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Prominent Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus

Polina Spartyanova offers a photo tour in one of the most famous Cypriot monasteries that shelters the grave of former Cypriot President Archbishop Makarios III.
mihaela | 12:11 | 10 Nov 15

Athens on Election Night

mihaela | 12:09 | 23 Sep 15

In Xylokastro in September

The small resort town of Xylokastro is located about an hour and a half from Athens, in western Corinthia. Simple and elegant, it is an ideal opportunity for a discreet vacation offering all amenities and entertainment. A September stroll in Xylokastro by Maria S. Topalova.
mihaela | 17:09 | 16 Sep 15

Ousters’ island

St. Anastasia is the only inhabited island along the Bulgarian coast. Born from a volcano, its origin seemed to mark its fate.
mihaela | 15:09 | 16 Sep 15

Karpathos Folklore Paradise

Karpathos is one of the most remote islands in the Dodecanese archipelago. In the summer, ferries go to its two major ports Pigadia and Diafani twice a week, there are flights from Rhodes to Karpathos twice a week and from Athens once a week. Having managed to arrive at the island, the tourist finds himself or herself amidst a real folklore paradise. Karpathos is famous for its lace and embroidery, carpet making, weaving and pottery. The island has not yet become a mass tourist destination and has retained its original appearance with its pristine beaches and clear waters, the neat taverns offering plenty of local seafood and other delicacies, with unique works of handicraft. Photos by Maria S. Topalova
mihaela | 13:08 | 24 Aug 15

Bronze Chalki

Nestled in the shadow of the popular island of Rhodes, the not so popular member of the Dodecanese archipelago, the friendly Chalki, is a pleasant surprise to the casual visitor. A little romantic, a little nostalgic, but very sunny and with welcoming population the island easily makes people fond of it and they remain faithful to it for life. It can offer sandy beaches, seawater with colours changing from turquoise to emerald green, delicious local cuisine including original local spaghetti and macaroni topped with sauces made according to authentic recipes. Photo report by Maria S. Topalova.
mihaela | 20:08 | 20 Aug 15

Rock of Lindos

The village of Lindos is situated in the southern part of the island of Rhodes. It was at the zenith of its glory in the archaic era, about VII-VI century BC. The acropolis on top of the rock, originally built as a fortress, dates back to the same period too. The village "creeps" up the rock at the foot of the acropolis featuring interesting architecture, crafts and magnificent seascapes that you can enjoy in the photo report by Maria S. Topalova.
mihaela | 19:08 | 20 Aug 15

Valley of Butterflies

The Valley of Butterflies is located in the heart of Rhodes and is undoubtedly one of the rarest nature reserves in Europe. The photo report by Maria S. Topalova will show you round the realm of Panaxia Quadripunctaria moth.
mihaela | 09:08 | 19 Aug 15

SYRIZA hardliners

mihaela | 15:07 | 16 Jul 15