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Generosity and deserved rewards mark the beginning of July

02 July 2011 / 17:07:17  GRReporter
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This article will lay out the “climatic” peculiarities of the period between July 1 and July 15, and link them to those affected. The impact of the aforementioned climate may differ among people. Check if planets in your personal horoscope fall within the longitudes that I describe below. You can find the keywords relating planets to various areas of life in the photo gallery to the article.

Starting, I will list the zodiac longitudes affected in the first half of July together with the dates in which the approximate position of the Sun falls within them and therefore concern people born within those periods, regardless of the year of birth. For information on the rest of the planets, you will need to check your personal horoscope.

210 – 270 Aries (people born between April 11 and 17)

50 – 110 Gemini (people born between May 26 and June 2)

80 – 140 Cancer (people born between June 30 and July 6)

210 – 270 Cancer (people born between July 13 and 19)

90 – 150 Libra (people born between October 2 and 8)

200 – 260 Libra (people born between October 13 and 19)

260 Libra – 20 Scorpio (people born between October 19 and 25)

20 – 80 Scorpio (people born between October 25 and 31)

00 – 60 Sagittarius (people born between November 22 and 28)

60 – 110 Sagittarius (people born between November 28 and December 3)

110 – 170 Sagittarius (people born between December 3 and 9)

00 – 60 Pisces (people born between February 19 and 25)

220 – 280 Pisces (people born between March 12 and 17)

Check the table to find the related planet and link the keywords to my description.

When discussing astrological climate in the second half of June in my previous article, I pointed out that this period would be characterized with intense disperse of information in the public space, revealing hidden agendas and facts. Almost everyone, however, would put themselves first, with the priority of securing themselves. Personal security, survival and self-sufficiency are leading topics. Also, in your relationships with others you face situations where everyone is exclusively concerned with their own world.

The first half of June is characterized with generosity and the ability to reward those that deserve it. For us generosity and deserved reward have positive associations. However, this is not always true. According to the universal law of “fairness and balance” some deserve punishment and receive it in abundance. Others deserve luck, and experience plenty of it. Therefore, when you get “too much” of anything, you have deserved it.

We may witness emotional events that would trigger our compassion and provoke us to contribute. It might as well be us that go through such moments.

The topic of leadership will prevail – publically and personally. This will probably receive a fair share of discussion, regarding type of leadership, suitability, lack of desire to lead, the need of a new leader, the appointment thereof, etc. Though, thing may not reach much further than a discussion, it seems, at least for now.

The third sun eclipse for 2011 is took place on July 1, not visible from Bulgaria. It will have an impact on those born:

between June26 and July 6

between December 26 and January 6

between March 26 and April 6

between September 26 and October 6

The strongest is the impact on those born on June 30, and July 1 and 2. The rest may not experience drastic events with any serious effect on forthcoming years.

The specificity of the event is closely related to personal horoscope. The eclipse affects relationships, such as those with spouses or intimate partners, friends, business-partners, legal adversaries, or the opposing side in an argument of any sort, as well as any significant person in your life. During the days around the eclipse there may be a new beginning with someone new. Someone around you may offer or initiate something, which may trigger considerable change in your life. These days may have a “cleansing” effect as well. This kind of events may initiate distancing and separation from relationships and situations which have turned meaningless to you.

The period between July 8 and 13 for those with a planet in:

210 – 270 Aries,

is time for you finish what you have started in order to move towards a new beginning. You are likely to face the need, desire or opportunity to start something new. But it may turn out that there is something to complete prior to that, without which a new beginning is impossible.

The period between July 1 and 15 for those with a planet in:

50 – 110 Gemini,

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