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The natural "intentions" of the planets

24 September 2010 / 12:09:15  GRReporter
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In the previous article we discussed the planets. Now I'll describe in brief the natural signification of each planet.

Actually, I will clarify a little the issue of signification. Because anyone who has just experienced all these things - the natural environment, ruling of houses, meaning of houses, and now natural signification - will surely get confused.

The western astrology uses the term "natural significator”. It has the following meaning: each planet is associated with certain things in life naturally and by default. This is "to do, to act, to create, the individual or the thing that causes, gives effect, leads to results; to have the intention to do things.” When you say that Jupiter is a natural significator for children this means that this is the planet that has a natural and innate desire/function to "produce" them,  "bring" them to man.

Each planet is a natural significator of many things. Ultimately, life is too diverse and it has whatnot. I will explain only the essentials as there will be confusion for sure. I will mention the rest when this is related to the specifics of the topic of the various articles. It hardly makes sense to burden you with this diversity and to tell you what colours each planet rules, what foods, human senses, body parts, types of occupation, directions, locations, etc.


Endowing with life, it is significator of physical state - what and how much vital energy a man has.

Significator of the ego; the father and the persons of prestige; the spirit; the professional status; the fame, power, titles

Significator of the instinctive mind, the emotional mind and the feeling of internal comfort, happiness; the mother; the popularity and social skills


Significator of speech, memory, learning; traveling (not of vehicles); business; career in terms of what "sells" us best; friends and relatives


Significator of accidents; enemies; what is the active power and how it occurs; siblings


Significator of vehicles; intimate partner; marriage and romantic relationships; pleasures; loved ones; beauty and charm.

I would like to pay particular attention especially to Venus. And this is love. All astrological texts say that "Venus is the Goddess of Love." This is true. But to clarify – this applies to human love that is more of a passion directed at satisfying the desires of the body.


Significator of wealth, benefits; property; children; education; learning; teachers, meaning the people we are learning from; internal morale; luck; freedom


Significator of property; illness; troubles, difficulties; life expectancy; losses, costs; people that serve us.

Saturn as a restricting and concentrating planet is significator of science in general, as it indicates activities that are done alone, single activities in seclusion. Although the modern western astrology accepts that Uranus rules Astrology as knowledge, the ancients associated it primarily with Saturn and Mercury.

Rahul (North Lunar node) - anything related to abroad; long trips; borders crossing; breaking taboos; unexpected stuff
Ketu (South Lunar node) – freedom; breaking off; separation

Uranus – freedom; independence; sudden unexpected things; anarchy; chaos

Neptune – idealism; lack/blurring of boundaries; illusion; intuition

Pluto – transformation; metamorphosis, transformation

You'll notice that there is overlap in the meaning of houses and the things the planets are responsible for by nature. And this is natural. Maybe you will ask yourself what is this natural signification for?

When analyzing a topic, there are three main reference points:

1. The specific house is being considered - are there any planets in it and what are they by natural status. The house is the one that "gives birth" to things. If we make a simple analogy, the house is the land we crop. If the soil is good, the whole process of "birth" is going smoothly.

2. The ruler of the specific house - which is the planet; what is its nature; with which other planets it interacts. The ruler shows what is the activity, what is the energy, the productivity and longevity of what the house has “born”.

3. The planet as a natural significator of a given topic. This is the cause. Having in mind the analogy I use, this is the seed we sow. The situation of this planet – position, aspects - will show us whether there are seeds to be sown.

The natural significations of the planets are used most actively in connection with living beings whose significators they represent. It is actually an omission in western astrology - how analysis in terms of living and inanimate entities differ. In other words, the fifth house defines a lot of things, one of which relates to living beings such as children. Others relate to inanimate things - creativity, talent, luck, places of entertainment.

If a natural significator stays at the house that also defines this same topic, this is considered unfavourable for living creatures.

I will return to the example I used in the previous articles - Jupiter - to clarify exactly what I mean. Let us assume that we want to know something about the children of a man.

First, we are interested in the 5th house. Jupiter stays in it. It has an aspect from Saturn.

Secondly, we are interested in the ruler of the 5th house - this is Jupiter.

Thirdly, we are interested in the planet, which is responsible for children by natural signification - it is Jupiter again.

We came to the same planet three times in this example - Jupiter. This can not but become more essential. Anything that is heavily emphasized inevitably attracts the eye and means something special. Now, if we put the "Jupiter glasses” we will think that this gives an exceptional blessing for children. But it does not. What would happen if you are watering a flower ten times a day every day? Yes, the flower needs water to live. But not too much water because it would rather drown it instead of keeping it alive.

The same applies to that example. This inevitably could lead to any problems with the offspring - may have difficulty in making it; or difficulties and concerns related to children; or difficult relations with them; or impossible to be near them. Actually, the latter is a much better option, since such a situation implies that all must somehow be separated to exist.

Let us pay attention to the opposition of Saturn. It is maleficent by function. It injures, disables the functions of Jupiter. Saturn will try to balance Jupiter, restricting it here and there. Is it beneficial? You bet. Here is a case in which the "bad" aspect of Saturn is welcomed to decrease the lesions associated with children. Separating in nature, Saturn is possible to separate a man from his children to lower the forwarding function of Jupiter.

But in terms of inanimate entities associated with Jupiter and the fifth house, there will be abundance indeed. As Winnie the Pooh, we can safely say about the inanimate beings: "The more it snows, the more it goes!" And "There is only one thing that is better than pot of honey ... and these are two pots of honey.”

In this connection, however, Saturn will again make any restrictions. Which would be less frustrating for Pooh.

Similarly, the position of Venus in the seventh house gives any injury related to marriage and spouse in humans. But the combination is very productive with regard to sexual relations - there will be plenty. Man carries too much desire in himself and one partner is just not "enough" for his potency. The partner (if any) might feel overloaded by this potency and this will make him go away.

This is a position that is a sign of consideration in relation to a man’s ability to marry, to have no difficulties with the partner.

In the next article I will write about retrogression of Venus as its retrogressive period is between October 8 to November 19, 2010.

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