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The Sun and the Moon

21 June 2010 / 19:06:09  GRReporter
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In astrology, the annual cycle is divided into four periods. There are two equinoxes and two solstices through the year. This cycle is defined by the movement of only one factor – the apparent movement of the Sun. It is called solar cycle.

However, when talking about the lunar cycle – from new moon to new moon – it is a cycle of two factors. No Sun no Moon light. When we observe the change in the shape of the Мoon, we actually see how the relationship between the Sun and Moon is changing. We see that it changes its shape according to the light of the Sun, reflected by the Moon. Moon as a celestial body does not change.

In New Moon the Moon is between Sun and Earth, so we do not see any light – the Sun shines on the opposite side of the Moon, the one we do not see. At Full Moon Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and we see the Full Moon disk illuminated by the Sun.

This is an astronomical fact which must be carefully reconsidered to understand its meaning. Because the meaning behind it all is this – the Sun is the main source of energy for living creatures on Earth. But when it shines, we can not see it or watch it. We just feel it. But we can realize its light, shape and energy by the Moon. So the Moon is that which gives form of the energy we receive from the Sun. And last but not least – the Moon goes average 13° of the zodiac for one day, while the Sun goes only 1°. And this turns our sight again to the Moon as a more individual factor.

Omission of the Moon as a leading factor of personality and psychological perspective and basing the horoscope on the Sun usually leads to erroneous conclusions.

The lunar cycle is a cycle of mutual connection between the two lights. This is the basic cycle in astrology, because it reflects the relationship between two objects moving at different speeds. So when talking about the aspect between two planets a specific phase of their cyclical relationship is considered. But that's another topic.

Now I will write about the key phrases of the meanings of the Sun and Moon for the separate signs. For a fuller understanding, those who wish may acquaint with the main characteristics of zodiac signs.

The Sun shows us what we have been given power for, what is the purpose of our existence. Moon shows what we need, what form we will give the solar energy.

Sun – I have power to lead, to be brave and impulsive, to meet the challenges, to be aggressive and wrongheaded

Moon – I need to be important for the others, to be first in everything, to act, to deal with challenges

Sun – I have power to build valuable things and keep them stable and at rest

Moon – I need stability, I need things that do not change and remain over time, I need to be  calm


Sun – I have power to communicate, to be different, to learn everything I touch, to change

Moon – I need to be intellectually evaluated, to be informed and stimulated mentally, to be carefree and different things to happen to me

Sun – I have energy to care, to create security and comfort, to protect

Moon – I need to be emotionally satisfied, to feel the comfort and security of my family or group to which I belong, to take care of them

Sun – I have power to affirm, to be seen, to create, to be funny and generous

Moon – I need to be respected, noticed and I need special attention, to be surrounded by elegance

Sun – I have energy to be perfect in everything and to work, to be practical, critical and helpful

Moon – I need to be a useful, insightful, reasonable, to put everything in order, people to notice that I am useful  

Sun – I have energy to satisfy the others and be valuable, to combine them, to be diplomatic

Moon – I need to be sophisticated, attractive and popular, to have harmony and beauty around me, to be courted, to enchant others

Sun – I have power to control everything I know, I get to the bottom, to have many wishes, to be lone

Moon – I need to control, to be strong, things around me are filled with intensity, depth, extremes

Sun – I have power to affirm, to be optimistic, to influence the thoughts of the others, to be a philosopher through my humor, to go on adventures

Moon – I need my wisdom to be adopted, to expatiate and to get knowledge, to be free, nothing to limit me

Sun – I have power to organize, to create strategies, to be helpful and disciplined, restrained and responsible

Moon – I need to control, to be productive, to achieve results

Sun – I have power to experiment, to reasoning, to be friend of all, queer

Moon – I need to be unique and unusual, to be socially meaningful, unruly, to have many friends

Sun – I have power to feel and understand, to adapt, to live in unreal things

Moon – I need to dream, to find the ideal, to be sensitive, subtle and adaptable


Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra

The need for adoration and to charm all is energetic and passionate. Тoo many collisions are possible in social relations because of personal believes coming from the energy of the Scorpio. This person will seek to impose the others in any way to value and love him/her, he/she will seek popularity. There will be a desire to maintain a rich social environment around consisting of all kinds of people. Sun in Scorpio will seek to control everything around  by any means to the need of popularity and receiving adoration of the people around.  

Of course the above scenario can be modified by aspects of other planets to the Sun and Moon as well as of the rising sign – the Ascendant. But the general nature of the combination of the two lights on that sign remains.

The next step is the lunar phase. Lunar cycle consists of 8 phases:

New Moon – the angular distance between the lights is 0° to 45° (1-4 lunar day), New Moon

This phase is characterized by the fact that the man leads a strong subjective way of life. Impulsive approach.

Crescent – rising moon – the angular distance is 45° to 90° (4-7 lunar day), Waxing Crescent

This phase is characterized by the fact that humans have an enormous desire for self-recognition.

First quarter – angular distance of 90° to 135° (7-12 lunar day), First Quarter

This phase is characterized in that it gives good organizational abilities, human desire to fight the old traditions and beliefs. Resolution.

Upcoming full moon – angular distance from 135° to 180° (12-15 lunar day), Waxing Gibbous

This phase is characterized by the person’s will to improve everything around him/her, the ability to assess things and people.

Full moon – angular distance from 180° to 225° (15-19 lunar day), Full Moon

This phase is characterized in that it has a clear objective and clear vision for things globally. It gives concrete shape of things, the ability to “see” clearly.

Decreasing moon – angular distance 225° to 270° (19-22 lunar day), Waning Gibbous

This phase is characterized by the fact that man is very focused on socium and is looking for a way to show others what he knows and can do. Resilient on the issues that interprete the categories fair and unfair.

Last quarter – angular spacing 270° to 315° (22-26 lunar day), Last Quarter

This phase is characterized by the fact that gives the human the ability to organize and lead people, to attract them to different ideas and social communities.

Crescent – decreasing moon (balsamine) – angular distance 315° to 360°/0° (26-29 lunar day), Waning Crescent

This phase is characterized in that it gives a person the will to serve society, to be given to causes.

Phases of the Moon are seen in several perspectives. The Rising Moon – from New Moon to Full Moon – is associated with growth, expansion, development, individual. The Decreasing Moon – from Full Moon to New Moon – is associated with the completion, conclusion, and the general/whole.

The power of the Moon in a horoscope is associated with the light that the Moon reflects. So when the light of the Moon is rising, it is considered a positive sign – to build something new that appears in complete form in Full Moon. Then follows the process of distributing / dispersing to the others. Since the Moon is associated with the state of instinctive, sensory human mind, then individual subjective feelings are much stronger in the Rising Moon.

In the example above – Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra – the Moon phase is Crescent /  Decreasing Moon. This leads to the conclusion that individual with such a position will often feel frustrated and dissatisfied, will always have the sense of failure no matter how many  social contacts he/she maintains. And they will definitely will be too many – the social contacts. It is the constant feeling of lack of satisfaction that will intensively drive him/her to new contacts, to different social groups and causes to serve, hoping to get his/her interior comfort and satisfaction associated with the need to be valuable and popular (Moon in Libra).

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