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The 21st century started with intense natural disasters

18 May 2013 / 14:05:47  GRReporter
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    Astrology today is associated primarily with individual analyses of what fate has assigned and to whom. This is the so-called birthday, natal part. However, there is a world part, which is equally important. It is called mundane or world astrology, which helps make analyses and forecasts for different countries, for possible natural disasters, for the climate in different regions as well as for political and economic processes in the world.
    Mundane astrology is very interesting and it invariably attracts the attention of every astrologer. The first ancient astrological texts that have survived are mainly associated with global astrology. The first individual horoscopes were made only for the noblest people, especially for those who were involved in the ruling and leading of various groups of people across the world.
    Today's article is about the ability of astrology to predict world events of various kinds, mostly cataclysms and disasters. Recently, we have been living in very dynamic times and natural disasters seem to be more intense and with pronounced consequences.
    Disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions are common. Their degree of expression varies and, in most cases, there are no serious consequences for people. However, there are severe disasters amongst them as well. In the 20th century, only seven devastating earthquakes with a large number of victims, around and over 50,000, were registered. Five dangerous volcanic eruptions were registered, which also caused considerable casualties. Interestingly, however, four devastating earthquakes with over 50,000 victims were registered in the first 12 years of the 21st century alone, which means that the 21st century started with quite intense cataclysms.
    Astrology can predict disasters and cataclysms. Yes. It can also predict political, social and financial shocks. Yes. Right here, however, the question arises as to whether there are astrologers who are willing to do this work and, something which is no less important, who would use this information. It is well known that there has been quite deep scepticism as regards astrology and at times this is almost equal to mockery and denial of its value and usefulness. Making a mundane, a political and social-economic forecast even of one country is very serious work that requires knowledge and takes time. Bearing in mind the fact that such work is not appreciated, and that the result of the research does not serve anyone for anything, it is logical that no one would undertake to do it with precision.
    There is another aspect that has to be mentioned for the sake of objectivity. It is that mistakes may be made in the localization of the regions, when forecasting natural disasters. This is the risk and, therefore, not every astrologer has the skill to make such forecasts. Whether it is a joke or not, astrology can do so (can forecast world events), it is a perfect system, but astrologers are not always like it. If one day, astrology is allowed to be useful, at least with the support and cooperation of the scientific community, which monitors the processes in public geo-political and economic terms, then it is likely to be properly evaluated.
    World astrology has tools, which it uses. These are mainly geopolitical horoscopes (of individual countries), geodesic maps, maps of the so-called Sun ingressions - the two equinoxes and the two solstices, maps of moons, full moons and eclipses. There is another important element too. Nowadays, a little attention is being paid to the fact that life and the events that affect a group of people, such as a country, are closely connected with the leaders as individuals. Once they were tsars, kings, sultans, sheiks, emirs, leaders of tribes. Today, it is a bit more complicated as the ruling is not individual. However, there are presidents, prime ministers and they are the main characters. Their horoscopes and the position and activities of the Moon and the sixth house in a specific period enable the drawing of conclusions on how people will live while they are ruling. The individual horoscopes of the leaders are a very important barometer, when the horoscope of the country itself is absent. However, even if there is one, they are still very useful.
    The main tool for predicting events are solar and lunar eclipses. They are the starting point, they are the strongest reason and in order for you to understand what might be expected, it is necessary to examine the themes of each eclipse. They are used in combination with the horoscopes of the individual countries and with the individual horoscopes of the persons in power.
    In ancient times, eclipses were regarded as ominous phenomena. The priests, who were also astrologers, warned their rulers of an impending danger and made sacrifices because they believed that they would appease the gods and dissipate their anger in this way. Eclipses have always been heralds, not only of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, devastating hurricanes, floods, fires but they are a warning of military events, power disruptions, political and economic crises.

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