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The planets and Steve Jobs advise: Follow your heart and intuition!

03 September 2011 / 15:09:20  GRReporter
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    September is the month when feverish preparation begins for schools and learning of all type. The subject of gifts and talents, abilities, directions for realization becomes particularly relevant. Such is the purpose of my present article - talent and gifts of people according to the individual horoscope.
    I will start with a small excursus that seemingly has nothing to do with the subject of the article. Recently, Apple founder Steve Jobs resigned for health reasons and took a vacation for an indefinite period of time. This reminded me of a great article of his read before the Class of 2005 at Stanford University. Its main idea lies in a few sentences. I quote:
    "Do not waste time living someone else's life. Do not let the noise, coming from the opinions of others, mute your own inner voice. And most importantly - have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary. "

    The same thing said in a thousand other ways we can hear from all successful people, and also from all the business gurus who appeared recently. They are right of course. I do not intend to oppose this truth - that everyone should live their own life and should only follow their own inner voice. This lies at the basis of astrology after all - that every person has a path and destiny in life and in one way or another, he walks on it. In particular this applies to the gifts and talents we all have.

    Reality shows that only some of us have unique (on a large scale) gifts and talents that have some real application. Only few have received the "task" to be unique, known, to remain in human history for something. Only few can be the first in something. And it is just another absurd that they are often just not interested in their fame, popularity, the financial dimensions of their talent. And they really indulge in it and forget about everything else. They are just not interested in the outcome, but are just going on their "way".

    Natural abilities of a person always have something to do with the work, the profession he exercises in his life. There is no person who does not work. Even the woman who is a housewife does some work to pick and chooses an activity that she does with pleasure, even if not for a traditional salary. Talents, gifts are the result of our innate creative nature. Everyone has this ability to create, make. Everyone! Without exception. Being able to grow flowers is also a kind of gift. And as you understand this gift will hardly ever be proposed for the Nobel Prize. But it is pure talent. Ask someone who madly loves flowers and gardens, but no matter how hard he’s trying, he almost never manages to grow them.
    Very often when we hear words like talents and gifts, we start tinking of talent as that of Einstein, for example. Sorry to say it bluntly, but very few are those who have this type of talent. The rest have some not so actively expressed gifts they use while doing other things in their every day life. A person with a talent for music is not necessarily a composer, musician or singer. He might become a music teacher for example. Or a DJ.
    In the individual horoscope from the time and place of birth are calculated two main axes in the horoscope – the Ascendant, for which almost everyone has heard and the Middle of the sky or Meridian. The Meridian defines where we are headed in life, what is the highest point which we can get to, the things to which we aspire and which give the most accurate picture of what we are called for, what is our vocation, what is our contribution to society. Threrefore the Meridian (or the 10th house in the horoscope) is of paramount importance when it comes to calling, accomplishments and success in life. But not for the talents and gifts. For them is responsible the so called creative, fiery trisome of houses - the first house (Ascendant), the 5th house and the 9th house. For those who do not know I will say that homes are calculated through the time and place of birth.
    The Ascendant, as I have repeatedly mentioned, is the way in which a person is perceived by the others. This is his "clothes" before the world, his "dress code". Both literally and symbolically. That is why the planets around the Ascendant and the first house are important in connection with our talents. They show a specific gift related to the expression of talents before the others. Consciously or not, every expression of ours has a purpose - to show something individual that others will notice. Ultimately, all our talents, gifts and abilitis, have little meaning unless they are presented to someone. An invention, a dish, a book will be valued for their uniqueness by the society. Not by their creators.

    The fifth house in the horoscope is the most important one. This is an area in the individual horoscope, which defines the creative potential, creative intelligence of the person, his commitment to create something throughout his life. This is the physical expression of his soul. The very first thing that the genes of every man want is reproduction, to procreate. Therefore, in modern astrology to this house in the horoscope is given the very limited significance for "children, love, pleasure, good luck." And the primary symbolism of this house is creative intelligence, what we can create, what we can make. The fifth house is the house of creativity, of what constitutes our natural intelligence, what is our capacity, what talents we have.

    Finally, ninth house in the horoscope. This is the house that defines our "inner voice", our "inner truth and righteousness" in life. In the tradition it is called "House of God." It symbolizes what leads us to the most real - what we were born for. This is the home of our purpose, showing our principles and ideals, our inner laws.

    The analysis of an individual horoscope for the gifts and abilities includes also the position of the Lunar nodes in addition to the three areas listed above. I will not go into details because it is too bulky and complicated matter. I will only write down the basic meanings of the various planets when they are in one the houses the first, fifth or ninth. They carry the important information.

    Sun: Provides talent for leadership. For dance and music. The sense of rhythm is particularly strongly developed. A talent to catch the rhythm in everything.

    Moon: Provides talent for medicine, understanding the structure and functioning of the human body (even without special education). Social skills. Talent for feeling the emotional and mental state of others. Ability to handle liquids, growing life in all varieties. Gives a voice having a specific melody and vibration (not necessarily associated with singing).

    Mercury: Gives communicative talent. For writing, talking, speech. Negotiations. Diplomacy. To trade (not just literally). Applied Mathematics. Astronomy and astrology (applied).

    Venus: Provides talent for fine eye for the details, the beautiful, harmonious, stylish. Gift of the senses - taste, smell. Art. Talent to entertain people, to make them enjoy.

    Mars: Talent for "strife" in life. Talent to "protect". Martial arts. Strategy. Technical skills, skills in manual work. Culinary gift. Working with fire, metal and tools.

    Jupiter: Teaching, not only in the literal sense. To teach and advise others, to give them wisdom. To help their development. Occult knowledge. Philosophy. Finance. Laws.

    Saturn: Talent for patience and perseverance. Talent to work, start and finish each job. Routine activities that require deep concentration. Architecture, building. Organizational talent in creating any type of structure. Talent to deal with high exertion activities.

    Uranus: Talent to the abstract. Mathematics and analysis. Science. Working with energy sources. Inventions. Astronomy, Astrology.

    Neptune: Knowledge of the Universe. Ability to transform. "Seller of dreams and illusions." Chemistry. Religion.

    Pluto: Diplomacy and Politics. Analytical thinking. Talent to reveal mysteries. Large-scale planning and development of global schemes.

    The sign, in which the different planets are located provides additional information on what direction the talents and gifts are formed. For example, air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - occurr in the direction of intellectual application, scientific, research and philosophical backgrounds.

    I will mention that in addition to the standard houses in the horoscope are also considered and the 5th and 9th houses, counted from the Moon and Sun. Sun is associated with the deepest human need for creativity and the Moon is associated with the instinctive sense, with our instinctive feelings and needs. Therefore the planets that lie in the houses of "talents", counted from the Sun show in what type of activity will be best manifested the talents and skills. And counted from the moon, they show how we perceive our own personal abilities and talents. Whether we can be satisfied.

    Finally I will go back again to the speech of Steve Jobs. Beautiful, inspiring, entertaining, truthful. There is only one small detail. Steve Jobs is only one. Einstein was only one. Bill Gates too. And the population of the world reaches nearly 7 billion. Everyone wants to be like them - unique, talented, the only one. And as a consequence rich, happy and satisfied. Well, this can not happen. Such speeches are wonderful, they make you say, "I can be like him. Now I will follow my inner voice - like him. We will do this and that. Like him. Like him ... like him ...". Did you hear what Steve actually said just a minute ago? - "Do not waste your time living someone else's life."

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