed Shiva, who can do not just a few, but many things simultaneously. You prefer to work in an environment where there are many changes, communication with a variety of people, movement, not to stay in a particular space. You can adapt to virtually any environment simply because it is difficult to stay longer in one place. It is easy for you to work in a team, but only if you do not have to spend a long time with the same people. Coordinating things by phone or internet is the best option for you. Your strong points are that you know how to combine several activities without being confused and you can easily handle work for several people. Your weak points are that you need changes, you do not know how to hold your attention and concentration, therefore you can make mistakes because you hurry or just shuffle through the tasks if you are not interested in them.
Ascendant in Aquarius
The sixth house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. You are people who look for a highly inspiring working environment that will make you feel at home. It can be said for you that you bring your home to your workplace or vice versa - you work mainly from home, where you do the most important tasks. You prefer to work in a team of people with whom you can create a very intimate and close relationship, feel connected not only because of the job, but also in private life. Therefore, you cannot fit into a team of people who you dislike. Your strong points are that you are very loyal, faithful, stable and supportive to your colleagues whom you perceive as a family. You take care of them, protect them and strive to keep the team. Your weak points are that you find it difficult to accept new people, especially if you are used to a certain team. You are highly territorial and it is not easy for you to adapt to new faces and habits, unless you control them.
Ascendant in Pisces

The sixth house falls in Leo and is ruled by the Sun. Intentionally or not, you always strive to be bright, noticeable, to stand out. Therefore, you look for a working environment that opens a lot of opportunities to prove yourself, to attract attention. You prefer to be on a managerial position and to have only one subordinate. You have a strong inclination to organise and manage. Your strong points are that you are very good organisers of people, you know how to motivate and inspire them. You are very caring to your colleagues, especially if they are subordinates, and always strive to have the best team. Your weak points are that you cannot obey and endure to have superiors. You accept them only if you do not meet them every day and if you are allowed to express yourself at least as an informal leader of the team, which is why you often look for independent professions.


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