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Love in astrological terms – part 3

29 October 2010 / 14:10:47  GRReporter
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I will describe in this article the principal activities of Venus’ different aspects. When Venus gets aspects from other planets, they shape and form it in a strictly individual way. So, this influences love affairs of a man - they are shaped. And even if there are similarities between people, they are only in certain shades.

Aspects of the Sun

Aspects of the Sun are particular. Venus never deviates more than 47° from the Sun. And therefore the only possible major aspects are conjunct and semi-square. There is no aspect from the Sun in most cases.

When we have Venus conjunct with the Sun in the birthday horoscope, this is something special. The conjunct takes place within 8°-10°. Venus is invisible in this position because the Sun hides it with its body and light. Conjunct of luminary and other planets is especially crucial as it dominates the whole nature of a man.

Planets that are conjunct with the Sun get individuality and independence. Some of their properties kind of ‘burn out’ to some extent. It is very difficult for the man to achieve and receive the love and attention he or she needs. People who have this aspect are in love with love. It is difficult for them to fall in love with particular person. The closer the conjunct, the stronger and more vividly this is expressed.

The conjunct in a male horoscope carries the following message: "The favorite women in my life are somehow invisible, I fail to see them. Who should I fall in love with actually? I can not do anything else but to fall in love with myself."

The conjunct in female horoscope is different. This woman is very independent in love, artistic, graceful. She is one of those Amazon women who are keen to demonstrate they are special. They rarely allow to be possessed and this makes them very desirable. But on the other hand, this independence puts them in a difficult position - they can not feel like women. And have a great difficulty to find a man to make them feel like women.

If the aspect is 45° - semi-square – impartiality often occurs. Mostly because of work. The man in this aspect is usually too much engaged professionally and this does not allow him or her to focus on the partner.

Aspects of the Moon

The aspect between the Moon and Venus leads to deep emotional volatility, say, fickleness. As a small child. There is a need of indulgence by the partner and he/she also makes this. This trend is more noticeable in the hard aspects - conjunct, semi-square 45°, square 90 °, square and half 135 °, opposition 180°. In the soft aspects - sextile 60°and trygon 120° - this trend is implied and features more affection.

Another feature in intimate relationships is that in this aspect there is strong possessive attitude towards the partner and desire for continuous physical contact through touching. Except for the square aspect, where the other extreme is possible - complete unwillingness to touch and be touched.

In female horoscope these behavioural characteristics will be demonstrated by the woman herself. While in male horoscope the man he will be attracted to women who demonstrate them.

Aspects of Mercury

Most of the aspects between Venus and Mercury are impossible as they have close orbits and deviate up to 78° from one another. So, the only possible aspects are conjunct, semi-square and sextile.

Where there are aspects between them, this gives a special charm. And this charm is in the manners and acoustics of the man - in the voice. These aspects bring tremendous power of diplomacy and persuasion. And persuasion turns into a seduction in a subtle and instinctive way.

Aspects of Mars

When Venus is in some aspect with Mars, it is always a sign that sexual relations (not necessarily associated with love) are the fore in life. It is about not only turbulent sexual life but also about sexual asceticism.

The conjunct brings almost complete autonomy in love. Such a person rarely is dependant on the partner or needs one. He or she wishes to maintain that autonomy even in serious relationships.

Sextile and trygon bring tremendous charisma. Even if there is no particular physical beauty. These people are simply lascivious.

Hard aspects lead to frequent disagreements and disputes with partners that create crises in relations. There is just too much passion here which varies in different dimensions. It is difficult for people with these aspects to achieve full satisfaction in their love life. They have too high expectations. And there always remains something that they can not get. Moreover, there is a tendency to cheat in relationships - not necessarily from the person who brings this aspect. The chosen partners may cheat.

Aspects of Jupiter

The two beneficial planets in astrology which are not friendly to each other. Jupiter gives but does not keep anything. Any aspect between them is considered positive in terms of how lucky a man is in love. But this is outside. Jupiter is not friendly to Venus. This means that it damages somehow the pure nature of Venus. It makes it eager, seeking, and irresponsible to the other, never satisfied. These aspects, although they bring wealth, hardly lead to satisfaction.

Jupiter's ability to ‘like’ everything rarely leaves these people without a partner. Sometimes it goes too far and gives them in abundance - there are always willing. They easily get in touch with the other and have something that makes people like them. But this abundance, however, damages the quality of love; in fact it is almost absent. What excites this person is to experience everything, have everything that stood in the way. There are no outlined moral and value limits in terms of love.

The hard aspects - conjunct, square (and derivatives), and opposition - are more prone to inappropriate behaviour at times and lack of permanence in relationships, demonstrative behaviour in love and often disingenuous and false expression of feelings.

Sextile and trygon bear sincere optimism and ability people to really feel happy, even for a while. Even the harmonious aspects between Venus and Jupiter, however, do not give consistent nor permanent satisfaction.

Aspects of Saturn

Here we came to some of the most critical moments in love. Although both planets are friendly things are slightly different in terms of human love. Saturn does not bring wealth like Jupiter. By contrast, it gives faithfulness, depth and durability. Saturn slows things down but does not deny them although the moments to ask the question whether the right partner will ever be found are not rare. External cold characterizes the behaviour in these aspects as well as the difficulties in getting in touch with the others whose goal is to achieve intimacy.

These aspects limit the person to find the stability and durability he or she needs. Everyone knows that diamonds are the most valuable gemstones. But they are the hardest of naturally formed minerals. There is a combination of value, beauty, price plus hardness and resistance. One of the best analogies for mixing Venus and Saturn.

This is the love in the aspect between Venus and Saturn – one of the most expensive and valuable benefits. The price of love is always high. The person in these aspects sometimes suffers from frustration. And he or she is inclined to build walls between him/herself and the others. Walls that are not easy to be destroy.

Sextile and trygon are the easier option. Disappointments are accepted as normal and natural. Limitations in finding suitable partners are not perceived in such a depressive manner. There dominates the perception that the patience would be rewarded. And it happens often.

The hard aspects - conjunct, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° - are expressed more extremely.

Whatever the aspect, however, love for these people is rarely blatant, vivid and demonstrated. It is expressed in deep affection, loyalty and responsibility towards others.

There is yet another option to the other extreme, especially in the hard aspects. This is the aspect of paid love. It appears in the horoscopes of people involved in prostitution - literally and figuratively, as well as people who establish convenient relationships. But this requires further confirmation. Only one aspect is not sufficient to draw that conclusion.

In the female horoscope the women themselves exhibit that specific coldness in relationships and express their feelings through affection and loyalty.

In male horoscopes, these features are specific for their partner.

Aspects of Uranus

Hard aspects have deeply rooted need for complete freedom. Uranus acts fast and like thunder. In the presence of these aspects, it is often love at first sight. And very shortly after that it disappears as quickly as it has appeared. The man just can not stand too long with the other - either replaces him/her or takes a break from him/her. Like the rhythm of the human heartbeat.

There is also need of freedom in the harmonic aspects sextile and trygon. But that is controlled more easily and by more acceptable means.

Aspects of Neptune

In those aspects human expectations in terms of love are always superhuman. Or to put it more simply, they are looking for the impossible love, free of any daily rounds. Logically, they will never find it. They just live dreaming of love and almost always they fall into deep depression and disillusioned frustration.

Hard aspects especially are the signal that this person needs more romance and fairy rather than live human being next to him or her. They also reveal the ability of man to feel platonic love all his/her life. Love is a beautiful illusion and dream. Intimate relationships often break down or unattainable partners are being pursued.

Sextile and trygon show more closeness to the real world and more adaptability to be able to live with reality.

Sometimes aspects of Neptune and Venus indicate abnormal things in love affairs and total lack of realistic assessment of the partner. Interest in the sexual side of the intimate relationships is extreme.

Aspects of Pluto

These aspects bring a lot of intensity in love relationships. They go to extremes - from "I love you" to "I hate you ', from the hot side to the floe. There are almost always jealousy and desire to completely rule over the other in the relationships.

There is huge fear of rejection, betrayal, abandonment and consequently strong adherence to the partner. Sometimes a sense of guilt is inculcated in one of the partners in the relationship. They are not shy to manipulate. All these acts can come from both the person and from his/her partners.

Conjunct, square and opposition are the active aspects of extremes, stress and intensity of compulsive desire to the other. Sextile and trygon rarely bring the extremes described in intimate relationships. Their expression is more gradual and imperceptible.

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