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June is the Most Successful Month in 2014

01 June 2014 / 14:06:38  GRReporter
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   On 7th June, the third retrograde phase of Mercury begins, which will continue till 1st July. Normally, the retrograde periods of the planet which is patron of communication, socialising, and information, are a bit more disturbing, as confusion, mistakes, and damage seem to be more frequent. It is really annoying when we approach things from this perspective, yet these mistakes and disturbances happen in order to awaken us and to make us pay attention to things we have failed to notice so far.

   So, if something is offered ‘by mistake’ to you rather than to your colleague, instead of getting annoyed, you should consider that opportunity carefully, as it will bring you plenty of rewards later, even if it is a matter of some unpleasant engagement at that moment or something that is causing much inconvenience.

   I will now go on to state the way in which different sectors of the zodiac will be affected – what the hot topics will be and what kind of events to expect. I will make a short analysis of each of them. All you need to do is find your date of birth below.

29th December – 9th January

June comes with some novelties related to brothers and sisters, but also to the place where you live. New ventures and initiatives affecting your country are also likely. This is the area where most of your energy will be focused. The sphere of partnerships, whether in your private or business life, will remain active with plentiful opportunities for achievements. You will receive some important information related to your home, family, as well as your personal power and authority. As for your love life, you will have to do a lot of work in order to keep a promise you have made.

10th January – 22nd January

June is coming to you with new opportunities in terms of financial and material resources and acquisitions, but also in terms of marriage and partnership commitments. These are the areas where you will focus most of your energy. There will be situations which give you a chance to improve your life, but you will need to deal with some challenges first, to meet certain commitments, and to take on responsibility. You will receive essential information on an issue related to your brothers/sisters; some rivalry, competitors, or things which undermine your authority and strength. Your love life will be quite enjoyable, especially during the first half of June.

23rd January – 4th February

June is bringing novelties to your business and work, mainly in terms of tasks, positions, and obligations. You may need to change some of your current activities or you may be assigned new responsibilities. This is the area you will mainly focus on, as well as on your own professional image. There will be plenty of good opportunities in the sphere of your home, children, and parents, where you will achieve something you really want. You will receive important information about financial and material resources, acquisitions, and investment. Your love life is in its best period.

5th February  – 17th February

June is coming to you with novelties related to your circle of friends, social environment, goals, and desires. New interests will appear and you will contact people who will be of help. This is where most of your energy will go, yet conflicts and breakups with old friends are not unlikely. You will have favourable opportunities related to your brothers/sisters, personal initiatives, as well as issues concerning your residence and your immediate everyday environment. You will receive some important information about your work, tasks, position, and responsibilities, or the team you work with. Your love life is in a critical phase and you are going through some transformation.

18th February  – 3rd March

June is coming to you with novelties to your professional and social status, career, and relations with figures of authority (bosses, government and administrative officials), as well as your education and qualifications. You are likely to travel or go on business trips. This is where you will put most of your energy.  Good opportunities are opening up for financial and material resources, acquisitions, and investment. You will receive important information about friends or people whose support you rely on. Your love life will reach a turning point in the second half of June. 

4th March – 16th March

Novelties related to some critical situation will bring in a sudden change in your life in June. Your energy will be focused there in order to deal with the situation. The best opportunities will be those relating to your personal strengths, abilities, and skills; there will also be an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to be productive and efficient. You will receive important information about your career, professional and social status, or your relations with bosses/supervisors, government and administration units. Your love life will be full of challenges, yet the second half of June will bring in some peace.

17th March  – 30th March

June is coming with novelties in terms of relations and partnerships – both personal and professional – as well as in terms of agreements and alliances. You will focus most of your effort and ambition here. You will have excellent opportunities to fulfil a dream, to enter a new social environment, to make fruitful contacts and to get access to something you have been aiming at for some time. Important information about something sudden and unexpected will slightly change your life. Your love life is in a very favourable phase, yet conflicts and turbulences are to be expected in the second half of the month.

31st March  – 12th April

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