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Venus and the Moon define our intimate and sexual life

08 January 2011 / 19:01:23  GRReporter
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    Sex has been one of the sensitive topics in human life for centuries. Once covered tightly behind the curtain until today, when almost everything is on display. But on display or not, the genetic role of sex has not changed a bit.
    In this article I will focus on fundamental archetypes in terms of sexual behavior of humans and the relationship with the individual horoscope. Under sexual behavior I do not mean just sexual techniques. This is a term that describes how we relate intimately with others, who do we accept  and take intimately close to ourselves, what is the way and the manners in which we do it. Including sexual language of our body. Man is composed of two components - what he thinks, speaks, perceives mentally and what radiates through one’s body language and perceives physically through his senses.

    Generally in life we associate with different people - with parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, children, with neighbors, with random people. I will focus primarily on connecting in a more intimate sense. Because this is a subject very personal, and indeed one of the most important in the life of any of us. People are very deeply involved with others and in particular with the "other" who always meet the highly specific individual model.

    To accept and connect to someone intimately means what else you need to take from him. Not what you're thinking that you want to take, but what you're ready to take. There is an old saying - one can not obtain what he is not ready for. We own a perfect and flawless biological "give and receive" mechanism. At the moment the we "accept" the other percon, automatically we also turn on "giving" for him.
    I constantly meet frustrated people in love and in their intimate relations. After passing the initial euphoria, it appears that simply the mechanism of the other person is not activated. So he just doesn’t "give" anything. Logically - if there is nothing to take. To give, first you must have. To havesomething to take, to have find out what you can borrow. This is our main biological law. And we all obey it because it is genetically underlying in us.
    When I mention accepting something from the other person, I do not mean only intimacy and love like it is in the movies and fairy tales. Sometimes people need to accept also things not so wonderful. There are people who would only accept things that hurt and provoke them. Such is life.

    Astrologically the factors for determining the manner in which we accept someone intimately are mainly the planets Venus and Moon, as well as second home, which is determined by time and place of birth. Venus in the horoscope defines what "catches" our eye and how we attract others to us. Then when what we want it is drawn into our personal space, everyone goes through their individual type of "acceptance" which is defined by the moon and the second home in the horoscope. Of course Venus in a given horoscope is not just Venus in a zodiac sign. It stays in a certain sign and degree, receive certain aspects and influence from the other planets. The same goes for the moon. Technically the procedure is quite complicated. So if you are interested more seriously in this topic, visit an astrologer.

    There are six basic archetype of how we accept the other, how do we allow him in our life. Or there are six basic "persons" that we use in our intimate relationships we it comes to acceptance and to allowing the other person in our intimate space. But there is no one who fits only in one specific archetype. There are several layers that are mixed. In this way are obtained the specific individual models.

    Why six? The twelve signs of the zodiac form six pairs of signs that are virtually complementary. They represent the two ends, the two extremes of the same thing. Their foundation is one and the same. For example, Venus in the sign Aries is the same as Venus in the sign Libra. The difference is that one is the complete extreme to the other. Venus in the sign Aries revolves around itself. Venus in Libra is the opposite – it revolves around the other. Venus in the sign Aries pursues, Venus in the sign Libra wants to be pursued. Similarly, combine the signs Taurus - Scorpio, Gemini - Sagittarius Cancer - Capricorn, Leo - Aquarius Virgo - Pisces.

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