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Marriage for love or money

13 September 2014 / 15:09:08  GRReporter
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To marry for love is the dream of every person and it is a dream as old as the world. We dream of finding love, falling in love, sharing love and "living happily ever after until the end of our days" with our beloved. Life however often has other plans and does not ask us at all whether we agree or not. In many cases marriage and love are two separate categories. Very often the reasons for entering into a marriage are not associated with love and deep feelings. Of course, there is nothing abnormal in this, given that marriage is essentially about responsibility, care for a shared home, family and everyday life.

The topic of the article today is how marriage and love are connected in our lives. Are we destined to experience them with different people, or do we have a chance that they will be related. Fairy tales, even if they are fictional, still have some real source. Also, we always know people who have the good fortune to turn their greatest love into marriage and life together.

In astrology, the seventh house or the so-called Descendant is the field related to the spouse and our relationship with them. This is the area that describes what kind of relationship we are looking for, what is important for us in marriage and what we give priority to - therefore it is our guide in marriage and married life. Whether it is love and the feelings we experience, good friendship between us, material status and welfare, involvement of parents and families, fate can intervene, maybe through an event such as the occurrence of unplanned children. The zodiac sign in which the seventh house falls and the planet that rules it provide important information about the way marriage will arrive, what it is connected with, what it is motivated by and what type of person the partner is.

Further on in this article I will describe what we derive from the zodiac sign in which the seventh house falls. But first I will mention some additional indicators to those who have entered a little deeper into astrology and have an idea of some of the peculiarities involved in the analysis of the horoscope.

The location of the planet ruling the seventh house tells us what other spheres marriage is bound by, the rules which govern this aspect of life. In other words, if you have an ascendant in Aries, the seventh house falls in Libra. Libra in itself suggests that love in the form of tenderness, fondness and admiration (not so much based on passion and sensuality) is always a leading element in marriage, as this sign is ruled by Venus. However, in the horoscope Venus can be located in any of all 12 houses and this will give us a special interpretation. If Venus is situated in the fourth house, it is a sign that the marriage will happen with the intervention of parents and family. If Venus is located in the fifth house, then surely this is a sign that you are one of those lucky people where marriage comes from love and is decided mainly by how much you are in love with your partner, how deep this love is and whether you feel happy with them.

Now I will describe what the sign in which the seventh house is located in the horoscope, and the planet that rules it, tells us. In this information I will also include the house position of the ruling planet for those who know it. If you know that the planet ruling the seventh house in your horoscope is in the fourth house, look for the information I have given in brackets for “ruling planet in the 4th house”.

Ascendant in Aries (ruling planet in the 7th house)

The seventh house falls in Libra and is ruled by Venus. This is the sign that is the model of marriage and partnerships in life in general. And Venus, as manager of the relationship type that you look for, is a planet which is mainly related to love, infatuation and feelings. Therefore love, in its form of tenderness, admiration and pure feelings, is always a part and the main motive for entering into marriage. You have a strong need for partnerships, marriage and family life in which the main ingredient is love and pleasure to be with one’s partner. You strive not only to be in love with your partner, but also to have love and marriage which others admire. You strongly appreciate marriage as a social norm and you enter into it mostly because you look very good with someone as a couple. However, you are amongst the people whose love for their partner often becomes stronger after marriage.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the same house, it is a sign that you will enter into a marriage with a very bright and striking partner around whom you yourself will stand out somehow, but this person will also provoke love, fondness and admiration.

Ascendant in Taurus (ruling planet in the 8th house)

The seventh house falls in Scorpio and is managed by Mars (and Pluto). Your motive for marriage is the presence of a turbulent and deep passion, or the wealth of your partner. If both are combined, for you this is the ideal combination to push you to marriage. You are amongst the people who would marry if there are intense emotions and that fatal love. However, the money of your partners also plays a very important role. If their financial situation is particularly good, this is a reason enough to marry. Which of these two will prevail – stormy and passionate love or money, is judged by the position of Mars in your horoscope. Very often your marriage is associated with some fateful circumstance and you may be forced to make some sacrifice for your partner because of your relationship with them.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the eighth house, this is a sign that your marriage is closely associated with the intervention of fateful circumstances. Most often this is the occurrence of an unplanned child, strong financial commitments or some other special event that has karmic significance. In this case marriage and your partner are determined by karma.

Ascendant in Gemini (ruling planet in the 9th house)

The seventh house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. In your case love is not a driving force in marriage and marital life. For you, spiritual affinity and the ability of your partner to expand the world around you in every sense – by giving you knowledge, teaching you different things, travelling together around the world, you perceiving them as a teacher and a leader - are of priority. What you look for in them is that perennial optimism and enthusiasm that is highly contagious. You two are connected primarily by your mutual philosophy of life, which is far beyond any passion and turbulent feelings. Whether you will achieve some prestige and a special place in society plays a crucial role in your decision to marry. For you marriage has a social meaning rather than being the fruit of personal need, since you tend to adopt free and casual relationships without commitment.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the ninth house, marriage is related to education, travelling or because of moral and religious factors; it has a philosophical basis. Also, it may well be that your partner has a different nationality, creed and religion.

Ascendant in Cancer (ruling planet in the 10th house)

The seventh house falls in Capricorn and is governed by Saturn. Being motivated to enter into marriage for you is a very big challenge, as you look for a relationship with a solid foundation, loyalty, plus a lot of trust and respect. Love and feelings in the form of joy and exhilaration do not play a significant role. Your partner must be an authoritative person, must already be completed as a personality and also must have a sound professional, public and social status. Origin and family line are essential. You would never enter into marriage with a person who is unequal to you, no matter how great the love between you. The status that comes after marriage, is the main driving force for you - as well as receiving protection.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the tenth house, marriage to you is primarily associated with your social status and career opportunities. In your case, marriages are settled by family, as well as such caused by some kind of family debt. You often enter into a relationship only because “it is the correct thing to do” and “to respect the rules of the game”.

Ascendant in Leo (ruling planet in the 11th house)

The seventh house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn (and Uranus). For you marriage is not just something, as you look for relationships that are a mix of loyalty, trust and respect on the one hand, and on the other they should contain surprises, excitement, freedom and lack of responsibilities. Love often has nothing to do with this. You enter into marriage motivated mainly by the presence of friendly relations that are stable; you have common interests and goals in life, but no rules or regulations are imposed on you. You are most likely to enter into non-standard relations and to talk about the typical marriage with you is quite difficult. Commitment in marriage is not your priority, it causes serious personal discomfort.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 11th house, marriage to you is related to the availability of good friendly relations that make it more open and free. You tend to commit to your best friend, not to your great love.

Ascendant in Virgo (ruling planet in the 12th house)

The seventh house falls in Pisces and is governed by Jupiter (and Neptune). You have the peculiarity of being able to marry very easily. Your motives are to have marital relations that are lightweight, quiet, with a lot of understanding, emotional affinity, the ability to build your own world. Love in its most relaxed phase without intense drama and emotions, is always present. It is more in the direction of tenderness, affection, comfort and intuitive communication with your partner. You are able to show a "deafness and blindness" for the shortcomings of your partner and your marriage, it is enough that they make your life easier and do not create complications. Fate often has a hand in that it puts you in a situation where you enter into marriage without having a big choice.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in 12th house, your marriage is related to some secret or is provoked by some unfortunate event in your life, due to which you have suffered bereavement. In such a situation very often marriage is kept secret or is only fictitious.

Ascendant in Libra (ruling planet in the 1st house)

The seventh house falls in Aries and is ruled by Mars. In marriage you must include a lot of dynamism, passion and fervent emotions. Love in its most turbulent and bright phase is what motivates you to enter into marriage. You look for a dynamic, active and ardent relationship that challenges you, takes you out of balance, makes you fight and prove yourself. You are able to enter into a rapid marriage very impulsively provoked only by feelings and emotions. "Capturing" your partner, "ensnaring”  them is often your only motive. Sometimes it may be the case to compete for your partner with another rival.

If the planet ruling the seventh  house falls in the first house, your marriage is associated solely with a personal inspiration, with the fact that you want to be part of the life of another person. For you everything is very personal, and what exactly is the reason to be "awakened" for marriage depends on the position of Venus in your personal horoscope.

Ascendant in Scorpio (ruling planet in 2nd house)

The seventh house falls in Taurus and is governed by Venus. For you love is closely woven into the motives for entering into marriage, but we are talking about love which is physical and material. You are able to love deeply someone who is well-off and generous in love and it is a bit difficult to determine what exactly you fall in love with – whether it is in the personality or the financial circumstances which you can achieve with this person. Money and material stability is the top priority for you when deciding whether to enter into marriage. Somehow marriage should be beneficial to allow you to ensure a convenient, materially satisfied and stable life with your partner. In marriage you prefer to have that very important prerequisite that chases away problems - money and the ensuing comfort.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 2nd house, this is a sign that your marriage is closely associated with money, material resources and security. In this case, marital partnerships for material considerations are most often observed.

Ascendant in Sagittarius (ruling planet in the 3rd house)

The seventh house falls in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. Love is something exciting, but to you communication, sharing your conceptual and mental world is a priority. You look for a partner with whom to communicate better, to share common interests, a partner who is smart, talkative, with whom to build a good friendship, something like a brother and a sister. In marriage you need variety, but also a partner who is adaptive, who does not suppress you, in the company of whom it is always interesting. Therefore, your motives to marry are mainly based on whether you have common topics and interests, whether you can communicate and share with your partner, as it is between good friends.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 3rd house, your marriage is associated with some common business interest or with brothers/sisters. You often create marriage and family relations with someone you know from childhood and they have little to do with your greatest love.

Ascendant in Capricorn (ruling planet in the 4th house)

The seventh house falls in Cancer and is managed by the Moon. For you marriage is a category in which there is a deep emotional connection. Love is a major factor, but we are talking about love which is born out of caring for the other, supporting each other, helping each other in difficult times, sharing everything. This is more towards a marriage in which to build a family, shared home, in which you try to find in your partner, figuratively, your mother or father. The main motive is determined by family traditions and often one of the parents plays a crucial role when you decide on marrying, as well as in your choice of partner. Fate is often involved in the form of family and homeland, family heredity.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 4th house, marriage is associated with the formation of home and family or with the involvement of parents, of some kind of a family tradition. Often the reasons are related to residence or property.

Ascendant in Aquarius (ruling planet in the 5th house)

The seventh house falls in Leo and is managed by the Sun. For you, marriage is a particularly important, but also a very complex, territory. You enter into marriage if there is that perfect and fabulous love for which all people yearn. You want to be proud of your partner, to adore them, to turn them into the centre of your life and for them to be the meaning of your existence, a source of constant inspiration, the "sun" for you. You either enter into marriage for love - that one and only and great love, or you are not able at all to commit seriously to anybody. Not that you are not able to create a marriage, but it would be lifeless, fictitious and the chance to decide on this is minute.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 5th house, your marriage is always associated with love, with finding happiness and having children born out of love. You are one of those lucky people who marry for love and manage to connect with the person you love most. You find pleasure and a lot of romance and happiness in your marriage.

Ascendant in Pisces (ruling planet in 6th house)

The seventh house falls in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury. For you marriage is a way to bring improvement in your life, to organize it and, to some extent, to have someone who would substitute you in everyday life setting you free from routine responsibilities. Your motives to enter into marriage are very practical. There is not much space for love here. You prefer to have relationships that are free of any emotions and that are useful for you, ensuring an orderly and peaceful life devoid of problems. You enter into marriage quite reasonably and you prefer a partner with whom you can live easily, who is patient and able to devote their life to you.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 6th house, marriage is often associated with a person with whom you work together or who is somehow helpful to you. You frequently enter into relations with people who are at a lower social level than you or people who somehow maintain your healthy lifestyle - who take care of your home, your health, take on entirely your household obligations.

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