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The more true we are to ourselves, the slower we age

20 February 2011 / 15:02:21  GRReporter
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The man's face is a part, which is always visible and on display in every situation. This is the first thing we pay attention to when meeting someone. What we rarely think about is that we actually see one of this person’s masks. It depends in which situation we meet them - whether in the restaurant, whether at the workplace, whether in the political scene or in the family. 

In this article I will focus on how people communicate with each other in a wider range or the called social environment, where relationships are more social than personal. Each one of us has a different path in trying to integrate with others around them. 

I do not know whether you have paid attention to this, but almost always you can notice a distinct change in facial expression of people older than 30-33. For some of them we say that suddenly they have become adults, or in other words, their face has aged. For others we say, they have changed as if they are getting younger. For third, that they have not changed at all. Mainly the first category – aging, predominates. Actually it is a consequence of change and deformation of facial muscles. And right here in this line of thinking I will allow myself to utter a heretical hypothesis. Youthful image of people is not due to genes, genetic heritage, or how and what facial cosmetic procedures you do. The more a person stays true to himself when expressing his internal state through facial expression, the slower his face ages. This means that he instinctively follows his nature – inside same as outside. He does not put on unnatural masks. Indeed, there is a genetic inheritance, but it relates more to the peculiarities of one’s character, which affects our external appearance. 

When someone constantly adjusts his attitudes towards different people, not depending on what he feels inside, but taking consideration, this inevitably reflects on his facial expression. Because facial muscles strain abnormally - to always give the "appropriate" facial expression. This leads to faster deformation because they are not "used" correctly. 

Or let me call it with one simple word - hypocrisy. Consider the word "hypocrisy". In Bulgarian this word is translated into licemerie (lice – face and meria – to measure) – measuring my face. We have gotten accustomed to using this quality only in its negative sense. But in fact, all statements that one must always be polite and friendly with others, the whole education system, teaches us to do exactly that – to measure our faces, to be hypocrites. It is no accident that in an age of virtual communication, the majority of people prefer online communication to personal one - face-to-face. They just do not have to change their faces. And this is certainly a huge relief. 

In astrology the ascendant plays a major role in relation to how we integrate with the other person and what face we show because it defines our physical presence on this Earth. The ascendant defines who I am when I am in contact with others. What is the first impression I leave in others. What is the external aspect of my behavior in society. How I respond and react, as who do I represent myself. In contact everyone around us sees us through the filter of our ascendant. Seen from another angle, the ascendant defines how we leave our imprint on our environment and the relationships we maintain. 

I will write what are the characteristics of the various signs and planets, in general. Every individual’s type is complex and it is not so easy to put it in a single category. This can be done only by an experienced astrologer. 

Ascendant in Aries or Libra, and the position of Mars around the ascendant characterize the person who will try to integrate through something specific, in which he knows he is good. This is a kind of person who can stand quietly in the corner until the right time comes for him to demonstrate, through knowledge or skill, that he is very good at something, that he deserves to be "Number 1" in a particular environment. He will carefully study the people around him and will surround himself with those, among who he can achieve his goal. Ascendant in Libra is regularly misjudged, because the sign is considered to be of harmony and balance, run by the lovely Venus. So there is always the doubt that such person will want to be “Number 1” in something. Yes, but no. There is no vainer planet than Venus in Libra. The characteristic of a particular ambition and to receive admiration and applause, is characteristic of this sign, just like Aries. Nuances in the manifestation are different, but the core is the same. 

Ascendant in Taurus or Scorpio, and the position of Venus and Pluto around the ascendant - characterize the person who will rarely try to integrate. The exceptions are these moments when something has affected him very strongly and has attracted his attention at 100%. They will do it only for a specific person or specific situation. These are not people who accept all around them. They just do not pay attention and wait for something special. And all this, in spite of strong the magnetism, which they emanate. These are people who would impassively watch everyone and everything around, by giving an indication that they do not want to be bothered and by letting someone else shine with pleasure. They will tell you how good you are at whatever you do and will powder you with the most beautiful compliments. Of course, with the most beautiful smile on their faces. And at the end, it appears that you are the least person they are interested in communication with. 

Ascendant in Gemini or Sagittarius, and also the positioning of Mercury and Jupiter around the ascendant - characterize the person who shocks, who moves the air around them constantly and in most cases it is by something unusual or aesthetic. This is the person who will hit the edge of the table or will break something and stumble. This is the person, who in the name of diversity, will take counter position in order to provoke. This is his way of integrating and affecting his contacts. It is characteristic for these people to be able to integrate in any environment, but with the subtle difference, that if there is anything they do not like, they will try to destroy it. This act of "destruction" does not necessarily have to be negative. Sometimes the most wonderful thing is for someone to show up and "break" the silence and awkwardness, right? They are the anarchists and the deepest pessimists. Jupiter and pessimistic – you will think I am crazy to put pessimism and Jupiter - the planet of expansion, optimism, luck - in one sentence. I know what I am saying, though. Optimism, the most exalted optimism, can be born only form the deepest pessimism. 

Ascendant in Cancer and Capricorn, and also the position of the moon and Saturn around the ascendant – characterize the person, who is integrated by connecting people, who keeps certain relationships - in the name of universal human assistance. This is the person who will intervene in a dispute in order to quell it - in the name of the group and its integrity. These are the people that support and compromise. But they expect the same thing from others as well. This is their way of integrating into society - through their willingness to be "servers", which help everyone to connect and remain in constant contact and cooperation. The biggest irony is that it is hard for them to make a distinction between society and family. That support and connectivity, which they receive in their family is not always possible among the public contacts. They are people of opportunities. If you do not provide them with the support they expect from you because you're in their group, prepare to be exiled. 

Ascendant in Leo or Aquarius, and also the position of the Sun and Uranus around the ascendant - characterize the person who awaits his moment to shine. Do not expect from someone just because their ascendant is Leo (Leo is always hungry for audience, right?) to want to be in the spotlight. Though, he is in it without even trying too much - the projector is directed towards him, he does not run to catch the light. You will see it when a certain group or society need someone to get a hold of a critical situation and grab the reins. He will not waste his energy if there is no point, rather he will stand aside until everyone looks at him in anticipation for him to do something. This person is integrated through the "shock" presence – when it is necessary and when he knows that he can manage the situation. 

Ascendant in Virgo or Pisces, and also the position of Neptune around the ascendant - characterized the person who observers and integrates only when he has full trust. If he does not feel trust, he keeps his distance. In this way this person emits coldness and distance, regardless of how he tries to look. Trust is the hardest thing for them to get, because time passes for them to understand that it is a two way street. If you are looking for trust, give yours as well. With these signs and Neptune, there is always ambiguity - "Do not look at what I do but listen to what I say” and vice versa. Integration for these people is most difficult in comparison with all the others, because they can be very good in being impartial and objective, but they rarely get the trust they need. 

When does "hypocrisy" appear. This word sounds terrible because everyone connects it with the unpleasant, including myself. But in reality there is no one who does not show hypocrisy. Social and public laws of interaction among people require it. It is not just a whim, it is imperative. There is no person who does not put a mask during different contacts. The important thing is for this mask to suit you in the most natural possible way, because then will be the time when you will be able not only to integrate yourself but to express yourself as well.

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