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Love in astrological terms – part 2

22 October 2010 / 16:10:46  GRReporter
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I will turn aside a little before I continue with the aspects of Venus. I will focus on a very rare technique that is hardly used today in western astrology. It is unique in its simplicity and amazing at the same time of what information it can provide. It is called planetary fit or planetary order.

This is an ancient tradition and it is not new. French astrologer Alexander Volgin (originally from Russia but he lived and worked in France) is one of the leading astrologers of the 20th century. He has done the most extensive study of planetary order. And naturally he made a bunch of other useless.

The determination of Venus as morning or evening star is based precisely on this technique for the ‘fitting’ order of the planets. So, after we have determined whether Venus is morning or evening star, we can determine its planetary order and get the essence.

Assign this to your horoscopes or to horoscopes of other people. You'll be surprised for sure. First, you can use only the planets to Saturn. Then you can include the other three.

I will explain in brief what exactly this technique is. Everything in life has a beginning, middle and an end. This unique concept of beginning, middle and end applies in the horoscope too. So, if we want to understand where the energy of any planet comes from and where it goes we have to look what its order is. Life is a series of experiences. If we look at it in the context of reincarnation, then everyone was born with a congenital experience in a certain field. Let this be love. We were born with something we already know and learned and now (in this life) we have to learn something else. New lessons never reject what we have learned so far because we need a base to continue.

So, the planet (in the order of zodiac signs) from which Venus goes shows how we have learned to seek and experience love. What will light the fire for us? And the planet to which Venus goes shows how we will try to express and live love now. We will fall in love through what we know but we will learn something new.

This probably looks complicated, so I'll place a picture - the horoscope of Richard Burton. I chose it at random, and he is too popular.

The planetary order of Venus is marked:

It goes from Mercury to Jupiter

Briefly, this is interpreted as follows: Love was experienced in inconsistency through initiating relations one after another (Mercury is variable and in constant motion, it does not stay long anywhere and plays continuously). That style is followed again and intimate relationships are entered through it. But this time love will seek to be expressed and lived through Jupiter - the planet of excess, of exaggeration, of generosity and abundance. Jupiter teaches man to learn to be optimistic and have faith in love, to learn to discover beauty in everything, to be delighted by everything. Well, it can not but entails the more and more syndrome. The problem is that this can not happen in monogamous relationship, but in numerous connections. Mercury can not stay long in one place also. It constantly seeks new and new incentives.
This can be done for each planet, lunar nodes, Ascendant and Medium Coeli. Following the scheme, the Moon goes from Neptune to Mars. Despite its simplicity this technique offers surprisingly good feedback. Planetary links as starting and end point do not include lunar nodes, Ascendant and Medium Coeli. They may be only secondary focal points held by the other two. Only planets can "hold" because they have weight and physical nature. They are real physical objects.
As the topic is about love and the focus is Venus, I will give basic interpretations of it in various planetary chains. Even if there are several signs between the planets, it does not matter.

Below you will find the basic definitions of how a man is inclined to start intimate relationships, what is the start and ground.

Venus goes from and is motivated by:


Desire for ego recognition. Love is one of the core issues in life. These people place great emphasis on love in life; it is their self-recognition. They see themselves in the people they love and when they can love themselves they can love the others. They get involved in intimate relationships when they need to be loved. Love begins selfishly.


Desire to satisfy their need of emotional security. In love, these people know how to care for others and to express many feelings. They are very sentimental. Love begins when they feel secure with someone and have the opportunity to care for him.


Desire for diversity, flexibility and variability. They get involved in intimate relationships like playing a game, when they find the opportunity to ‘speak’ about it and ‘exchange’ it. They can be very communicative, communicate with others through love. They need constant incentives in love and are driven by the impulse to find that incentives by any means.


Desire to play and show their love passions. They get involved into a love relationship when they feel energized and excited, when they pursue. The approach to love relationships is aggressive and sometimes destructive. They get attracted by situations allowing them express themselves exaltedly, to impose their love.


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