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Public activists or individualists

20 August 2011 / 17:08:31  GRReporter
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If we look around we can divide people into two main categories. Those who hardly ever fall for public causes, who are rarely interested in social processes, living somewhat closed in their own lives. And those who could not imagine life without dealing with various social and community issues. They are actively involved and are always people who have a stand point. Not that others do not have one. It’s just not public. Of course, everyone is connected with society. Each person has his place in the social network. But not everyone is willing to participate in public life - politics, governance, reforms, protests and so on. A person can have a very dynamic and open way of life filled with great involvement in society and at the same time he can be an individualist and not especially interested in public causes and active participation in civil society.

In this article I will write about how we can understand whether a particular person is a "public figure" or "individualist". By saying "public figure" I mean "being involved in things that happen, even if they do not affect you personally". And when I say “individualists” I mean exactly the opposite - "not being interested in social processes that do not affect you personally". I rush to make it clear that neither category is better or worse than the other.

In the mid - 20th century American psychologist Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of human needs. He remained in the history of psychology and human resources with his famous pyramid. While viewing it, I related it not only to the individual needs but alsoto the social ones. Maslow's pyramid led my thoughts in another direction on a much more global scale. About the strata in society, the needs of society. I have written before too that people live divided in the various strata of the society. No matter how fuzzy the boundary between them is at present, they still exist and nobody could deny it. Only this time I will not write specifically about them, but about the role of different people.

Everyone has their collective role in society. Imagine a group of 12 people. This is the number of zodiac signs, because each sign has a specific energy and necessity in general. Together the 12 characters form the perfect whole, they form our earthly world in every dimension and diversity.
Analysis of individual horoscope includes the revealing of highlighted zodiac signs and planets. After a description of each type of people I will briefly give you what are the signals in a horoscope, which define different types of people. I must stress however that this analysis is much more serious than it seems at first glance.

The first type of people are as a pillar for all the others - they provide for their survival. Theirs is the task to provide them a solid basis for existence. Through examination and endurance tests. Their life purpose and direction are to create such a basis. And this can not happen without intense retrospection, in depth study and analysis. Such activities can not be carried out without seclusion, without isolation, with no thoughts in private. And they rarely are public people. They have this need, they are absorbed in themselves, in their research related to the stability of all aspects of life. This is the man who can not go into society and deal with any public activity, if he has not made sure that he rests on solid ground – he has the knowledge necessary to control everything from beginning to end. He first looks for his secure a strong foundation. His interest in super personable causes - "No thanks. Let someone else undertake them." These are the most self absorbed people. They take part in social processes only when their security is threatened.

They are, however, extremely provocative. They follow the principle: "In order to see if this is a solid brick, I have to throw it, to hit something." Thus they are often destroyers. But these are the people without whom the life of everyone else is questionable. Paradoxically but true - we all have great need of particularly these self absorbed, isolated people whose work is almost to only find problems in life. We rarely understand that if we do not know where the problems are, how to fix them, we would hardly survive.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Aries and Gemini. I am not necessarily talking about the Sun in these signs. It is enough for these signs to be highlighted in the individual horoscope. By the planets - Mars and Mercury.

The second type of people again have as vital purpose to ensure the existence of others. Once again we are talking about an in-depth study of life, about intensive retrospection, isolation. The difference with the first type is that they tend to participate in public processes, but only those that affect their close circle - friends, work, neighbors, relatives. In fact, they have an inner closed optimism and they always expect their opportunity to show what they have found. They are very consistent and purposeful when you find a strong and stable foundation in life. Thereafter, they do not test it as would a person of the first type do. They seek the opportunity to share it with others. And in this process that can be extremely narrow minded. But for them this is the healthy lifestyle.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Aries and Cancer. By the planets - Mars and Moon.

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