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Archive - Oct 2010

October 13th

Basketball championship of the country starts with no measures against aggression ...

13 October 2010 / 10:10:08  
It may sound unbelievable but the fact is that the country's league starts with no measures taken to fight the aggression at the fields. Even after the excesses of last year's finals ...

The Greek nationals defeated Israel too

13 October 2010 / 09:10:10  
Fernando Santos was right when demanding the players to only win the matches with Latvia and Israel. The Greek nationals have shown that they want and can fight for the Euro 2012 rounds.

October 12th

Up to € 500 million losses a year due to illegal sales of fuels

12 October 2010 / 15:10:44  
The Chief Executive Officer of Hellenic Petroleum Yiannis Costopoulos has revealed the truth about the fuel market issues and exposed his perspective on how to limit losses from illegal trade in this sector.

Konstantinos Mitsotakis: Populism in Greece has no future

12 October 2010 / 10:10:45  
The Honorary President of New Democracy disassociated with the former and present President of the party at a time when his daughter, Dora Bakoyannis, is founding a new conservative party.

October 11th

Will there be heating fuel in winter?

11 October 2010 / 16:10:08  
As expected, the end of the carefree summer brought the heating fuel issue in addition to the strikes and unrest. The Gas Station Owners Federation announced that it will not be able to pay this year's excise duty and heating fuel will not be delivered to the end users on time regardless of the sharp drop in temperatures.

Ugly walls painted in colourful graffiti

11 October 2010 / 15:10:02  
To paint the gray city and to give room to young artists to express themselves – this is the idea of the ‘Prosopsi’ façade programme, said a representative of the municipality of Athens. The first three buildings with painted in graffiti style facades were officially completed today but the aim of the project is, if it is supported financially, to continue this initiative and to paint much more gray buildings into colour drawings. The bare walls of three buildings in the area of the Psiri district – 4, Miauli Street, Same 84 at Iroon Square and Taxis on 9, Agatarhu Street were painted by Vangelis Hoursoglou within the Painting fronts project.

Eurostat again in Athens in search of the 2009 deficit

11 October 2010 / 12:10:03  
The mission of the European statistical office Eurostat is on its next visit to Athens. It started in the beginning of this week and it seems that the outcome could turn into an episode of the “Tales of the unexpected” series.