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A,B,C… of the internet advertising

13 March 2011 / 01:03:52  GRReporter
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Ivan Petkov


It happened to me, quite often, when I met new people and get to the question of what I do and I say "Internet advertising" that this is followed by a nod of understanding or affirmative answers, that my interlocutors are aware of what I am talking about. I've found however, that this is due not so much to the fact that Internet advertising has become so popular, but rather to the fact that they have collected two familiar words: Internet and advertising. Unfortunately, in most cases, my interlocutors have no idea of ​​what I do and what the Internet advertising is. Of course, if we can speak of fault in this case, it is ours, to the people who engage in this type of advertising.

   There’s more to it! Whenever I'm around my mother and she wants to explain to their friends what is the occupation of her son, she prefers to call me and explain it myself. There can hardly be a clearer rebuke towards me as a representative of the guild than this! I take the blame and with this article I will try to explain in very simple and understandable terms what the Internet advertising is, as I would explain it to my mother, whom I will surely send it to read it. I'll try to do it also clearly to the best of my means of expression over the Internet, and they are quite a few.

  So let us start from the beginning! Let's go from the combination of two popular words: "Internet" and "advertising". It is obvious, that (something) will be advertised on ​​the Internet. But how, in what manner, is it just as annoying as the commercial breaks of shows and movies on television?

Ads on the Internet are located on different pages or sites. Anyone who has opened any page to read, watch or listen inevitably has come across some ads. Ads on the Internet are called "banners". What is the banner? Broadly speaking, a banner is an image. For the moment we will leave aside whether the image is moving or not. Besides the picture t banner has also one more important feature - when you click on it with the mouse, it takes us to another page where you can read more about the advertised product, or you can buy it or many other things depending on what is advertised, but I’ll talk about this later.

    + Http://
Remember: The banner (add) consists of an image + link to another site / page

   Banners are not placed randomly, although they often look just like that, but they have their own positions, which are a placeholder, a part of the site, where only ads will be shown. These positions are called banner positions or advertising spots.

  Banners themselves have standard and common sizes so as to enable advertisers, designers, publishers and providers of related advertising services. The most common sizes you can see here.

Google Ad Manager

Remember: Banners are like boxes that fill the promotional positions of the visited by you site or of your website.

   To most effectively promote a product, advertisers use advertising campaigns on the Internet. As with any campaign, election one for example, or an anti-smoking campaign, the advertising campaign for a product has a time limit within which to be done there and has assigned /set/ goals. Whether it is to promote an idea, for example, in a campaign against smoking, banners may be used to convey the message of the campaign, be it to sell a product - a book, movie, either to promote a brand - the establishment of beer.

To illustrate visually what I mean, I'll use a video on Google:

Remember: Ad campaigns promote a product using various banners placed at different positions in different sites. Thus you can see an advertisement for a product on many different pages / sites you visit.

   Why are some banners  moving constantly, flashing and make sounds and others do not? Above in the explanation of what constitutes a banner ad, I called it a picture. Of course, this is not quite correct, but for the purposes of this article it seems entirely appropriate. What you should know as a common information, as they say, is that this image can move or not, make sounds, pass through the screen, show and hide, flash, etc. etc. The more developed technology becomes, the more different ways people come up with to attract advertisers and, above all, to attract the attention of visitors like you who are reading this article. There are many different opinions and theories that will not bore you with right now related to the effectiveness of the different types of banners. I will only say that the more assertive and demanding attention is the one ad, the more it risks to quickly get bore and even cause the opposite effect - to irritate the visitor and him to want to ignore it.

   We are coming also to the last term of this article, the so-called targeting the ad. To make sure that we will benefit from the advertising and it will justify the invested time, money and effort we should make sure that it stands in front of the eyes of the people who would be interested in it. Something like the opposite of that joke about selling refrigerators to Eskimos. If you are selling a product which is used mainly by young people you would want that mostly young people see your ad, if the product is intended only for women or only for men you would want primarily the representatives of the respective sex to see your ad, if a product is sold only in certain countries, the ad should be displayed only in these countries, etc. I think that the idea became clearer.

 Remember: The targeting of the advertising is a way for it to get to that group of people that your product is targeted for and thus it can be most effective. This is not at all easy, but there are ways which I will write about in subsequent articles.

  I hope our brief informational walk through the debris of the Internet advertising, has been helpful to you. Of course, there are many, many more details and complex terms, but gradually and together, I will try to go into depth, using the most popular language.

  Instead of a finale I will promise you to share the views of my mother about how I managed with the explanations, but only if you also share in the comments whether you were satisfied and if everything was understandable! Even in the next article we will go deeper and I will present to you the largest advertising network in the world: Google Ad Words.

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