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The Sun and Mars define how we give to the others in the world around us

22 January 2011 / 17:01:10  GRReporter
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We humans possess a perfect and flawless organic "give and take " mechanism. At the moment when we "accept" the other we automatically switch on to "give" to him. About the receiveing in our intimacy and privacy and the ways in which we do it, are primarily responsible the planets Moon and Venus, and also the second home in the horoscope.
    In this article I will tell you about the other part of this mechanism - that of giving ourselves to the other after we have already accepted him. I do not intend to go into details about what comes first - whether it is acceptance or rendering. Many people would say that you must first give in order to receive. Basically this is true. However nobody could give you a piece of bread, if he himself does not have any bread.
    So even if we think that we start with "giving" we actually first think about what we could get. And only then we are willing to give. Because of the expectation and hope to get something specific. This is the trap in which many people fall. Because it often turns out, especially when talking about relationships, that what we hope to get and for that reason we have given a lot from ourselves, we finally do not manage to get.
    The astrological factors which determine how we "give" to the other are the planets Mars and Sun as well as the eighth home in the horoscope. There are six basic archetypes of how we give to the other. Six key "characters" have been defined, which we use in our intimate relationships when talking about giving and support. But no one fits only in one specific archetype. There are several layers that are mixed. This produces specific individual models.
    The first type - centered on himself. These are the Sun and Mars in the signs Aries and Libra. And also the aspect of Venus to the two planets.
    In other words, the man who will always first think about himself and only then about the other person. It does not sound particularly attractive because beneath this lies selfishness. I will never get tired of repeating that there is nothing wrong with the selfishness of people. In certain doses, it is even useful.
    This type of people are always afraid that there might not be enough for themselves. And if you do not have enough how could you give to the other?! Even if they let you close to them, to accept you they will consider how much they can give you so that enough would remain for themselves. The initial steps in the relationship for this type of people can be very consumerist following the principle - "First let me gain some stock and then I will start giving". They need to feel secure. And this is a process that can last very long. They start giving to the other only in moments when they feel sure that they really have and can afford to give. They will give your car only when they have another one. They will give you love, only when they have received twice as much. They always keep some in stock. They will not afford to jeopardize their integrity. The more uncertain they are in their "stockpile", the more restrictions they have in the process of giving. In love they will pursue this balance to be in their favor. To have a "stockpile".

    The second type - the man who would give everything. Astrologically it refers to the Sun and Mars in the signs Taurus and Scorpio. It also refers to the aspects of Pluto to the two planets.

    These are people who carry in themselves the readiness to give everything they have to the other person. It is enough to have accepted him close to themselves. They are the ones who will take off their coat and shiver if they see you are cold. They are the people who will give to the moment they do not have anything left. Once they have started they do not stop.
Of course, this privilege is not for everyone. Such an impulse to give to the other with handfuls occurs extremely rarely. Sometimes it is possible that this mechanism may never be activated. Or to come across the wrong man after whom to close the "tap" forever. This type of people can be extremely generous to someone who seems not to be in great need and absolutely impassive to someone who is literally on the edge. In love this type of people are able to give to the last drop, until they are completely exhausted.

    The third type - the man who can be both hell, and heaven. It refer to the Sun and Mars signs Gemini and Sagittarius. Includes also the aspects of Mercury and Jupiter to the two planets.

    These are the people who give to others through their amazing ability to push and drive him forward. When they make him be the best, pass through mountains to reach the highest peak. On the surface, such a person may be the biggest nightmare. He will raise the bar on 2 meters height, he will smile maliciously and say - "Jump! Let's see what you can do". He will challenge you in any possible way. The next thing he’ll do is to encourage you in a unique way as by managing to pump you up like noone else can do. He'll repeat you many times, "You can do it!", he will tell you incredible stories that put you on your mettle and motivate you. To wonder whether to throw a stone at him or to worship him deeply.
    This kind of person will rarely give you directly. He will motivate you to get it yourself. He himself may seem very greedy to get everything he sees. And to piss you off that you want that expensive car that you cannot afford to have. Yes, right now you might not be able to afford it. But surely after some time it will prove the opposite. Guess whose will be the "fault" for this.
    In love this type of people give a variety of challenges and provocations. They will not simply give you love, but they will motivate you to experience it in a way you like it.

    The fourth type - the man who gives generously. Astrologically it refers to the Sun and Mars in the signs Cancer and Capricorn. And also the aspects of Saturn and the moon to the two planets.

    These people are able to give generously to others. At first glance, this sounds absurd, especially for those two signs. Everywhere in the popular astrology they are described as the signs of the miser. That's right But as always this is just on the surface. Their generosity is for those whom they have "hooked" to themselves in life. When such a person lets you close to himself, he will be infinitely generous with everything for which you do not give him the opportunity. If you buy him a television, he, in turn, will not buy you one. Even if you need it. He'll simply tell you - "If you bought me a TV, then you can buy one for yourself. You would not treat it as an act of generosity on my part".
    People in those positions can ignore you right in the moment when you give them a chance for something they want in life. It really sounds absurd, but behind this stands a very fine sense - how can you be generous about something with someone who is at the core of you being able to be generous?! It is not a nonsense the latter, read it several times. You can not be generous to the person richer than you. You can not be generous to others, who gave you a chance to show generosity. Generosity is generosity only when directed to those who might view it as such.
In love for them is true the rule - "First you chase me, then I chase you. While giving me love, I will deprive you of it. I will give it to you when you deprive me of it."

    The fifth type - the man taking full responsibility to give you everything you need. It refers to the Sun and Mars in the signs Leo and Aquarius. As well as to the aspects of the Sun to Mars and the aspects of Uranus to both planets.

    This type of people carry within themselves the readiness to assume full responsibility for you and your life. Once you've been accepted, is triggered this mechanism to engage in caring for you and your needs. It sounds incredible, right? But do not hurry with the excess enthusiasm. The problem is that after having taken full responsibility, they won’t ask you what you need, but they will decide this for you. Although they will certainly make sure that you are not missing anything.
    This type of people, however do not have the natural ability to just give the other what they have. They will give you to eat from their plate. They will buy for you a separate plate, they will bring products to prepare yourself food. And do not expect them to be with you just like that. The fact that they feel responsible for you to have everything you need, does not mean presence around you without reason. This is the kind of person who will send you a physician if he knew that you were sick, but he won’t necessarily come personally to you. This is his own way of giving to the other - to be practical in life.
    The same is true also for love – this kind of people will take complete care of you with the full responsibility that you should not miss anything. Except for themselves simply as presence. They follow the principle that they should be around you only when you have a real need.

    The sixth type - the realistic man. Refers to the Sun and Mars in the signs Virgo and Pisces. As well as to the aspect of Neptune to these planets.

    This type of people I could call the most practical realists. I'm again in contradiction to the imposed perceptions in popular astrology especially for the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune. I almost hear a powerful choir rising that Neptune is the planet of divine love that the sign Pisces is the sign of the sacrifice, that the sign Virgo is the sign of service and so on. Yes, that’s right.
    Let me make clear, however, what kind realism I am talking about. These are the people who have a very sensitive sensor in terms of who deserves what and whether he really deserves it. In other words, who is worthy to receive something from them. They may have accepted you in the personal space, but this does not at all mean that they will give you everything just because you want it. They extremely accurately estimate what you need and they will only give you this. In the first half of their life they might make many mistakes as to learn how to give to the other. Until they finally reach the insight that the other should only be given what he deserves - neither more nor less. When I say "he deserves" I mean both sides - someone may deserve to give him a piece of bread, while others may deserve not to give it to them.
    And that's exactly the meaning of sacrifice and service – to do it for those who really deserve and are worthy of it. This requires indeed sometimes for you to be a conductor of the higher love. In it there are no human measures - this is good and this is bad. There is only "correct and worthy of sacrifice".

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