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The secret of inner dance

19 October 2013 / 00:10:16  GRReporter
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If you are dancing full of thoughts, you are looking apathetic and spiritless. Anxious thoughts make us perform movements similar to them, namely fragmented, sharp and disconnected. The people around us feel this sluggishness at the instinctive level and this level means low sexual energy. Everyone instinctively stays away from such partners. Conversely, if we are dancing with our vital centre in a low position, we are connected to the Earth, it enhances our sexual/vital energy and the others feel this instinctively too. Bringing the gravity down to the area below the navel increases our ability to move and helps the body to perform smooth and natural movements. As a result, one will not worry so much as to how the others will accept him or her and naturally will pay attention to his or her partner and to the joy of dancing.

At the physiological level, dancing and body shaking are very favourable for the lymphatic system, to the bones and joints, and to the cardiac system. Dancing is a way to restore the balance and reclaim joy and good spirits. Because dancing has a certain rhythm in which your feet are moving and “patting” on the ground, it can be used to transfer the tension, stress and fatigue to the Earth and it will bring back fresh energy which will charge and refresh you. When you are dancing, you are happy. You are touching the Earth with your feet and, in response, it is sending up energy into your body. When your bones are dancing, energy is filling the joints and the spaces between them. The more the bones dance inside and in harmony with the universe, the more dancing becomes a healing process. Energy from all directions starts flowing inside and outside, in harmony, each time creating inner strength and pressure which are needed to inject vital force and tenderness into the next movement. In practice, the vibration of the body coincides with the vibration of the Earth and that is the vibration of a healthy body.

Dancing through our centre, through the belly, is a kind of ritual dancing closely associated with fertility rites and with summoning the female forces of the universe. Squeezing the belly and swinging the hips opens the loins and energy starts flowing from the Earth up into us, thus stimulating the genitals and the pelvic floor, and filling the stomach with vital force. Then it begins to tremble and vibrate and the energy moves to the sacrum, up the spine, through the whole body, filling the tanks, the energy pathways, the organs and glands and reaching the head. Therefore, dancing is refreshing as it clears away the unpleasant thoughts and hard emotions. After such dancing, one may feel physically tired but mentally relieved. The momentary physical fatigue will go away after sound sleep which will be really sound because no thoughts and emotions will disturb it.

This is the secret of the inner dance. It may sound complicated or even incomprehensible, but it is quite simple and natural. It is enough to dance with joy and soul and you will feel it.

Cultures that are wild and uncivilized are more vital. The Taoists' explanation is that they have maintained their relationship with the Earth. Could this relationship be used in the gym or in the dancing club rather than in the woods, or on the floor instead of on the earth? Try and you will find out. No one else can dance, have fun and try new things for you!

Even if you are sceptical and do not trust the viewpoint presented above, relating to "some kind of energies and the like", then, at least, you should try to have fun when you dance and keep the centre of gravity low. Things work and happen naturally, whether we believe in them or not.

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