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Agile Mercury is the ruler of our rational mind

23 February 2013 / 13:02:46  GRReporter
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Humans' speaking ability dates back to prehistoric times. Some reports suggest that the occurrence of speech happened about 85,000 years ago. It is precisely speech that distinguishes people from all other living creatures on earth. Naturally, we take it for granted and do not think about what a gift we possess with our ability to communicate. This ability of ours is not limited to making some sort of sounds. Through it, we transmit and receive thoughts, ideas, information, etc. Human thought is the most complicated process, because it is a function of the cerebral cortex. It is the result of billions of chains of associations that are made every nanosecond, thanks to continuous data we receive from the outside world through our senses.

Today's article is about the way we think, talk and communicate. Our mind, as we briefly call our cognitive ability and the way we organise incoming information from the world around us, is the perfect computer. It has two main components: one is the so called unconscious (the instinctive and sensorial mind), and the other is the so called conscious, or what we shape as thoughts and knowledge (the rational, intellectual mind). In astrology, the Moon and Mercury are the key elements, according to which we make judgments about how peoples' minds are organised. The Moon has a primary and essential role related to the way we perceive each situation we are facing emotionally and instinctively. This is our instinctive and sensual mind. Mercury comes second and it is related to the rational, intellectual mind. Mercury's task is to process information gathered by the senses, shape it as a thought, knowledge, ideas, etc., and verbalise it.

I have already written about the Moon in one of my previous articles, therefore I'll focus on the second component - the rational and intellectual mind. Generally, this particular ingredient is an indicator of our intellectual capabilities. According to Mercury's position in our individual horoscope, we are able to extract information about the following:

In what way we shape our thoughts and how we make conclusions - abstractly or logically;

What our speech is, what we love to talk about, what our style of communication is;

Which topics of human life we are most interested in, such as information and knowledge;

How we learn, and what sciences we prefer.

This small and fast planet further indicates our individual creativity and ingenuity in terms of how we make the most efficient use of the available information. It is therefore not surprising that Mercury is often related to the choice of our occupation, hobbies and all our activities.

I will give you general information about the position of Mercury in all the zodiac signs. The house position, however, is also important, since it indicates the areas in which our intellectual interest is directed. The sign position and aspects of other planets towards Mercury tell us how we form our thoughts, our speech and the style in which we present it, how we learn, what thoughts and ideas we transfer to others. The house position tells us what we love to talk about, what are the most interesting topics for us, and what we want to study.


Mercury in Aries or the 1st house

You have a fast, lively and energetic mind. Logic and strategic thinking are also typical for you. You speak with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm. For you, communicating is like waging a battle, therefore, when you talk, people think that you criticise and argue. You make conclusions and take decisions quickly and without much thought. You are outgoing and very convincing, because you are inventive, quick-witted and always have plenty of good arguments. You try to find all possible ways to express your thoughts and ideas - through speech and writing. You are interested primarily in things that are part of your personal world, and expression of individuality, self and body. You are interested in everything that has a shade of controversy between you and all the others and gives you an opportunity to lead. You prefer sciences that allow you to prove your personal abilities, have an element of the "first", of the inventor, the one who paves the way and wins battles.

Mercury in Taurus or the 2nd house

Your mind has a particularly high degree of concentration. You do not waste your time on thoughts, ideas and conversations that have no practical value. Your way of thinking is particularly immobile - "pigheaded", as they say. You don't talk before you have first thought about every word. Your speech is smooth and your voice is often melodic. You make conclusions slowly and take decisions after a long time of thinking. You do not like arguing and avoid it. Discussion, as a whole, is not particularly understandable for you, since once you have created an opinion and received some knowledge, it is a waste of time for you to discuss it with others. You say what you have to say and the conversation is over for you. You are interested primarily in the material side of life and all that is needed for its maintenance. Money and everything that it can buy - these are your favourite topics of conversation. You are often attracted by sciences that are related to money - economics, banking and finance.

Mercury in Gemini or the 3rd house

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