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July’s Mercury retrograde leads us to insights, we find out that "mistakes are correct"

01 July 2012 / 17:07:33  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you about the astrological conditions for the period July 1 - 31 and who will be influenced by them. In their path on the celestial sphere planets activate different parts of the zodiac and this is why astrological climate they set is reflecting everyone in a different way, since it is directly dependent on the individual horoscope.

In my previous article I informed you that an eclipse of the Sun from Venus took place in June. This was an extremely rare astronomical event. The astrological symbolism of this eclipse is associated with a change in the way human relationships and values function, how people arrange the world around them. Venus has two sides of manifestation – on one hand love in its purest and most beautiful nature and on the other, violence. In time, this provokes irresponsible, capricious, destructive behaviour, dramatic emotional events and even throwing a glove as a signal for a declaration of open conflict.

In interpersonal relationships it provokes conflicts, breaking of unions, destroying relationships. But along with this, after the eclipse, a path is opened for the creation of many exceptional in their beauty and depth relationships, in which harmony, traditions, desire for support, loyalty and dedication come to the fore. Interaction with others goes through a serious test and everything unstable and invaluable tends to come to an end.

In particular regarding Greece, which is a critical point in the Eurozone, and the June elections, my opinion was that they would be held during a period, which will lead to the introduction of change in the structure, shape and at a later stage, stability of the country. Which means that the new government after the second elections could be facing serious difficulties and can later undergo a "major overhaul" of the structure. This led me to suspect that it is entirely possible that third elections can take place in the upcoming months.

In connection to this, interesting was the unexpected retirement (due to health reasons) of the man who had to sit on the “hottest” seat in the government – the Finance Minister.

What is the astrological situation in July?

July does not stand out with any specific planetary phenomena, with the exception of the second for 2012 Mercury Retrograde phase. This is not uncommon, it happens about three times per year but it is always in a different zodiac sign, which brings different shades. This phase will begin on July 14 and will end on August 8. It takes place in the first 10 degrees of the sign Leo. The symbolism is associated with isolation and withdrawal, in order to make sense of current experiences and thus strengthen and stabilize some weak areas. The weakness is related to the fact that even the most secretive people can easily begin to talk. It is not unlikely that there will be some leaks of information.

Will there be some scandals?

Mercury is the planet responsible for communication, information, mental connections, details, teaching and movement in all its forms. All this is being challenged and unusual external events arise. For the normal person’s life this can be very confusing and intimidating. With Mercury retrograde we start to doubt whether we say what we should, we often change the direction of our thoughts and decisions, we can easily confuse something important, which will slow us down.

Confusion and the disturbance of smooth operations, managed by Mercury, are actually an ideal tool for increasing our ability to maximize insight into the details of things, to think about the way we express ourselves, to notice a small detail and to open our eyes.

On the other hand, this period is extremely beneficial for all involved in professional writing or with different types of researches and studies. One-person engagements are at their best. Insights and productivity can be staggering and mistakes might come out to be "right”. Mercury retrograde brings to the surface information often through a mistake. Instead of being angry at the very mistake and that something failed or went wrong, you better go after this mistake – it wants to tell you something.

On July 3, we have a full moon. I am mentioning it because it is the climactic phase of the eclipse from January 2011. This full moon brings the world powerful opposition, disharmony and strong obstacles. I believe that old and buried conflicts, from around January of 2011, might resurface. Or projects and decisions can be realized, which were thought of back then.






Personally, all born in the periods:

December 30 - January 8

March 28 - April 7

July 1 - 10

October 1 - 10,

will somehow return to the events that have begun in early 2011. July will bring them a turning point.

The second half of July will differ by the fact that there will be a huge demand for livelihood, resources, money, contacts and relationships bearing material benefit - or in short, demand for everything, which in some form is necessary for the maintenance of our lives. Everyone in one way or another will focus on the "hunt" of resources, to fight for the acquisition on purely material level.

Now I will mention, which areas of the Zodiac, are affected by the July planetary movements. And also the dates that the Sun is in these areas and therefore affects people born on these dates regardless of the year. For other planets you need to check your personal horoscope.

9° - 15° Aries (people born between March 29 and April 4)

6° - 11° Gemini (people born between May 27 and June 1)

9° - 15° Cancer (people born between July 1 and 6)

21° - 26° Cancer (people born between July 13 and 18)

24° - 30° Leo (people born between August 16 and 22)

4° - 9° Libra (people born between September 26 and October 1)

9° - 15° Libra (people born between October 2 and 7)

15° - 21° Libra (people born between October 8 and 14)

28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn (people born between December 19 and 25)

4° - 9° Capricorn (people born between December 25 and 30)

15° - 21° Capricorn (people born between January 5 and 11)

13° - 19° Aquarius (people born between February 2 and 8)

22° - 28° Pisces (those born between March 12 and 18)

Check out the gallery of the article and find which planet is of interest to you and connect it to the keywords I have provided.

The period July 20 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Aries,

These are days during which you issues regarding money, investments or any other personal resource are coming to the surface. But now they come out in a new light. Probably you will put a new order in all you own, including intangible things. In some way you will take care of your well-being. If you are going to invest or you are offered a deal, bet solely on your own judgment, do not seek others' opinions.

The period July 20 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

6° - 11° Gemini,

This is a time during which you will probably start dealing with something new and well-forgotten old. You will start using some skills in order to enrich or further develop them. Or you will go to a completely new activity even if this is just a hobby. Do not think it is a minor thing, just because you took an interest in something simple. After some time you will surely benefit from it.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Cancer,

is a time during which you will find yourself in stagnation. Not because there is nowhere to go but rather, you will need to decide which way to go. Different opportunities will surround you and this will make you stop, to find yourself in a situation where you're not fully aware of where you belong. Emotional outbursts, followed by deep melancholy will be possible. Do not forget that melancholic states awaken your most productive and creative forces.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

21° - 26° Cancer,

in July, especially the last ten days, you will have to make a new start. As unnoticeable as it might be, it will be a structural element later in time. Things in your life, which have failed until that moment, will start functioning actively in e new way - updated and reorganized. This may be plans, relationships, projects, partnerships.

The period July 1 to 15 for people who have a planet in the area:

24° - 30° Leo,

is a time during which you can come across something very unexpected and surprising, which will have a positive effect on you. Prepare yourself for revelations (or someone else might find a revelation in you) at a time when you least expect it and you have actually started looking for something else. Do not curse your "luck" and pay attention to what has fallen into your hands. Take care also for your physical condition. It is likely that something will push you to do so (your body will not fail to remind you of itself). This is of particular importance for you.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

4° - 9° Libra,

is a time during which you will get yet another "fix" of people or circumstances around you, which will draw your critical attention. It is possible for you to create new contacts or to focus on old but forgotten ones. Some kind of situation will lead them to you again. The tension will not be so great because you will find yourself in the “researching” phase in terms of what is to be subjected to criticism and correction. I will remind you that you are going through a fairly long period during which staying around you appears to be quite difficult for others to tolerate.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Libra,

during this period eyes will be targeted at you and your resources. Or you yourself will want to "dig" in them. You may think you do not have much with which to get involved in something - a project, job, relationships. But this is not true - you have something to give. Perhaps you fear will conquer you, because you believe you are not sufficiently equipped. The truth is that you have everything you need, you only need to bring it to the surface. If you are overwhelmed with enthusiasm and what awaits you has a pleasant “flavour” then fight your fear. Such opportunities do not come every day.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

15° - 21° Libra,

these are days during which you might come upon a sense of triumph - that you handled something flawlessly. You will also face fear and anxiety about how things will turn out in the future. You have the ability to think one step further, to "scan" the present to the extent that you know what will follow. Pay attention to everything that disturbs your senses. Listen to yourself, what you are talking about with others, what topics you are discussing. Sooner or later you will face just that. Follow your intuition.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn,

during this period you still continue to express your individuality and pursue only your own beliefs. This process inevitably requires self-concentration and separation from others. You are extremely sensitive towards everything you hear. Your willingness to take everything personally is very strong. Do not let this sensitivity to conquer you, to distract you and lose you in pursuit of approval by the people around you. Remember that your own ways and private roads are the only things over which you build your worth and self-esteem as an individual. As well as the only things others need to make their assessment of you.

The period July 10 to 25 for people who have a planet in the area:

4° - 9° Capricorn,

is a time during which it is possible for you to find yourself being confronted with authority in your life or something from which you have been dissatisfied from for a long time. You might cause a critique or demonstrate clear disapproval of someone. Which of the two will come first is not of importance. Ultimately everything is aimed at introduction of improvement - in relationships, work, projects, and why not in the interior arrangement of your home. Try to be clear in your reasons, as your desire for improvement, can easily be confused with mere groundless criticism.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

15° - 21° Capricorn,

is a period during which you will feel some relief. Until recently you may have experienced a lack of consistency in things and people around you. And this leads to instability and fear of failure. In fact, instability is simply a process of adaptation, which comes to an end. You will once again feel solid ground under your feet, because voluntary or not, you've gone through adaptation and now you can continue towards your goals and show your competitiveness.

The period July 1 to 31 for people who have a planet in the area:

13° - 19° Aquarius

for you these are days for withdrawal, solitude and reflection. You have thing to ponder on and this is why you have the strong need to take a step back from everything. It is quite possible that a withdrawal from a situation, project or relationship will seem to be against your will. But you have reached a point where you can continue only after you structure and arrange things according to the experience you have. It is not uncommon to receive unexpected information, which will turn out to be very valuable. Although you may feel a great desire to talk, you better listen and speak only if asked.

The period July 10 to 25 for people who have a planet in the area:

22° - 28° Pisces,

are days during which you will be engaged in some events without really knowing exactly where you are going and what you are doing. Your willingness to try different things in life captivates you and after a drink with friends you might find yourself in a completely new situation. For example, you might decide that you want to bring radical changes - in work, relationships, home or anything else important to you. Be careful, give at least a day for reflection because your expectations for a "bright future" can lead to great disappointments.

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