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April is a month of innovation

31 March 2012 / 14:03:58  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you of the astrological conditions for the period 1-30 of April and who will be affected by them. While moving around on the celestial sphere planets activate different parts of the zodiac and this is why the astrological climate they create affects everyone in a different way, because it is directly dependent on the person’s individual horoscope.

In my previous article I informed you that in March issues related to revival and return to old events, ideas, projects, plans will be affected. Renewal of something that has been left aside. This return and digging often brings unexpected insights and discovery of valuable things that have been overlooked. I assumed that people will speak of old issues.

In mid-March there was a tendency for particular tension - dangerous situations both literally and figuratively speaking. There was a possibility to witness many different types of "catastrophic" and “disturbing” events, "Checkmate" events, sudden incapacitation and falling into a dead end street. In this regard, I did not turn your attention only to negative events. Also, there was a tendency for different organizational structures to go off the rails, which may have required some type of change in the existing order. It was not uncommon for some revolutionary moods to reappear, ready to flare up at any moment.

What are the trends in April?

This month brings a hint of tension, which will express itself in terms of opposition, fighting and intransigence. I believe that the events that will play out will be like a timid precursor of what is about to come in about a year from now, although it is likely that the majority of people will find themselves in a position to resist and fight back, sometimes without even knowing why they do it. The tendency is to oppose and fight by default. Of course, there always is a tension source and it is the reason for it all. The individual meaning in life. For better or worse, everyone will be trying to look for their own way. A demonstration of doing things in their own way - instead of using the front door, they will climb through the window, in order to enter.

The last ten days of April bring change." Within the next 2-3 months a very dynamic time will come, which will give rise to a lot of things, both in the public and individual plan. Everyone will feel the need to act. There is a danger, however, to see around us a world of action in which there is no leadership, no direction. A showcase of world power, a demonstration of strength and power that is not necessarily very beneficial and good for society.

Naturally there will be people who will direct their actions in the right direction. And there won’t be unnecessary, useless and futile initiative. Try to be one of them. The key is in the words resonance and harmony. Try to find meaning in your actions. April seems to be the month of innovation in everything. Any new venture will bring you success, but only on the condition that you immerse yourself in something that you truly love to do. Something that interests you deeply and captivates you completely.

Now I will mention what areas in the zodiac will be affected in April. And also the dates that the Sun is approximately in those areas and therefore affects the people born on these dates regardless of the year. Regarding the other planets you need to check your personal horoscope.

2° - 8° Taurus (people born between 22 and 28 of April)
4° - 9° Cancer (people born between 25 and 30 of June)
9° - 15° Cancer (people born between 1 and 6 of July)
21° - 26° Cancer (people born in 13 and 18 of July)
23° - 28° Virgo (people born between 15 and 20 of September)
9° - 15° Libra (people born 2 and 7 of October)
15° - 21° Libra (people born between 8 and 13 of October)
2° - 8° Scorpio (people born between 25 and 31 of October)
19° - 24° Scorpio (people born between 11 and 16 of November)
24° Scorpio - 0° Sagittarius (people born between 17 and 22 of November)
28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn (people born between 19 and 25 of December)
15° - 21° Capricorn (people born between 5 and 11 of January)

Check out the gallery and find which planet interests you and connect the key words for it with what I have written.

The period 1 to 30 of April for people who have a planet in the area:
2° - 8° Taurus,
is a time during which you can be conquered by the desire to be effective and successful in life. And this requires purification and screening of the most important things. Your personal values ​​are subjected to some type of restriction and probation. Keep only those that prove their worth and do your job in order to manage to keep stability in your life – work, your environment and family. You have a built-in barometer of what is appropriate, fair and important. Listen to it and adjust it to your needs and those of the people around you. This makes you effective and successful.

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