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In December, we can expect reconsideration of values

01 December 2013 / 17:12:33  GRReporter
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In this article I will present the astrological picture for the period 1 – 31 December. I will start as usual with the general picture as a whole and then I will make individual forecasts.

In the previous article I informed you that the second (and last) solar eclipse of the year would happen in November. It was on 3 November, in the sign of Scorpio and in the close "embrace" of Saturn. This combination occurs every 11 years, but in different signs. The symbolism of this eclipse was related to "breakthroughs". To have the courage to break through the barriers imposed. It was charged with a kind of evolution, since it is possible only when we, the people, fight to break through our personal barriers and fears and to accept them.

In November and in relation with this eclipse, I expected that there might be news about revolutionary scientific breakthroughs which could radically change many opinions. There might be findings shedding light on things that have been considered impossible, according to our human mind, or have been somehow hidden and invisible.

The people born in the period 27 April - 4 May and 31 October - 6 November would be most strongly affected personally. They had to expect developments associated with male figures in life, with renowned figures, bosses and superiors, as well as issues related to vigour, physical health, "I", career and professional development might also be affected.

Another characteristic of the month was that, after 20 November, we would "change our glasses," i.e. what we would begin to see around us as a main trend both in society and personal life.

In late November, the subject was associated with what is worth saving.

What can we expect in December?

The first thing I want to mention is Comet ISON’s close passage to the Earth on 26 December. Astronomers are observing it with great interest and define it as the brightest and most beautiful comet of the century. Astrologers of antiquity held their breath when such astronomical phenomena occurred. Comets were thought to be a harbinger of the world's biggest events which remained in history. These are very rare cases, but there are texts that mention what the effect is of a comet’s close passage to the Earth.

Comets cause unusual temperature variations, soil infertility, political conflicts and changes in state territories. In addition, they are carriers of germs and viruses and result in the emergence of unknown diseases. The number of days of the comet's visibility (with the naked eye) defines the number of months during which its impact on terrestrial events will last. This covers almost the whole of 2014.

The second and more important thing is that there is an active deployment of a new social subject in December, a "change in our glasses," i.e. what we will begin to see around us. It is related to our choice regarding what is worth saving and what is worth taking care of so that it can survive. New priorities are being created, while important and significant things are sinking into oblivion and no one wants to take care of them anymore. Individually, anyone could be surprised even by themselves how spontaneously they may decide to stop supporting something or taking care of it and leave it in the lurch, figuratively speaking.

To this I will add that December poses serious internal restrictions affecting people’s creativity as a whole – expressing themselves, bringing new ideas and generally contributing something to society. The most topical words will be "No", "I do not want to", "I can’t", "I do not need this," "I do not care." You will hear them even from optimists who normally rarely use them.

At the end of the month, after 20 December, "the queen" of love, beauty, dignity, self-esteem and values, will start its retrograde phase, which happens once every 18 months and lasts for about 40 days. It is not uncommon as an event, but it occurs in different signs. In this period, critical weaknesses in relationships between people come to the fore, especially intimate ones. We will return to old problems in the current relationship, as well as to previous relationships that have just begun to surface. Some potential partners will also appear, who are very tempting, but not always worth paying the price for. A great number of temptations associated with old and unfulfilled desires will also emerge.

The retrograde phase will be in Capricorn and this indicates the occurrence of restraint and practicality in human relations in general. Relationships that lack true and deep value will seriously “crack”. The reverse movement of Venus will happen in combination with the main trend - what is worth saving and what is worth taking care of so that it can survive. This will put double emphasis on categories such as value, respect, love, etc. "Doors" for entrance and exit are often the most valuable thing which life gives us.

The days around Christmas and the New Year holidays are accompanied by tensions and circumstances which always open new opportunities. Furthermore, 1 January starts with a New Moon - a signal that we can start something new in a certain sphere. Therefore, for some people, the New Year 2014 could start with unexpected news.

I will now write how December will affect the various sectors of the zodiac, the topics it will provoke and the type of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

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