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Archive - 2012

December 11th

Greek media suffer from the lack of freedom and independence

11 December 2012 / 21:12:21  
The results of the study of the European Mediadem project show that they are fully subject to the policy that the central government sets for them.

The beginning of the end of Independent Greeks

11 December 2012 / 19:12:59  
Deputies and members left the party because of the lack of a strategy and the likelihood of post-election cooperation with SYRIZA. According to them, Panos Kammenos had offered the introduction of the dollar as an official currency as a solution to the Greek problem.

Retailers, craftsmen and the Church united against the work on Sunday

11 December 2012 / 15:12:28  
The story became almost funny when the ministry explained that the working hours on Sunday would be from 10 am to 4 pm in order for citizens to be able to attend the morning and afternoon liturgy of the Greek Church.

Switzerland will not submit the details of Greek account holders in local banks

10 December 2012 / 23:12:34  
Swiss authorities are refusing to cancel the ban on the disclosure of details of account holders. The negotiations about the agreement on the taxation of 50 billion euro of Greek citizens are going slowly.

Bankers are the new unemployed in Greece

10 December 2012 / 22:12:45  
Construction, production and car trade are among the sectors with the highest unemployment rate as well. The trend that has emerged in recent years is that the best specialists at the middle age of 45 remain outside the labour market.

December 10th

The European Union should be reorganized with or without the Nobel Peace Prize

10 December 2012 / 19:12:38  
Awarding the prize to the European Union was an act of recognition and encouragement, but it cannot solve the internal structural and political problems, analysts told GRReporter.

Greece fails to collect enough bids for the debt buyback

10 December 2012 / 14:12:38  
The Public Debt Management Agency has collected bids for 26-27 billion euro which is 4-5 billion less than the target of 31 billion. The deadline was officially extended by 24 hours, but a further extension is expected unofficially. Despite the apparent failure to reach the target of the buyback in time, government sources insist that the process is successful.