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Sexual realisation is the divine expression of our being

20 April 2013 / 15:04:58  GRReporter
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Both realisation in various areas of life and attainment of a certain type of success have always been a welcome part of our life. Our realisation as individuals, professionals, people who cope well in financial terms, parents, friends ... the list includes a lot more. One of the things that rank first in this list, however, is sexual realisation. I would not be exaggerating if I said that it is the divine expression of our being, in part, the meaning of our existence. Sexual energy is generally realised in two ways. One of these is related to direct physical sexual contact and the other is realised through personal creativity. People pass through both phases in their life since it is understandable that when we grow older, sex as a physical activity is left in the background because of our age and physique. Therefore, the most gifted with creative (sexual) energy have always been people of extremes in sexual terms, but at the expense of this, they have always been creative and ingenious authors of innovations and wonders.

Today's article is about sexual success – how we realise ourselves sexually, what we want to achieve in this area, under what circumstances we believe that we have achieved our ambitions and desired sexual reputation.

The tenth house in the horoscope as a principle is related to our direction in life, which is the highest peak we want to reach, what success we look for and how we achieve it, or, in short, how we realise ourselves in our life as a person, what reputation we have, in what way society notices us. All this applies to every area of life – the sexual sphere as well, of course, the state of which we "read" from the position of the eighth house in the horoscope.

If we count the tenth house starting from the eighth one, we will reach the fifth original house in the horoscope. Thus, in order to understand want we want to achieve in this area, under what circumstances we believe that we have achieved our ambitions, what sexual reputation we have, we need to see the state of the fifth house - the sign it falls in, the planet that rules it; what other planets are present in it. It is therefore not by chance that the fifth house is a criterion primarily for children who are a symbol of an achieved ambition for each person, a peak of their sexual realisation. Children are actually the "fruit" of marriage relationships and successfully realised sexual energy and ambition.

I will now give you the basic information according to the zodiac sign. I have also specified what the ruling planet is and if you know in which sign it falls, read the information about the sign as well. For example, the fifth house of a person with Ascendant in Aries falls in Leo. This sign is ruled by the Sun. If the Sun in the personal horoscope falls, for example, in Gemini, it is useful to keep in mind that information, too. For this purpose, you will have to read the text where I have stated that "the fifth house falls in Gemini".

Ascendant in Aries

The fifth house falls in Leo. It is ruled by the Sun. "The Sun King" - that is your sexual ambition and desired reputation: to be the most brilliant in the eyes of all your partners, without exception. You usually have an innate sexual charisma and you can easily achieve an enviable reputation. Even if you do not have much technique and familiarity with various practices of the Kama Sutra, you are endowed with the ability to inject, almost literally, life into your partner, just like a blood transfusion. For you, your sexual realisation is achieved when you get that amazing sparkle in your partner’s eyes – and you are famous for the fact that only selected people enter your bedroom, people who everybody else admires.

Ascendant in Taurus

The fifth house falls in Virgo. It is ruled by Mercury. Your sexual ambition and desired reputation is related to your desire to be seen as "a friend indeed." You have a natural flair for the moment when the other has a problem and you always know what he or she needs. You tend to bring improvements in your partners’ sex life. For better or worse, you often tend to relate with people who have some sexual "diseases" and therefore you want to service them in order to make the necessary improvements. When you have such people next to you, this is a sign for you that you are in the right place and that you have reached your sexual realisation. You want to be known for the fact that every sexual "pain" and chaos goes away with you.

Ascendant in Gemini

The fifth house falls in Libra. It is ruled by Venus. Your sexual ambition and desired reputation is associated with balance and harmony, thereby making yourself and others happy. You have an innate ability to balance everything in your sexual relationships - sometimes you pull aside for a long time, and then you are always available. You act in a way in which both you and your partner have full balance. And since balance in nature is always very fragile, your sexual realisation often goes through a thorny path. When you have achieved beauty, grace, harmony and satisfaction for both parties, you enjoy the reputation of an ideal sexual partner - for you, this is a sign that you have achieved success. You want to be known for the fact that you turn your sexual relations into incredible art.

Ascendant in Cancer

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