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Our personal geography and the connection with nearby and far directions

30 August 2014 / 13:08:57  GRReporter
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Once, only 100-150 years ago, it was a great challenge to travel greater distances. It took months or even years and was even impossible to get to some places. Today the world is a big village. You can go to any point in just a few days. Even if you do not travel, however, and spend your entire life in one place, that does not mean that you are not associated with different parts of the world.
Some time ago I presented an article mainly relating to travelling around the world and how it affects your stay in different places again around the world. In today’s article I will introduce to you the so-called local space - it is associated not only with how the space in your home is organized, but also in the city you live all the way to the other side of the world. Strange it may seem but the way in which you are connected to the kitchen, how you feel there, what happens to you while you are there determines how you will feel and what to expect if you go to Spain, for example. In a strange way, when predictive techniques show that something more important is possible to take place in your life, Spain "comes to you", at that while you are in the kitchen - you turn on the radio or the TV and you come across a story about Spain. Or someone calls you, comes to visit you, and while you are making the salad he or she mentions Spain, just like that.
The common thing between your kitchen and Spain is your personal horoscope and the position of the planets in terms of geography. Ancient astrologers were aware of this connection, as an astrological approach has been developed that determines the geographical position of the planets in the personal horoscope, and this is no coincidence. It is called local space, personal "geography". Today, this method expands in terms of latitude and longitude, as it is much easier to travel to all parts of the world. However, it is not necessary to go to Las Vegas to find your luck. You can find it if you travel just 5-10 km following the geographical direction of your luck.
     One goes everywhere with one’s local space. This is our aura and we always carry it with ourselves. Wherever you are, the geographical directions and lines remain always the same for you. Each planet has the so-called beam that extends over the entire surface of the earth. You may never go to America but everything that comes from there through people, news, books can bring to you much benefit, luck or restrictions, losses and damages.  
    The world is divided into East - West - North - South and the same is true with respect to the zodiac signs and the personal horoscope. Aries is associated with the East, Capricorn the South, Libra with the West and Cancer with the North. The other signs are positioned in the intermediate directions. If Venus, which is related to the topics concerning love, romance, fun, is in the sign of Leo, the direction in which these topics are activated is northwest. And if you live in Bulgaria, Sofia, the love in your life comes from this direction – from the neighbourhood cafe that is in the northwest or from a foreign country again in this direction, for example Austria, Germany or if you go further, you will reach America, to the northwest of yourself. In addition, if your home kitchen is to the northwest and you decide to invite a loved one, do not take him or her in the living room, stay in the kitchen. Another option is to meet someone of the opposite sex who has just been in Austria or to accidentally start talking about it. This is a signal that, somehow, the themes of love will be active around him or her.
     The personal horoscope is also converted into a map called a local space map and the point of reference in it is the Ascendant. The principle of construction is by projection of the planets and it is a more specialized methodology that requires in-depth astrological knowledge. Therefore, if you want an accurate map of your local space, visit an astrologer or make it using specialized astrological software.
     The theme of our local geography is extensive and affects virtually all areas of life, from where to put your bed, where you become energetic and able to work, where you find love, where you find pleasure and entertainment, where you achieve credibility, which countries in the world repulse or attract you, and so on. Therefore, I will focus in the article on a more specific topic. The topic of love that is patronized by Venus. For this purpose, we are interested in the position of Venus in the personal horoscope.

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