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Love in astrological terms

15 October 2010 / 15:10:52  GRReporter
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I continue the theme of love and the specifics related to Venus in the birth horoscope. I started with Venus because it is a factor not so associated with genetic imperative in humans. The first part was about the genetic attraction that no human can control. Surprisingly, I will not start with the basics. But that how life is - everything starts from the outside goes inside. You meet a lovely representative of the opposite sex and something is kicking you inside. It does not necessarily mean that a serious and deep relationship will follow. This is Venus. It all starts with Venus.

Venus shows what we are attracted to, what is satisfying to us, the ways and means by which we try to find and get love and happiness. You already know what the main characteristics according to its position in zodiac signs are. There are much more specific things for the different signs. But the position in the sign actually gives us background information that is modified in the individual horoscope.

It is important to capture the mechanism that will assess in terms of astrology how a person will try to find happiness and love in life.

Once we determine the position in the sign we move on to the additional modifications.

Venus has two main appearances - morning and evening star. This is easily found in the horoscope. When Venus is before the Sun in the course of the zodiac signs that means it rises before it and is called Morning Star. We call it Evening Star when it rises after the Sun and is after the Sun in the course of the zodiac signs.

There is a substantial difference in the appearance of Venus as morning or evening star.

Venus as the morning star brings message of emotional life that is always directed to expectation, hope, the future. Man is full of optimism and rarely waits long to satisfy and consume his desires. The paradox and irony is that the safest thing to him is the uncertainty. This could be upsetting because there is nothing more terrible than the uncertainty in love. But it's amazing too because the palette of emotions and feelings is always different and in search, not subject to any public doctrines. This Venus is not logical; it seldom relies on experience and always expects things to be different.

This is Venus the morning star - drenched in golden light, the perfect bait to be seduced by hinted happiness. As champagne with strawberries. And do not confuse! If Venus is thus positioned in your horoscope it does not lure you. All that is brilliant, charming, has a seductive smile and charm, a lot of charm and sex appeal attracts you spontaneously.

Emotionally, Venus the morning star is a youth - impulsive and super sensitive. It is easier for these people to recover from failed relationships, when they were driven back or when the relationships break. And this happens often. As emotions and feelings go ‘before’ it happens. This type of feelings and emotions are easily broken and hurt.

Because of the ability to be more flexible and to faster overcome break-ups these people seem unemotional and shallow. But they only seem so because they are able to hide their emotions well, so that outwardly they seem cold and unemotional. This effort comes from the fact that even following their inner drive, yet they are willing not to go too much beyond social norms. Even if they are doing it. This Venus is emotionally very sociable and does not stop looking to the future. It is creative and full of enthusiasm to new things just like a youth.
Venus is lit by the Sun in this position because the Sun goes after it and shines upon it. As a spotlight on the stage that follows the movement of the actor. A person with this type of Venus evaluates everything before undertaking anything. When a woman meets a man, she knows if this man is wanted or not even before she enters into a closer relationship with him. The same goes for men. If they are not attracted to the other at the outset, the chances of this happening later are insignificant. She/he will not make any effort to know the other better. This is the negative side - if something does not feel good or do not like how it looks then it is not good. Yes, it turns out to be so in most cases. But not always. Not always.

Venus as the evening star.

It is associated with cultivated emotional expression always coloured and influenced by different ethical or moral rules. Feelings, emotions and evaluation come after having taken any action towards achieving something desired. The man always makes it possible to ‘understand’ what it is all about. Feelings and emotions resulting from the ‘understanding’ are conditioned by past experiences and tailored to some extent by social norms that dictate how someone should feel in certain circumstances. This is something that does not happen in Venus morning star.
The aptitude to follow those public standards and to assess things on this basis is extremely enhanced. The man is constantly trying to be emotionally ‘objective’. This impedes any true spontaneous expression of feelings, desires, emotions. Rarely there may be a public emotional expression, even if the man is experiencing things very intensely below the surface. The outer expression is measured and mature. If past experiences have been disappointing, this aptitude of the man to build the assessment on past experience could block emotional life.

In this case, however, the man enjoys the things in life much more. Unlike Venus the morning star. Because the man captures their importance and value only when the man takes some care of them. And keep them. Female (male) with this position of Venus does not want to immediately assess the value of the partner in the beginning. He or she is able to tell whether this partner is for him/her only when there is a relationship and some time has passed. The charm and the sex appeal of the other, his or her value, become notable (or not) later, when they know the other better.  

Thus, Venus in Taurus is still looking for material stability, luxury and comfort, but if it rises before the Sun, it will demonstrate this spontaneously, strongly. It will search this material security in love more according to its views, using its own scale. If a person does not appear stable at first glance, it will continue to the next. It will rarely give him a chance to know him better.

If it rises after the Sun, Venus will first take into consideration what society dictates, what are the rules and will not allow large deviations. It will select what it seems good enough and will keep it in order to have time to evaluate it. It will rely in love more on things that society accepts as normal when it comes to material stability. And it will give everyone a chance to show what is not visible at first glance. It will value it only then and according to past experience and established values.

Or in other words - Venus the morning star is like youth love. Bright, expansive, always searching and looking into the future. Emotions are always leading. It does not want to wait as there are so many things to experience. Venus the evening star is like love in adulthood. More stable, more tame in expressions and leaning on past experience. Emotions come later. They are rarely in the beginning when the experience has not begun yet.

But there is another ‘variety’ of Venus. Venus, which is in retrograde position in the birth chart. The symbol ‘R’ to the planet itself marks this. I describe this phenomenon, retrograde movement, in one of the articles. It is very interesting when observed during childbirth. In these cases, Venus again refers to two categories - morning or evening star. But it has some other ‘burden’.

What does retrograde Venus in the birth horoscope tell us?

First, "I'm different. Do not expect me to be normal according to what society think is normal." Diversity of this Venus is that it is not only different but also gives you something unique. It has the chance to live according to its own value system more than anyone else. Not only it is capable, but it will do it.

Finding retrograde Venus in the horoscope, every astrologer knows that is faced with serious life case. It is not necessarily a problem, but in most cases it is true. Because this is a man that has something special, something completely different, something that is against public perception and way of thinking. Venus, as a natural signifier of love, marriage, intimacy, is a sign that the man is less likely to feel satisfied in the ‘normal’ social mainstream.

It will have more specific sources and pathways to love and intimacy and this gives him fewer chances to find them. And difficulties in relationships are almost certain when they are found because if people in a partnership are not moving forward their relations suffer. And how to do this moving forward, when Venus moves back, if only apparently?!

When retrogression is combined with rising before the Sun (morning star), such a person is able to shock somewhat in respect of love too. This man tends to live in extremes - from dissipation to asceticism and self-denial. Sometimes there is some kind of a tragedy in these people’s lives usually linked to their love life.

If Venus the evening star is retrograde, there is no emotional expression. But inside there is a volcano. There hardly is dissipation in this position. There are more different manifestations of self-sacrifice and a stronger tendency to asceticism and abstinence. Here love is almost single and eternal.

The aspects of Venus should also be taken into account. If you read the article on aspects you should already know that aspects are the ‘looks’ between the planets. They interact, make a change in one another through these looks.

What happens to the different planets when Venus is their aspect? How do they change Venus?

Sun and Venus

The aspects of the Sun are particular. Venus never deviates more than 47° from the Sun. And therefore the only possible major aspects are conjunct and semi-square. In most cases there is no aspect of the Sun.

It is very important whether Venus rises before or after the Sun. Precisely because there is no possibility to judge on aspects - they are limited.

I will describe this, but also the aspects of other planets, in the next article.

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