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My sexual morality is none of your business

25 May 2013 / 12:05:22  GRReporter
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Today, talking about morality in terms of sexuality may sound somewhat out of place. But morality always exists. Morality itself is a term used to express a specific set of rules of behaviour. Even if we live in a time of sexual freedom, individuals have their own personal morals and standards which they follow. Sexual freedom is actually the freedom to follow your own personal rules and internal sexual "laws".

Today's article is about what our personal sexual morality is – rules and internal "laws" that we follow in our sexual behaviour. And it is not just about whether people are polygamous or monogamous and what type of sexuality they express. In both cases, sexual morality is a matter of personal beliefs and principles, as well as a personal philosophy. Just like establishing standards of behaviour when we are in public, at work, home or the beach, similarly, we establish norms for the bedroom - "What to do or not to do in our sexual relationships." It is known that with time all norms are subject to reassessment. But their basic framework is formed during the first seven years of our lives and almost never changes radically.

In astrology, the eighth house of the horoscope is associated with sex. It is a starting point when analysing sexual life as a whole in all its dimensions. The ninth house in the horoscope, as a principle, is related to our worldview and philosophical positions that we have in life, as well as with our education, in a purely worldly aspect, which helps us build our ideas and beliefs. The ninth house outlines all our internal laws according to which we live in the world. This is the house of ideology, but also the house of dogma, faith and fanaticism.

If we count the ninth house starting from the eighth one, we will reach the fourth original house in the horoscope. Thus, in order to understand what our sexual philosophy is, what our personal morality is and what internal laws we follow in our sexual relationships, we need to see the state of the fourth house - the sign it falls in, the planet that rules it; what other planets are present in it.

The fourth house in the horoscope describes our most private space. Symbolically, this is the "night" in our lives when we are at home - our most intimate place. This is our hidden "universe"; therefore, this is why we say - "My sex life is none of your business – only I can determine what happens there."

The fourth house, as a primary meaning, is also associated with our family environment, parents and especially our mother. It is therefore clear how strong the relationship of our sexual morality is with our family and the upbringing we get mostly from our mother. The state of the fourth house also determines our dogmas in terms of sex and fanatical beliefs.

I will now write what information the fourth house provides in terms of our personal sexual code and morality and what our personal "Ten Commandments in terms of sex" are. The presence of planets in this house always gives further details, as well as the planet that rules it. How these details affect the final conclusions should be defined by an astrologer. I will give you the basic information according to the zodiac sign.

Ascendant in Aries

The fourth house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. You have built a strong conviction that traditions should be respected. But there is one very important clarification: traditions change with time and society, and you quickly come up with new trends in sexual morals. This makes your philosophy rapidly changing in terms of what you can allow yourself. For you, it is often enough just to hear that "This has become quite normal." Therefore, you don’t have a firmly established order in your sexual habits, since you quickly and easily perceive what is becoming the norm and considered a natural feature of the social group in which you live.

Ascendant in Taurus

The fourth house falls in Leo and is ruled by the Sun. You have firmly fixed views on what your personal sexual morality should be. And not just your own: you also have firmly fixed views on what the sexual morality of the people you have relationships with should be, too. You tend to put an end to relationships if the other does not share your views or changes them with time. This makes you very consistent in your behaviour and you stick to your primary established principles and keep them forever. There are no dilemmas or deviations for you. Your sexual morality has no unusual "extras" and you possess the deepest and most sublime human values in terms of sexuality. You would rarely allow sexual relations with unusual elements that go beyond the norm.

Ascendant in Gemini

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