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Attraction, love and passion start from genes

05 May 2012 / 14:05:38  GRReporter
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Venus is the “manager” of two zodiac signs - Taurus and Libra. Taurus is a female sign and Libra is male. The same is true for Mars. It “manages” the sign of Aries (male) and the sign of Scorpio (female). There is incredible meaning behind all this.

The sign of Taurus carries the symbolism of materialism, money, resources, with which we sustain our lives. The sign of Libra carries the symbolism of communication, unity, love, beauty and aesthetics. This is why when it comes to men, Venus is interpreted according to the meaning of the sign Libra - they appreciate these qualities in a woman. And for women, Venus is interpreted according to the meaning of the sign Taurus - they value the qualities of this sign. The same is true for Mars. The sign of Aries carries the meaning of activity, immediate action, impulse, conquest, penetration. The sign of Scorpio carries the meaning of passive activity, depth, passion, protection, birth, death and sex. Therefore, when men are concerned Mars is interpreted according to the meaning of Aries - when a man appreciates a woman he acts, does different things for her, wants to conquer and subdue her by penetration (sex). When women are concerned Mars is interpreted according to the meaning of Scorpio - when a woman evaluates a man she allows him to have sexual relations with her, she lets him deeply love her.

Finally, what does this mean? So far I have described the basic astrological archetype of men and women. But still, people are very different. It's rare to meet someone who fits exactly within these archetypes.

In the male horoscope the sign of Venus defines what type of female beauty he is attracted to. This is why, beauty is subjective, it depends through which "filter" Venus “watches” in the male horoscope. If it is in the sign of Aries, then an athletic body and sporty appearance, sharp and aggressive behaviour, are preferred and given high praise. If it is in the sign of Gemini beautiful legs, a flexible and pliable body (even if not athletic), beautiful movements, casual and fast-changing vision, will be respected.

For women, the physical beauty of men is not essential. Of course, to some extent, it matters, but it is more important that the man is "beautiful" from the point of view of finance, life stability and ability to maintain the security of a woman. Different women have different views on these things, which is determined by the sign in which Venus is positioned in their horoscope. If the sign is in Aries, the woman will want a man who is ambitious and strives to be first in everything. These qualities ensure her that he can provide enough resources for sustainable living. If Venus is in the sign of Gemini, she will want a man who has many interests and skills, is well able to "sell" and who maintains a stable communication circle around him.

Now, regarding Mars. In the male horoscope the sign of Mars defines how he will approach a woman, how he will show her he wants her and what type of sexual expression he has. If it is in the sign of Aries, the man approaches directly - aggressively without losing even a minute, he attacks without any overtures. When it comes to sex, it is a bit of the same style - a little by cutting corners, right on target. If it is in the sign of Gemini what is characteristic is that this man is absolutely unpredictable in his approach and his sexual expression, he looks like a walking crossword puzzle. He is always different, always surprises, loves everything unfamiliar and exotic.

In women, the sign of Mars defines how they declare their interest for a man, how they expect a man to approach them and what sexual behaviour they have. If it is in the sign of Aries the woman gives an unambiguous and straightforward sign to the man that she accepts him and that she is attracted to him. She expects him to approach her directly, without delays and playing games. During the sexual act she is very real and open. If it is in the sign of Gemini what is characteristic is that she gives signs to men in a totally unpredictable way, which makes the decoding process seem like a Greek manuscript. She expects a man to approach her in an unusual and exotic manner, to awaken her nervous system. During sex, she behaves the same way.

From these examples I assume you have understood how differences between both sexes are being shaped. I would also like to add that usually Venus and Mars are only found in a certain zodiac sign, but that they also receive aspects from other planets, which also affect their expression.

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