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In August we regret the things we never did

28 July 2012 / 17:07:03  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you what the astrological picture for the period 1 to 31 August is and to which people it will affect. In their course across the celestial sphere, planets activate different parts of the zodiac and therefore the astrological climate they create affects each of us differently, because it is directly dependent on our individual horoscope.

In the previous article I informed you that in July it is Mercury's second retrograde phase for 2012. It begins on 14 July and ends on 8 August and occurs in the first 10° of the sign Leo. It is associated with isolation, withdrawal, in order to give a meaning to previous experience and thus to strengthen and stabilize your weak sides. It is associated with information leaks on all subjects, which may cause various public scandals. Mercury's retrograde periods are always associated with making mental, informational, communicational mistakes and misunderstandings. This always disturbs the smooth flow of our daily life. However, these periods are an ideal means to increase our concentration, to pay attention to certain details in our lives and to notice something important for us.

On 3 July there was a full moon - one of the major lunar phases of 2012. For the whole year they are four in total. This full moon was a climactic phase of the eclipse in January 2011. It brought the world a powerful opposition and disharmony, as well as strong obstacles. My opinion was that old and buried conflicts, which occurred around January 2011, may re-burn. Or projects and decisions that were taken then may be launched and renewed. In Bulgaria, a terrorist attack happened for the first time, which brought to light the acute conflict between Israel and Iran. Problems in Syria continued and there was even news that Turkey is on the brink of a war.

On a personal level, most affected were the people born in the periods:

30 December to 8 January

28 March to 7 April

July 1 to 10

1 to 10 October.

In some way, for them there was a return to events which started in the beginning of 2011. July brought them some kind of a turning phase.

In the second half of July, a planetary combination was triggered, and its meaning is "to go hunting for resources - living, money, material possessions". News in the banking sector and the eurozone has hinted at the finding of new breakthroughs in stability.

What is the astrological situation in August? Mercury's retrograde phase ends on 8 August, so you will have to charge yourselves with a little more patience and more concentration.

After 10 August the period is charged with tension and almost everywhere the main motto will be "Time for a change! Time to try something new". Such periods make people regret what they haven't done and they impetuously rush into everything, because they are afraid of such regrets. I do not exclude the possibility for the majority of people to wander around with the idea that they have to make some kind of a change. Regrets about what you have done or never did, are literally in full swing. It would be good to know what the meaning is of what you decide to do and where you want to go. But even if at first you don’t have a clear idea, it will appear when everything ends. Even in most cases people have no choice and enter some changes without knowing where they are going.

In public and social context, I believe that August (and part of September) is the period for new things to be "tested". In such situations people tend to take risks and to jump into unknown waters without much fear. Therefore I think that it is possible for quite risky steps, not only in the political and financial, but in the social sphere as well, to be taken. I think surprises are awaiting us. And it is not necessary for all of them to have a happy ending - some will lose, others will win.

 In mid-August, around the 15th, the air "smells" of instability, confusion and anxiety. This "aroma" will be different for everyone - it can affect work, money, relationships, projects, entrepreneurship or you may not be affected personally at all, only by indirection. It will happen most actively for the people born around: 13 April, 16 July, 17 October and 14 January.

Expect the unexpected. Be careful because it is possible to have the feeling that everything around you is falling apart. In the socio-political and governmental sphere, I am also expecting surprises, the taking of risky steps and changes which will stem from a collapse.

In the last days of August, the public scene is changing. A several-month period is beginning, in which the main theme will be the accumulation and retention of power, strength and energy. But I will write in more details in the next article about the astrological climate in September.

Now I will name which Zodiac areas are affected by planetary movements in August. And also the dates on which the Sun is approximately in these areas and hence affects people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the rest of the planets you need to check your personal horoscope.

2° - 8° Taurus (people born between 22 and 28 April)

9° - 15° Cancer (people born between 1 and 6 July)

21° - 26° Cancer (people born between 13 and 18 July)

13° - 19° Leo (people born between 5 and 11 August)

4° - 9° Libra (people born between 26 September and 1 October)

9° - 15° Libra (people born between 2 and 7 October)

15° - 21° Libra (people born between 8 and 14 October)

22° - 28° Sagittarius (people born between 13 and 18 December)

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