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On your own

24 November 2015 / 11:11:58  GRReporter
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Independence, the ability to deal with something alone, without relying on someone else’s help, has two sides. One is that you have the unlimited freedom to do what you have decided, showing consideration for noone. The other is that you are fully responsible for the consequences and you bear their burden alone. Very often, people like only the first part. We neglect the second or simply forget that it is an integral part of being independent. Anyway, there are always things that require us to be independent or we ourselves want to be independent.

Today's article is about the situation in which we most often find ourselves on our own, we cannot count on help, even if we want to. Circumstances develop so that we must find a way to cope alone. Sometimes we ourselves strive for this, we do not want anyone to help us, we prefer to rely on our own strengths.

Capricorn is the most "independent" sign in the zodiac. It is the tenth sign and symbolizes the peak of human life, the highest point to which we aspire, our highest accomplishments. It is also the sign of personal tasks and responsibilities - those that we have to take on and fulfil on our own, with our own forces, hands and skills. Nobody else can replace us in them, because they are the most personal ones. Symbolically, one can say that this is the personal task that one has undertaken when he or she came into this world, and one must complete it alone, being responsible for the final result.

The position of Capricorn in the personal horoscope shows what you need to handle on your own, do it with your own hands and take responsibility for the consequences of what you have done. You cannot rely on someone’s assistance in these areas. Even if you try to use such, the result is unsatisfactory and you have to deal with the matter on your own.

Later in the article, I will give information on the areas in life that often require you to deal with them on your own, without help, bearing the responsibility for how you have coped with them. The reading takes place from the sign of your ascendant first, as this sign determines the material circumstances in people’s lives, the real facts and events. The reading from the Sun is also important as the Sun in the personal horoscope shows your spiritual purpose and, accordingly, the most significant spiritual tasks and responsibilities that you have.

Ascendant or Sun in Aries
Capricorn falls in the tenth house. The areas in which you have personal tasks, have to cope on your own, not relying on someone’s help relate to your professional realization, career, community and social status, the respect you have as a professional. You are not one of those people who can easily enjoy protections and obtain higher professional posts through the so-called ties. You have to prove yourself and win your place in the hierarchical ladder on your own. The best option for you is to choose alone your field of development, not relying on someone to push you forward and lend a helping hand, as that has a small effect in the end.

Ascendant or Sun in Taurus
Capricorn falls in the ninth house. The areas in which you have personal tasks, have to cope on your own, not relying on someone’s help are associated with your views of life, personal moral laws by which you live, the acquisition mostly of higher knowledge. You can hardly rely on someone to teach you how to live, to lead you and guide you in life. Expanding your personal world through trips and contacts with other cultures and gaining wisdom is also something very personal and you have to go through it on your own. There is no great effect if you rely on someone else to "bring" to you wisdom and knowledge for life.

Ascendant or Sun in Gemini
Capricorn falls in the eighth house. The areas in which you have personal tasks, have to cope on your own, not relying on someone’s help are related to other people’s resources, namely cases when you obtain loans or lend money. The risks you take in life are also something that is only yours and if you find yourself in a critical situation, you could hardly count on help from someone - it is often ineffective and not particularly useful. It is typical for you that you have to cope on your own in difficult times, because for some reason your loved ones are not able to support you.

Ascendant or Sun in Cancer
Capricorn falls in the seventh house. The areas in which you have personal tasks, have to cope on your own without relying on other people’s help are associated with your relationships and partnerships. You are one of those people who cannot rely on someone to assist you to create relationships that could lead to marriage. Every attempt on the part of your family and friends to introduce you to the right people is ineffective or the relationship is created and subsequently fails. You find yourself in such situations in which the experience and advice of other people are rarely useful and the result of them is unsatisfactory. You rarely obtain effective help and support from your loved ones when you have difficulties in marriage, business partnerships, unions or in controversial relationships.

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