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April is a month of innovation

31 March 2012 / 14:03:58  GRReporter
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The period 1 to 20 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
4° - 9° Cancer,
is s time during which you experience deep tension and impetus to act in any direction. You become sensitive to everything. But it is precisely this sensitivity that fills you with the ability to approach things around you in a logical, balanced and responsible way. You will be able to avoid disappointment by creating new forms by which to solve a problem. Do not lose your focus and concentrate on what you have. A stone can be used not only as a weapon, throwing it at someone but also as a material for building a new home.

The period 1 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
9° - 15° Cancer,
is a time during which it is possible to be faced with a sense of failure. This is a necessary step for the given period. Do not try to protect yourself on someone else's account. Even if you give it your best shot, failure is always a possibility. Learn your lesson because a day will come when this experience will be extremely useful.

The period 1 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
21° - 26° Cancer,
is a time during which a well-built structure in your life will be impaired, it will go off track and will need to be “designed” from the beginning. This can be a plan that you had, relationships with others or projects. You'll probably be tempted to apply old standards in order to bring it back to normal, but at least in the beginning this approach will not be successful. Approach the issue in a completely new way. Only then will you spare yourself the mistake of getting to the end through shortcuts leading to a lack of stability. Good structure is mainly due to the small details in it.

The period 1 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
23° - 28° Virgo,
is a time for creativity.  Huge creative energy shines from you while you are also sending out strong signals of "attraction". Carefully observe what and who you attract to yourself. You are brimming with the ability to open any door in front of you. If you have plans, projects and willingness to start new relationships - this is the best time for you. Use it wisely, use the right dose of insight of who and what enters your life, with what and whom you get in contact, because it is likely that you will reap the fruits of your action for a long time ahead.

The period 1 to 20 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
9° - 15° Libra,
is a time during which your enthusiasm for some new things, which have entered your life lately, will slightly go off track. Strike a balance of what is stable in your life and which newly found skills and abilities you can use from now on. Do not get upset if others around you stop responding enthusiastically about what you are doing. You will not be able to do anything only by talking about it. It would be better for you to pay attention to who continues to support you. This is the right person for you with whom to move forward.

The period 15 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
15° - 21° Libra,
is a time during which is likely for you to encounter various types of crises around you. Those crises, of course, can be of any nature - from the design of your new cabinet to the problems of someone close to you. Your instinct for self-preservation is working at very high speed. Pay attention to everything that seems unusual - it could literally save your life. One question out of the ordinary from your boss can bring a serious problem. Now is the time to demonstrate your strength and energy in order to show your resilience.  The timely developed selfishness, the desire to follow your own path, will win you more admiration than if you blindly follow the rules.

The period 1 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
2° - 8° Scorpio,
is a time for fighting and for challenges.  A demanding period lies ahead of you, since the tension to resist, to search for meaning in everything, even in the smallest things, will be immense. You will be behaving like someone who is kicking against everything and everyone. It would be quite normal if you reached out to forbidden things or walk on the edge and take risks at every step. Try to take a hold of that inner fire, not by suppressing it, but by tuning into the circumstances from which it starts. Only then will you unlock your inner strength to know when, how and for what it is worth taking a risk, what it is worth fighting for. Do not become a "street hooligan" who kicks rocks down the road and in this way causes discomfort only to himself.

The period 20 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
19° - 24° Scorpio,
is a time during which it is desirable for you to mind what you say. You will be struck by unique thoughts, ideas and insights.  Speech will be flowing out of you like mellow wine. Be careful, however, what reactions you provoke – others may think of you as either crazy or a genius. Target your thoughts and ideas more towards practical application in life rather than them being only words.

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