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In mid March we’re caught up in catastrophes

03 March 2012 / 16:03:24  GRReporter
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The period 15th to 25th of March for people who have a planet in the area:
0 ° - 6 ° Virgo,
is a time when your productivity is particularly high. You’re charged with enough energy to open any door on which you knock and to be welcome and appreciated. You may be provoked by some conflict - internal or external. Be especially careful where and in what you "sow seeds" because sooner or later it will give its fruit. Show some selectiveness and foresight in order to decide who are the right for you people, situations and projects.

The period 1st to 10th of March for people who have a planet in the area:
11 ° - 16 ° Virgo,
is a time in which it is possible to come across some information that you missed. And then you may fall into deep confusion because of the new opportunities it opens. Do not overwork yourself and don’t create yourself any headaches. The decision will come suddenly, like a lightning, quite unexpectedly.

The period 1st to 15th of March for people who have a planet in the area:
17 ° - 22 ° Virgo,
is a time when there is complete confusion in your head. Your thoughts will be surfing on to a huge variety of opportunities related to some plans, ideas, events or people. This may be very inspiring at times, but it could also be very confusing and discouraging. In those days, you will just gather the pieces that you need to arrange your personal "puzzle".

The period 1st to 31st of March for people who have a planet in the area:
10 ° - 15 ° Libra
is a time in which you will have the chance to make a choice related endeavors which will provide you guaranteed a successful future. Perhaps you will meet the people you need, you will have access to some needed resources. And you will also have lots of enthusiasm and inspiration. You may find you have some unexpected abilities and skills. It is also not impossible to make some mistake. But it comes just in time for you to correct it.

The period 20th to 30th of March for people who have a planet in the area:
4 ° - 9 ° Capricorn,
is a time in which your criticality will work at high speed. Or perhaps you will receive serious criticism in some situations. Do not rush to be outraged. This is simply some urge to improve something in life – yours or that of the people around you. Because you know how to do this best - through some advice, assessment, individual work or otherwise. That is why you get some stimulus, although not always very pleasant.

The period 1st to 31st of March for people who have a planet in the area:
21 ° - 26 ° Capricorn,
is a time in which a serious upgrade of your overall perspective is expecting you. You may also be struck by many new ideas and inspirations. You may have the feeling that you until now you have been looking through a dirty window, which you’re now cleaning and you’re getting a completely new and updated view of what's going on around you. You will probably return to some old forgotten things by some chance. Screen out and keep only what still retains its value.

The period 10th to 31stth of March for people who have a planet in the area:
6 ° - 11 ° Pisces
is a time to decide on some family matters. Or issues related to some close partnership - intimate, business or friendly. It is time to make arrangements, to get together or separate. Conflicts with your loved ones are also possible. But before you accuse others of disloyalty and irresponsibility, consider whether you keep all your commitments to them. In these days it is quite appropriate for you to make some firm steps towards establishing a stable relationship. Or to withdraw from relationships in which you don’t feel satisfied.




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