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The point in time in which we meet a person determines whether they will have meaning in our lives

02 April 2011 / 13:04:06  GRReporter
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All of us constantly live communicating with others. This is how we are designed. To connect with others. No man on earth has managed to completely escape from the network of human relationships and connections. Even monks who withdraw from social and public life self-define themselves in particular as regards to their relations with others – by abandoning them. 

From the moment of birth till the end of our lives all of us enter into different categories of relations - sister, cousin, friend, parent, spouse, lover, grandfather, father, son, daughter, colleague, boss. Partner astrology is perhaps the most interesting part of astrology, as it involves analysis of the relations not only between two people, but among many people when they are in a group as a team. It is an extremely useful tool for every business team. When a group of people come together, their individual qualities are mixed. Everyone enters into a group with their own natal horoscope and thus form different patterns of relationships. When a model is formed, it becomes dominant in the group. And every one holds a certain position. If the group changes, then the model changes as well. Thus the answer is revealed of why a person "changes" when exposed to different people. Why we see them in a different light. 

In this article I will focus on what happens when two people meet, no matter what kind of relationship they will have after that. You believe that your brain evaluates whether you like a person or not? Absolutely not. The brain does not play a role. In this context, the virtual contacts are very interesting. Too many people would confirm how a great virtual communication fails after only a few words on the phone or a real contact. And vice versa. 

One aspect of horoscope is that it gives us information about human receptors, purely physically. These are our five senses - sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing. All people encounters are accomplished through our body and through our senses. Without them we cannot experience anything - we cannot hear them, see them, we cannot talk, we cannot communicate. We can live and perceive others around us only through our body. I give my special apologies to His Majesty the "Mind", but he has very small contribution to whether we like a person or not, what we like in them and what we reject. 

The basic principle in all our relationships is the exchange. To mutually share something. Most people believe that they strongly and spontaneously like people, who are similar to them by nature. This is not true. People are attracted to and enter into relations with each other in three ways: 

Complementarity - that is the most powerful factor in attraction. One holds the key, the other is the lock. One holds the left half and the other – the right. When these people meet, through their senses they feel that the other has something that can complement and complete them. This applies to any type of relationship. Do not think that complementing always means happiness, champagne and roses. In this kind of relationship there is almost always jumping from attraction to repulsion and vice versa. The more complement points we have with each other, the more "sparks" light between us and the more powerful the attraction is. Complementing is a powerful attraction between people. It is necessary for a start, it is the reason not to be stuck in routine and be bored. The basis of complementarity is always the extreme, the other half, towards which we strive almost frenzied. 

Lack – this is not as powerful and bright of a factor in attracting, because it means that the other person has something that we miss entirely. Not just the other half. The other person dominates in it. In other words, they have a quality, which we are unfamiliar with. This dominating part in the other is something we see over time. And it is most valuable in some relationships because it is what we can learn, what benefits us. Here is the hardest part for all people, because these are the most valuable lessons, but also the most painful. Here are all the compromises that we have to do. Here are the challenges in dealing with others. Indeed, dominance is the reason a given relationship is valuable and useful for us. By valuable and useful I do not mean only what is useful from the human perspective. Sometimes a person needs to “hit” in order to be useful. 

Similarity - this factor does not play a very big role in the attraction between two people. But it is the rescue zone in the moments when tension comes in the relationship. Many people believe that the similarity between them is the reason for them to like or not like each other. It is not like that. The more identical you are, the more you become invisible to each other. No one needs to receive something they already have - I have a car, you do as well and both cars are from the same class, size and design. What is the point to exchange them? None. But similarity is something priceless when we need to rest and get rid of the stress. It is the land beneath our feet after tensions arose. Similarity is the reason given relations to be long-term in time. 

In astrology, when considering the horoscope for peer relationships, whether intimate, friendship or family, the Sun and Moon are all factors that play a significant role. I will give examples of intimate relations, because people are rarely interested in their relations with friends or with their brothers and sisters. The opinion that the Moon in a woman must be in harmonious relationship with the Sun of man, is widely accepted. The reason is that the Moon is the archetype of the woman and the Sun for the man. But on the other hand, when analyzing the characters and who people are attracted to, then we look at the woman’s Sun, and the man’s Moon. This brings a contradiction, which I personally do not understand how anyone can overlook it and not address it. 

In every person combined are the male (animus, spirit) and the feminine (anima, soul). Hereinafter the logic is that women are identified naturally with their feminine beginning i.e. the Moon. And men with their male beginning, i.e. the Sun. In their encounters with men, women instinctively move to the position of the Moon, and men to the position of the Sun. Now everyone will automatically say - Well, then why you do not agree that there should be harmony between the Moon and the Sun in a woman and in a man? 

Well, where did you forget the woman’s animus - the Sun? And the man's anima - the Moon? When a man and woman meet, they look for them! A woman looks for a man according to her animus, i.e. she searches according to the Sun. A man looks for a woman according to his anima, i.e. according to the Moon. Combinations may be various, but the image of a man sought by a woman is being built by the Sun in her horoscope. And the man - from the Moon in his horoscope. Of course, I do not mean quite simply the zodiac sign but analysis which includes the overall position of the planets. 

The logical conclusion is that if we are interested in serious and lasting intimate relationships, the first in importance is the relationship between the man’s Moon and the woman’s Sun. 

The above counts also for the matching between Venus and Mars, which are the other major planets, responsible for creating relationships. Nearly everyone who sees harmony between these planets in the partner horoscope, begins exclaiming enthusiastically. Of course, they have the right for this reaction. But matching Venus in the female horoscope, and Mars in the male horoscope may not provoke intimate attraction. Or it can provoke it, but only short-term flirtations. When we talk about deeper relationships, women look for the image of Mars (and Sun) and men of Venus (and Moon). 

As a result of all this the more important are the interactive links of the Sun and Mars in the female horoscope and of the Moon and Venus in the male horoscope. The connection Moon - Moon in the horoscope always has its special significance, regardless of what type of relationship we talk about or whether the horoscope is male or female. 

Everyone entering into contact with others exchanges something with them. And it is always highly dependent upon the circumstances in which we meet a person for the first time. Time, the situation, surrounding circumstances - these are reasons people do not create relationships, which theoretically should be created without a problem. They complement each other, there is similarity between them and something useful. But nothing happens. They pass each other like two fast trains. And vice versa - not so good basis for relationship, but a lasting one is created. 

Astrologers often analyze partner horoscopes, which have all the prerequisites for great relationships. But they just do not happen. This mystery I managed to unravel after I read a simple sentence of a genius astrologer. It reads: "Directional and transit planets can act as natal planets to others”. People who are familiar with astrology will understand the used terms. For the rest I will say that this sentence means that the time in which we meet a person determine whether they will matter to us, whether they will stay in our lives and for how long. Of course, comparing birth horoscopes is important. But it is important only after the time of our first encounter has given us "permission" for contact. And again this point is responsible on what we have to experience with that individual, how to "see" them and what place to give them in our life.

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