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The "knockout" in the individual horoscope and how to respond

17 September 2011 / 16:09:01  GRReporter
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Each of us is being "knockout" in life. It is when we experience a physical accident, health problems or death of loved ones. These are the worst moments that we never manage to forget. They become those moments that turn something inside us, change us sometimes beyond recognition, change the direction of our lives. These are the crises we experience. Our own death is something different. It is not necessary then to deal with the mental or physical effects of a knockout in life.
This article, as you can gues, I will devote to this unpleasant topic in life we all instinctively try to escape. These are diseases, physical accidents that put life at risk and death. This topic also includes the individual propensity of man to inflict pain on others - from mental to physical. Western astrologers somehow tacitly push these topics into a corner. Including me. The established ethics of astrologers has a section, which mentions that it is unethical an astrologer to make predictions for negative events, death and disease that could cause fear and anxiety in man.

That part, which relates to the conditions a person to hurt others, criminal tendencies, I will touch briefly. In fact, the same indicators can be found both in a criminal and in the man who fights for human rights. It is all about how the actions are directed to the "justice" the man is fighting for. Even criminals have their motives, which are fully adequate for them. From astrological point of view, certain combinations of the planets Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto lead to various degrees of manifestation of some kind of cruelty in man. I will not dwell on details because I cannot describe them in all their shades. Similar descriptions always involve the risk many people unfamiliar with the astrology to "recognize" themselves and to rebel against the writing. In such analysis, it is better to speak only with specific data for a specific person and I intend to follow this rule.

I will go to another part of the topic - when we experience crises such as natural accidents, serious illness, death of relatives. What are the crises in our lives, these unpleasant events that each of us faces in one way or another? The crisis is not necessarily a terrible disaster and misfortune. Well, at first glance, it looks like that always, I do not argue. In fact, the word crisis has Greek roots and means "to decide, to turn in a new direction." In other words, the crisis is simply time for a decision. It is a "turning" point, which always exists and precedes any change in your life. For better or worse, it seems then that we are deprived of the right of personal choice. Life makes the decision for us by putting us in a situation in which we must participate whether we want it or not.

Quite often, we know people whose lives are a constant string of various crises, with significant losses and injuries. In other cases, the crises are more friendly and less in number. Their life runs more quietly, without deep drama.

The individual horoscope can reveal the realities of a man in relation to whether his/her life will be filled with various crises, whether he/she has the powers and abilities to cope with them. It is important to know what we are "given" according to our personal horoscope. But I think it is more important to know what we do, how we react when we get into a knockout in life. And how do we know that we have reached the bottom, which is the turning point of each crisis.

When in a crisis, we the humans have compensatory mechanisms that we activate completely unconsciously to overcome the feeling of weakness that we are falling apart. In other words, these are mechanisms by which to overcome the initial shock and confusion. The planet Saturn in the horoscope has priority "responsibility" for these mechanisms. Just this planet takes care of us to keep us in critical situations. Therefore, it brings us into states of fear, compensation. The modern astrology gives it fairly negative attributes. Yes, I agree with some, especially when Saturn combines with planets like Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Nevertheless, in most cases, Saturn saves us, lets us live, because its function is to establish boundaries and maintain the structure of life. People's fears are nothing but their natural instinct for survival. I am not afraid to... be afraid.

According to the position of Saturn in the zodiac signs it is possible to determine what kind of fears and weaknesses we feel when we fall into crisis and how we compensate them. I will present the main typical manifestations of different signs. Remember that they are general and modify in the individual horoscope. Since the zodiac signs are analogous to the houses in the horoscope, I will begin with them.

Saturn in Aries
In crisis, the main fear is related to personal uncertainty about the action taken and that no success is reached. The compensation is by taking responsible tasks and frantic attempts to demonstrate the ability to be successful. The most critical phase is when the person gets extremely critical and intolerant. He/she does not feel comfortable with him/herself and criticizing others is simply an attempt to make him/herself better in his/her own eyes.
The same is true for Saturn in 1st house.

Saturn in Taurus
In crisis, the main fear is related to personal self-assessment. The man is unable to feel his/her own value because he/she experiences some guilt associated with what he/she receives in life. The person compensates by giving too much importance on the outside appearance of everything, strives to "put on expensive" to feel more valuable. Or the person goes to the other extreme – he/she is full of cheap and scruffy things, taking the perception that material wealth does not mean anything. The most critical phase is when the person is very jealous of other people’s material stability, touchy to these people and completely apathetic and resigned to his/her bad faith.

The same is true for Saturn in 2nd house.

Saturn in Gemini
In crisis, the main fear is related to internal self-esteem on intelligence, knowledge, ability to communicate. As a result, the man comes to indecision and a feeling that nobody understands him/her. The person compensates by eagerly making constant and endless analysis and explanations, he/she sticks to books and textbooks. All this leads to very intense mental state and troubled thought. The most critical phase is when the person gives up making any decisions and lives in the past, which "was much better and happier."
The same is true for Saturn in 3rd house.

Saturn in Cancer
In crisis, the main fear is associated with falling into a void, bad moods and depressions. The person compensates by taking too much care of the others, attaching his/her own needs and concerns to them. The most critical phase is when the person is tired, frustrated and feels miserably.
The same is true for Saturn in the 4th house.

Saturn in Leo
There is lack of confidence during crisis. The person compensates by behaving extremely arrogantly; he/she strongly requires respect, wishes to be the most important of all. The most critical phase is when he/she becomes envious, undergoes a deep hatred, unable to feel any love and isolate themselves.
The same is true for Saturn in 5th house.

Saturn in Virgo
During crisis, the person feels like he/she sank into complete stagnation and rut. The person compensates by making any effort to get out of them. The most critical phase is when he/she gets hopeless, does not believe that life will be better and falls into complete lethargy.
The same is true for Saturn in 6th house.

Saturn in Libra

During crisis, there is a feeling that the person is not loved, that he/she is abandoned. The person compensates by demonstrating that he/she does not need anyone. He/she is cold, reserved and shows inadequate pride. The most critical phase is when he/she becomes intolerant and constantly criticizes everything and everyone.
The same is true for Saturn in 7th house.

Saturn in Scorpio
During crisis, there appears fear of the unknown and unfounded concerns. He person compensates by hiding the inner pain and stress. He/she closes emotionally and resorts to the use of "tranquilizers" (alcohol, drugs, sex). The most critical phase is when he/she becomes jealous and envious to others, to what they have, or completely apathetic and resigned to fate.
The same is true for Saturn in 8th house.

Saturn in Sagittarius
During crisis appears a sense of lack of a direction, a meaning in life. The person compensates by over-enthusiasm and fanatical pursuit of what he/she believes will bring him/her to that meaning. The most critical phase is when he/she avoids making decisions and prefers to live with the past, which was "meaningful".
The same is true for Saturn in 9th house.

Saturn in Capricorn
During crisis, there appears fear of any difficulties and sufferings which the person could face. He/she compensated by controlling all around him/her in order to avoid any possibility the fears to become reality. The most critical is the phase when the person gets very tired and frustrated.
The same is true for Saturn in 10th house.

Saturn in Aquarius
During crisis, there appears a doubt in his/her individuality. The person compensates by forming groups or opposing and rebelling against the followers. He/she demonstrates personal intransigence, shows selflessness just to feel an individual. The most critical phase is when he/she starts to hate everything, falls into a deep pessimism unable to love and isolates him/herself.
The same is true for Saturn in 11th house.

Saturn in Pisces
During crisis, there is deep uncertainty about what solid foundation to take, what to keep in life and what to let go. Constant indecision and hesitation about what "coast" to take hold of. The person compensates by escaping and refusing to do what should be done. The most critical phase is the complete lack of faith that things will improve, falling into a lethargy.
The same is true for Saturn in 12th house.

Crises. If we could do without them. If we could be forever happy and smiling, not knowing the taste of tears. Why in moments of the deepest, true and perfect happiness and satisfaction, people doo not laugh but cry?


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