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Astrology doesn’t write the book of our life, its already written by the stars

05 February 2011 / 20:02:29  GRReporter
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    As someone who for many years has been studying astrology, I would say that astrology can give an answer to any question. For our life and our living on this Earth. Astrology is the symbolic language that the universe"speaks". Just as there are various institutes in which people learn to speak and write Latin, Greek, English and other languages, the people who study astrology actually learn to read the language of the universe.
    In this article I will discuss the issue of forecasts and analysis which are made using astrology. Many people have a mistaken idea about the astrology, and about what actually the astrologers do. And this is quite normal – not all can be astrologers to know.

    In today's world, astrology has developed a very strange image. Some view it as a means of entertainment, others as a means through which to 'fix' their lives, others as an opportunity to get an objective view on something they can not understand. Surely there are other options, but these are the most common ones.

    I'll start with the "predictions" that are everywhere and just pour from every corner. They provide daily, weekly, monthly "forecasts". And as a starting point they only take into account the sun sign.
    Everyone knows what kind of game is football. There are two teams of 11 players, each of which is given certain duties and functions when they are on the pitch. What happens however in the mass daily-weekly-monthly-yearly astrology, which is widely available? Sun comes out by itself proudly on the pitch, all alone, and the remaining players from the birth chart are drawn up at the side and watch indifferently - will Mars passing transit score a goal or not. In the place of Mars is put a different planet, depending on the type of time "forecast".

    Of course, this type of forecasts except for making you smile, cannot do anything else. On one side this is an excellent way to learn about astrology and ask yourself what that is, but on the other hand it is a way for you to take it with derision. So when you read these forecasts, which only take into account the sun sign, keep this in mind - a bird is no spring.

    The other type of analysis and forecasts, which I will consider are those made by astrologers already personally for someone. What you should consider and keep in mind when visiting astrologer?

First. There is no such thing as a complete analysis of your personal horoscope for an average price of about BGN50-80. To really make a complete analysis of a horoscope requires a lot of work and time which cost a lot more. In most cases, something like a semi analysisis done, including a small part of the horoscope, because nobody would devote one or two weeks working on a single horoscope for such fees. So focus on something specific when you visit an astrologer rather than leave it to him to judge for you what to emphasize on. Thus you will certainly get answers to the questions that interest you.

Second. As I mentioned earlier, astrology is a "language" through which astrologers read the "book" of your life. It often happens, however for the people to "kill" the messenger (the astrologer) just because they don’t like enough the news which he has brought. Others expect the astrologers to their 'fix' lives. And if the astrologer makes a mistake, some people can be especially cruel because they believe that he has almost messed up their entire life.
    You may very well understand that for the majority of astrologers such expectations are a great challenge whether or not to abandon the essence of astrology, so as to adapt to customer requirements and to minimize the number of unsatisfied customers. And this destroys to some extent their abilities. The more they think about how to please the customers, the more constraints they have in reading the horoscope.
    Unfortunately, as it is in many other areas, here as well commercialism has already been established. "All for the client’s sake". It would not be so bad if it came to preparing a cake. But the thing is that this is not about cakes.

    Thus was set the foundation of the marketing strategy of the best traders in the astrological circles, so as long as a man knows what is written in the horoscope he can change absolutely everything. And respectively the analyzes and forecasts are built on this claim. Very misleading if you ask me. But it really does sell well. It is good that meteorologists don’t do their weather forecasts with the purpose of changing them, that we might as well wake up one day with the summer heat of 40 ° at the North Pole.

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