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September is the month of vanity in us

14 September 2013 / 20:09:32  GRReporter
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It’s September and it's time for all of us to pay some attention to vanity - a new hairstyle, a new phone or a new relationship. In September, the Sun passes through the zodiac sign Virgo, which is associated with the transition from the personal to the social space, relationships with others, society, etc. Therefore, September brings us a strong impetus to reveal our best, be effective and fix anything that might hamper us in terms of our appearance. And in this sense, September is the month of vanity in us.

They say that vanity is the most pointless thing, but it is precisely this which forces us to take care of ourselves and be better and look better at least outwardly, and in this way be accepted in a better way. As much as we try to be philosophers, the fact is that the appearance and the impression we create always has a huge impact on our lives. In this sense, vanity in terms of the way we look and how we are perceived, or whether we are able to get approval and compliments, is completely understandable. It is more than just a desire to be noticed. Vanity is the desire to be perfect. In a deeper sense, it is our desire to deal with our defects and shortcomings. The more defects and shortcomings we find in ourselves, the deeper our vanity is.

Today's article is about the things that provoke our vanity the most and what things we use in order to manifest it. I want to specify that vanity is not limited in terms of appearance. It affects everything in which we look for perfection and superiority; we want to impress, and that is why we do our best in this regard.

The astrological equivalent of vanity is Venus and (no surprise) Virgo. The position and condition of Venus in the horoscope tells how deep you can dive into vanity. But why Virgo?! As a concept, Venus is in a fall in this astrological sign. This fall should be understood literally. When a person has fallen on the ground, he or she is in the most miserable condition and is trying to get away from it and fix it by all means. The person suffers from a complete lack of good internal self-esteem and this makes him or her rely on the appearance and all external attributes that compensate the lack. We call this vanity - the painful need to be perfect and attract attention, praise, compliments, and achieve the maximum in comparison to others.

In fact, vanity has always been associated with the weakest points in our lives - where we feel as if we have fallen down. That is why we want so much to look perfect in these points and get the approval and applause of others precisely there. This is in no way harmful - too often, vanity and the need for external evaluation make someone a fashion icon or a unique artist. Furthermore, the sign Virgo represents impeccability and the ability to correct all deficiencies. And vanity is nothing more than that - striving for excellence, perfection and lack of any shortcomings.

Of course the fact that the sign Virgo is most strongly associated with vanity in no way means that people born under this zodiac sign are the vainest. However, this is not very far from reality, especially if Virgo also falls in the sign Venus in the natal horoscope, which happens quite often. The position of the sign Virgo and which house it covers in the personal horoscope show us what provokes our vanity the most, when we start being vain outside the normal ranges – whether this happens when we get a promotion in our career, or while making more money, or when we find love.

The sign in which Venus is located indicates how active you can be in terms of your vanity. There are people who are vain in a similar manner, but each manifestation is different. Certainly, Venus is not just a position in terms of the sign in a given horoscope. Other planets also influence its activity. I will give a brief description of the signs in which Venus has the strongest and the weakest position.

The strongest areas of Venus in the zodiacal circle are:

Pisces - this sign holds the championship.

Taurus and Libra: Venus in these signs is in a comfortable position. Vanity is far less active, but people "wear" it so naturally that no one really sees it as something improper.

The weakest areas of Venus are:

Virgo - this sign holds the championship.

Aries and Scorpio: Venus in these signs is in a weak, uncomfortable and unhappy position. Vanity appears very brightly and actively, sometimes reaching extremes and inadequacy.

As for the other signs, Venus can have various levels of force. It can be said that it is better placed in Cancer and Capricorn, and poorly placed in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Now I will describe how Virgo is located according to the sign of the Ascendant and therefore what provokes most vanity in you. Along with the information, you should also note that the same things that deeply provoke your vanity are those in which you can achieve good results, surprisingly even for yourself. There, you give your best and strive to continuously improve yourselves.

Ascendant in Aries

Virgo falls in the sixth house. You become very vain when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, regimes, diets, sports, etc. You pay particularly strong attention to the physical health, strength and shape of your body and you never miss the opportunity to inform others about your new diet and what its effect is. Your physical fitness is your greatest vanity which increases with age, since the process of aging cannot be stopped. The sixth house is associated with our ability to fight and win and go through difficulties. Therefore, you're especially vain regarding topics that affect victories you have achieved.

Ascendant in Taurus

Virgo falls in the fifth house. Your vanity is provoked by love in life, having children, but also by anything that is the result of your personal creativity and individual talent. You want everything about these things to be perfect. This is your pride and you strongly need to demonstrate it in order to get compliments. In terms of children, you are parents who forcefully try to have “the perfect” children. In terms of love and everything that you create (even if it is an ordinary salad) you are the vainest and have the most requirements.

Ascendant in Gemini

Virgo falls in the fourth house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of home and family traditions. Furniture and home comfort are things in which you look for perfection. Family relations and their image in society is a subject that makes you deeply vain. Your mother’s social status and your possessions in the form of immovable property also provoke vanity. These are the things for which you do your best and do not fail to proudly present to others.

Ascendant in Cancer

Virgo falls in the third house. You are vain in terms of the knowledge that you have, in terms of your skills as a craft. You pay particular attention to a special type of manual skills and exhibit strong vanity if they are valued. The field of the third house also includes all kinds of communication devices and knowledge sources - computers, phones, books, etc. Your vehicles - cars, motorbikes, bicycles, also fall within the scope of this house. These are the things in which you look for the best and sometimes even go beyond your financial capabilities.

Ascendant in Leo

Virgo falls in the second house. You are vain in terms of all your financial and material resources. This mainly affects the amount of resources in the form of bank accounts, securities, jewellery, etc. - anything that belongs personally to you. The second house also includes even the clothes we wear and the food we eat. These are the things in terms of which you manifest vanity. You always put on an accessory that accentuates your budget or order food in a restaurant with which to attract the interest of others.

Ascendant in Virgo

Virgo is your Ascendant and covers the first house. Your vanity is very personal, focused on the way you look in general - manners, behaviour, appearance, and vision; in a word – your personal image. You pay extremely strong attention to the opinion of others. Therefore, you are highly sensitive to etiquette in society and all dress code rules, as well as places designated to be meeting points for your social stratum. The first house also includes the environment in which you live as a geographical place, and the people who inhabit it.

Ascendant in Libra

Virgo falls in the twelfth house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of charity and philanthropy in life, spiritual experiences, etc. Giving up something that brings pleasure or a personal property in the name of a cause can be your greatest pride and vanity. You always want to participate in such events and in a way that certainly gives you an opportunity to get applause. The twelfth house is also relevant to the ways in which you have a holiday and relax: the destination, organisation, company and photos - everything has to be perfect.

Ascendant in Scorpio

Virgo falls in the eleventh house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of the social circle to which you belong and friendships that you create and people who somehow you patronise. You also manifest particular vanity in terms of your personal desires, goals and their achievement. For you, it is impossible to give up the pursuit of achievements. The eleventh house also has a relation to the material flow of benefits in life - not what you can keep in the form of personal possessions, but things to which you have access and can use them no matter if they are yours or not.

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Virgo falls in the tenth house. Your vanity is provoked strongly when it comes to the public and social position and prestige you have, as well as power and titles. Success in life is your greatest vanity. However, it is not success in itself that is important, but the popularity you get through it. The tenth house is also associated with your father, the person you work for and who is your boss. You would you prefer working for someone who is known in the public sphere, rather than doing the job you like and which is well paid.

Ascendant in Capricorn

Virgo falls in the ninth house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of issues related to education and knowledge. You are extremely vain when you are perceived as a mentor, as someone radiating wisdom from above and giving the best advice; as someone who has access to the highest knowledge; being perceived as a Teacher and guide. Therefore, you rarely take advice from someone, since your vanity does not allow it. The ninth house also refers to long-distance travels, experiencing cultures and history. This is also great vanity for you – travelling around the world and gaining maximum knowledge.

Ascendant in Aquarius

Virgo falls in the eighth house. Your vanity is provoked by issues related to the mysteries in life - and your personal secrets and the mysteries of life in general. You are vain in terms of looking mysterious and protecting the access to your personal space. Sometimes it's not because there is something special there, but out of pure vanity. Furthermore, you strongly aspire to revealing any kinds of mysteries in others and are highly proud of these achievements. Your sexual experience is also a subject about which you manifest vanity. The eighth house also refers to heritage and other people's money.

Ascendant in Pisces

Virgo falls in the seventh house. Your vanity is provoked by the issue of marriage and partnerships (intimate, marital and business ones). Your partner in life is your greatest vanity and you often devote your life to his or her improvement. You have maximum requirements when choosing a partner and often forget that there are no perfect people. You are also vain in terms of relationships with people in general. People with whom you have relationships are not so important - relationships themselves must be ideal and perfect.

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