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Theater of the planets in the next 4 months

06 November 2010 / 22:11:25  GRReporter
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Every person has a purpose in this world. This is the "cross" that we carry on our backs. And the fulfillment of this purpose is directly related to a particular encirclement and an environment in which it should happen. Or in other words in what "decor" we move, what people we meet along the way who to create our foundation and environment, as we go through our road of life.

Nobody can take advantage of their own possibilities, if the possibilities of all the others whom one meets along his way have not been taken advantage of. And in this sense all people are deeply interconnected.

In approximately every 3 months there is a common changing of this setting. Of course this does not affect everyone. It only affects certain people and this is related to the position of planets in the individual horoscope. In this article will tell you how the theater stage changes from November 5th 2010 to March 20th 2011. And who will be affected.

An interesting fact is that when such change of the decor occurs - an actor step out of the stage, another returns there, third one comes out in the light and takes part in the dialogue. There is a slight commotion and then for a brief moment everything becomes quiet. Think about whether it seemed it was unusually intense around you in the days between November 5th – 6th - appointments, contacts, conversations, conflicts, and then suddenly it all becomes quiet again. All this is happening for several days and then seemingly you returning to your normal rhythm. This is a sign. A sign that your personal theater stage changes as well as the settings/people/the situation in it.
This applies most strongly to people who have  in their personal horoscope a planet in the following positions:

From 28 ° Sagittarius to 3.5 ° Capricorn
From 28 ° Twins to 3.5 Cancer
0 ° Twins to 4.5 ° Twins
From 12 ° to 17.5 ° Libra
From 0 ° to 4.5 ° Sagittarius
From 9 ° to 14.5 ° Sagittarius

What these people will see and feel these will be related to two key things - extremism and extremes in behavior on one side. Both in their own and in the behavior of the others. On the other side - an adjustment in their own behavior and self-defense. Self-defense does not always follow the discovery of a weakness that should be protected. Self-defense may be due to the discovery that there are people around us whose behavior is changing.

What you will participate in during these nearly four months, is inextricably linked to behavior - yours and that of others. This is the main topic at the stage before you. Under the behavior I mean not only the way you or the others around you behave. This includes everything you do and what others do as well. Whether it is related to work, whether it is related to relationships, whether it is related to the goals and intentions in life - all of this I combine under the word "behavior".

But you will have the "eyes" during those four months to find the extremes in the behavior of others as well as in your own, which are not necessarily always negative. You will have eyes to see the problems that exist when someone has an unstable internal code of behavior. Or if that someone has a stable one. In both cases this is a call to you. You'll notice things that others will not at all be able to understand. When talking about behavior, here the words rarely have any role. The actions are what happens. Individual standards of behavior are not expressed not by words but by actions through behavior.

This change of the decor is associated with the new moon in Scorpio. For most people it will not be associated with something really meaningful. But for the people who have planets in the areas mentioned - there will be. This is a change in behavior, the fruits of which will ripen in the next few years. Stress again that the word behavior I do not mean only behavior and manners. Although it is included.

Now I will "translate" everything I wrote above in a little bit more understandable language. For some people it may already be clear, but others it may not.

For people who have a planet in the positions I mentioned above, an important change will occur in their behavior towards those around them and the attitudes of others towards themselves. It is quite possible for new characters to enter in their environment who will bring the necessity to make this change. When two people are sitting down for a cup of coffee, they focus their attention close to each other. But when a third person joins them, he automatically distributes the attention of these two – he can drive them away from each other, or make them even closer to each other. And thus brings some change.

There may be a renewal of contacts, creating new ones, changing the way existing relationships work. Again I remind - everything in the environment is directed to the behavior. To the behavior as an attitude - not through words, but through actions.

Certainly the topics on "behavior" can be felt by people who do not have a planet in those positions. But for them it will be rather a finding. As it is for the viewers in the theater. They just watch.

To get a clearer idea of how it would affect, I will mention a very general guide, depending on the planet that is affected. I.e. the planet, which stands in those sectors. If this is:
Sun - change in behavior in social and community plan can be very drastic.
Moon - the change is related to the sensual and emotional world of man. The body is also affected. For women, good news - take care of your body, by adjusting your diet regime. And you may be surprised by the results.
Mercury - a change in communication, in the means of communication
Venus - a change in relationships, love relationships are affected
Mars - a change in the energy of man. One may feel either tired or full of energy, to become more aggressive or mild. An urge for self-confirmation or withdrawal.
Jupiter - change in terms of opportunities, especially in terms of finances, an expansion in different directions
Saturn - change in the restrictions which one had, a change in the focus and objectives
Lunar nodes – a change the topics related to where we are going and where we came from

Particularly important are the changes if you have planets in the following positions:

0 ° Twins to 4.5 ° Twins – The subject of "awakening" will be affected. As if these people will suddenly say to themselves, "God, where was I looking?"
From 12 ° to 17.5 ° Libra - the issue of survival will be affected. Not only in the existential sense, but this also falls under the category. Here there will be a desire for an improvement in the environment (and contacts) in the name of raising personal standard of living. A very simple example is the undertaking of a home renovation which has been considered for a long time.
From 0 ° to 4.5 ° Sagittarius - the hard and unwavering confidence in following their own beliefs will be affected; collision in these topics
From 9 ° to 14.5 ° Sagittarius - unlike all the others, if you have a planet in this section, the topics affected will be related to attracting something or someone to you for your own good. You will go out of your usual rhythm, and maybe you will disturb someone else’s rhythm. But this is exactly what will attract something good to you.

To find out whether for you – whoever you are – there will be a change in the décor of your personal stage, consult an astrologer or check your horoscope yourself. This change is not only valid for four months, as I mentioned above. It takes place within these four months and leaves a lasting trace in the next 10 years.

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