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Order and chaos in your life

04 February 2012 / 19:02:42  GRReporter
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They say that something as small as fluttering like the wings of a butterfly in Japan can cause a typhoon in the other half of the world. Said otherwise, there are events that occur far away from us, without us even suspecting them and without even being able to prevent them. And they are just as important as what we ourselves do.

People often make plans. Some plan every minute of their lives in detail and think they know precisely what will happen in the next ten years. Others are less attached to planning and look as if they are guided by the flow. They often find it hard to answer a simple question regarding the next few days - "What are you doing this weekend?". To tell you honestly I do not believe anyone knows what his or her life will look like in 10 years. But I will not argue with those who want to believe it.

In this article I will discuss the topics of order and planning in life. How do we treat them? How does our individual horoscope show our relationship to planning and order?

First I would like to pay some attention to why there is adherence to order and planning in life. They are the result of our instinctive desire to have security and stability. Everyone makes plans, but adheres to them in varying degrees. People who plan everything and keep order in their lives are usually characterized by being less adaptive and have an undeveloped ability to react to unexpected situations. This is why they prefer to plan every step, in order to prepare in advance. Such an attitude has its positive side - these are people who do not want to get lost and wasted in unnecessary things according to their worldview. Such people are perceived as being serious and responsible in life. But they undergo greater stress when faced with events beyond their control. They can easily break down.

The ones who rarely make plans, are more adaptable and flexible. They are often seen as superficial as they are scattered among many things. But these people cope with stressful situations much more easily, and it is more unlikely for them to break down, because they are able to quickly adjust to new circumstances.

The twelve signs are first classified into three qualities that reflect the basic mode of existence:

Cardinal - Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra
Fixed - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Mutable - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Cardinal signs are active, people of action, initiating sudden and rapid changes. Fixed signs are persistent, consistent, steadfast and stable. They are highly resistant to change. Mutable signs quickly capture the changes around them and perceive them with ease. They adapt very well to any situation.

The second sign classification is according to the four elements that reflect the attitude to the world:

Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Air - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Fire signs are proactive, active, offensive and reinforcing and often messy as they are very impulsive. They rarely plan in detail. They are somewhat neutral towards order because they think (quite confidently) that they create it without being obliged to follow it. Earth signs are reserved, consistent, very practical and very tidy. They plan everything to the last possible detail. They also do not like changes that shake the stability and order in their lives.

Water signs are intuitive, emotional, active, at first glance highly inconsistent, "running" at random, but only at first glance. Water always finds its "path" and follows its plans in a completely illogical, for the human mind, way. Air signs are communicative and mentally active but they may seem chaotic and random, because the air is elusive and invisible. Wherever the wind blows - this is their exact definition. They live their lives very personally, with many desires and interests and their material side complies exactly with that - wherever it is convenient and profitable. They have a very good calculated idea of ​​order and planning, they love to live according to their plans and accounts, though they do not always do this in practice.

In addition to the classifications made, Sagittarius outlines one extreme - chaotic activity and no bias towards order and plans. The other extreme of total immovability, desire for impeccable order, stability and planning everything is reflected by the Taurus.

When it comes to different human qualities usually popular astrology gives a description according to Sun signs. I personally try to distance myself from this approach as far as possible, because it renders senseless the individual horoscope. It is necessary to take into account many factors in order to make a precise analysis of how we treat order in life, if we plan it and how. The most important are the sings, in which we find the Ascendant, the Sun and Moon.

The ascendant, shows our physical manifestation into the world as a whole, our action towards others, how they perceive us, how we look as physical biological beings, what is our projection in front of the world. The sign on the Ascendant gives a very good idea, since the order, planning, stability and chaos are always relative to our surroundings. So start with the information according to the sign of your Ascendant and then continue with Sun and Moon signs. Try to find the intersection.

I started this article with a very popular term – the "Butterfly Effect", which underlies the theory of chaos. Regardless of how addicted you are to order and planning, whether or not you believe that you can plan your life years from now, do not forget something simple – there are many flying butterflies in Japan. Now I will give brief information on how different zodiac signs adopt order and planning in life.

Aries - cardinal and fiery. Active, proactive, always looking for new theories and areas that cannot be put in a box. Planning and order? Impossible. When Columbus discovered America he was following a different purpose and never planned to discover it. They love starting many things, but they bring very few to an end, as each new idea is always better than the old one.

Taurus - fixed and earthy. Extremely tough in their principles. They build stability slowly and gradually, without biases and being lost in junk. I would not say that planning and obsessive order is strongly present in the life of this sign. It reflects the existence of Mother Nature in its totality and natural harmony. They do not find it necessary to plan because they do not plan on changing what they already have. Their plans are mostly related to how to keep everything in their life, to preserve and multiply it.

Gemini – air and mutable. This sign loves to experiment and go through life on a "trial and error" basis. Order is inconsistent with experiments. Plans are made all the time, only to be changed after five minutes. Who knows who they are going to meet in 5 minutes' time?!

Cancer – water and cardinal. This sign absorbs the emotions floating around so quickly that it is impossible to plan its steps in advance. These steps are based almost entirely on their internal state. Water is extremely adaptable and takes any form. But it is a fact that it searches for a form and "land under its feet”. They love everything to be regulated, but the plans are such that they can change at any time. Cancer is a cardinal sign, initiative and active. And this leads to sharp reversals, seemingly totally illogical and devoid of meaning, with the sole purpose of finding the shortest way to achieve what is desired.

Leo - fiery and fixed. As a fixed sign it is very steady and consistent in its intentions. This person rarely hurries to get somewhere and his priority is not to make plans because he is confident that even without a plan he will achieve his objectives. It is enough to merely not lose sight of the opbjective. Fire is an element that absolutely cannot adapt to any shape. And you never know when it will erupt like a volcano - suddenly, violently and frontally. Therefore order is his creation, but it applies to you.

Virgo - earthy and mutable. This sign is claimed to be the symbol of law and order in the zodiac. Besides loving order, it thinks strongly of details. But let's not forget that Virgo is a mutable sign. Here there is an interesting nuance. They like to arrange. They care not about order itself but about the process of organizing and detailing. They carefully write out in great detail everything that should be done and they will plan their every move. Then absolutely naturally they will find something imperfect and the process of organizing and planning will begin again.

Libra - airy and cardinal. Iron fist in a velvet glove is not an exaggerated analogy. This sign is active, proactive, willing to change, which in most cases pre-plans and provides for accordingly, from where the wind blows. They calculate their every step very quickly. They have a strong commitment to order and planning because of their desire to influence others.

Scorpio – watery and fixed. The fixed quality of this sign makes it very consistent and stable. Order and planning are respected. The water element makes them very adaptable, which may appear as inconsistent. But this is only at first glance, since water always finds its ways. Combining these two characteristics makes the Scorpio look as if it is drifting. But even this is planned in this case.

Sagittarius - fiery and mutable. As I already mentioned this sign reflects the extreme - chaos in its purest form. It fiery nature leads it to action and its mutable nature rocks it in all directions. Very often the sign itself does not know where it is going, nor what it is looking for. Order is for others, and plans are made, in order not to adhere to them. The important thing is to act, to do something, no matter what. They easily adjust to everything.

Capricorn - earthy and cardinal. This sign is known for its long-term planning and ambitions. Its earth characteristic makes it a lover of all structures, forms and procedures. And its cardinal characteristic gives it ambition and initiative. They are very cautious in everything and every step is well thought out and weighed up.

Aquarius - airy and fixed. This sign is known to be the most eccentric and most individualistic in the zodiac. Order and planning in life are always present and are calculated accurately. Even eccentricity is precisely calculated when and how to stand out. If this person decides on something he is capable of deep concentration and almost nothing can persuade him to abandon the idea.

Pisces - watery and mutable. This sign is hardly inferior to Sagittarius in their ability to live day to day without planning. Its emotional nature is an important part of life and its activity is strongly associated with it. The mutable characteristic makes them unable to stay at one point for a long time. Often they lack solid purpose in life. They swim towards wherever their feelings and emotions drag them.

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