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GRR HOT 15: 26.03.2010

I will try and make your “starving” week more fun by offering you some great songs! And everybody knows it - music fixes our moods!
elena | 11:03 | 26 Mar 10

GRR HOT 15: 18.03.2010

Hi GRR HOT 15 friends! It is Friday again and I am here to tell you what happened in the chart this past week. I bet you cannot wait for the weekend! Whether you will be relaxing at home or leaving the city and taking a trip, I am sure you will have a great time! Now let me take you on a small trip in GRR HOT 15!
elena | 09:03 | 19 Mar 10

GRR HOT 15: 12.03.2010

Hello music fans! It is Friday again and I am here to tell you what happened in GRR HOT 15 during this past week…and what happened tonight! At 10:00PM today Greek viewers voted for a song, which will represent the country in this year’s Eurovision in Oslo!
elena | 00:03 | 13 Mar 10

GRR HOT 15: 05.03.2010

Hello my dear GRR HOT 15 friends! Last weekend was the first Eurovision semi-final and the Bulgarian fans chose Miro’s song You are an Angel. Now, this weekend another event will shake up the entertainment world – the Oscars!
elena | 08:03 | 05 Mar 10

GRR HOT 15: 26.02.2010

Hello GRR HOT 15 friends! This weekend is very special because on Sunday Bulgaria will vote for a Eurovision 2010 song!
elena | 12:02 | 26 Feb 10

GRR HOT 15: 19.02.2010

Spring in Greece…when the skies are as clear and blue as the waters of the Aegean Sea! Simply amazing..birds are singing, sun is shining and all I want to do is listen to some good music and dream for the summer!
elena | 15:02 | 19 Feb 10

GRR HOT 15: 12.02.2010

Hello dear GRR HOT 15 love birds! Looking forward to Valentine’s Day? Did you make plans already? The restaurant, the gift, the flowers…ahh all the good stuff! This week the new song I have included in the chart for you is dedicated to love. So celebrate February 14 with your loved one with Soldier of Life by Sade.
elena | 13:02 | 12 Feb 10

GRR HOT 15: 05.02.2010

Hello GRR HOT 15 fans! I hope you are feeling well and gladly expecting the weekend! What did you think of the Grammys? I hope you had the time to see them because they were incredible! Now let us not waste time and tell you what happened in GRR HOT 15 and don’t worry…I will tell you who won what too!
elena | 18:02 | 05 Feb 10

GRR HOT 15: 29.01.2010

Guess what?! It’s Friday! The end of the week! I don’t think any of you would ask me why this is a good thing but for those of you who would I will tell you! It’s Friday and this is good because you get to learn some interesting things from the celebrity world and what happened in GRR HOT 15! So there you go! Put your hands up for GRR HOT 15 and Friday!
elena | 18:01 | 29 Jan 10

GRR HOT 15: 22.01.2010

How are you holding up? Managing to stay warm? I don’t know how weather is outside your door but here in Athens it is freezing cold (according to Athens standards) and in Bulgaria the temperature is supposed to reach -20°C! The only thing I can do now is to try and warm you up (and myself) with some hot songs!
elena | 17:01 | 22 Jan 10